Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – Friday, 8 March 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

It is Friday afternoon and as we’ve learned, big news often drops sometime in the evening.  There will probably be something that should have been addressed in the update, but was intentionally kept until the evening for whatever strategic reason.  That may be the case, but there’s no shortage of matters that deserve attention.  Sometimes we wish there were.  We’ll probably hear that they’ve REALLY got Trump, for sure this time.  That’ll probably be it.

You may remember the information relayed a couple of weeks ago, about the man behind the curtain in EU leadership.  His name is Martin Selmayer, as was relayed in our last monthly letter.  An article this week suggests that the Brexit “formula,” rejected by the British Parliament, was written in Berlin!  No wonder the thing left all manner of European rules in place.  No wonder that Prime Minister Theresa May was unable to renegotiate, even around the margins, with European leaders.  They couldn’t change the terms of the agreement anyway.  The terms were apparently laid out behind the scenes by someone with authority.

There’s no way we can tell you how this comes out.  The possibility of a “hard Brexit” at the end of this month still exists.  If Britain pulls the plug with no agreements in place, chances are the EU will make it as difficult as possible.  That’s the concern, that Britain will suffer in trade, travel and that English citizens living and working in Europe will find things they took for granted impossible.  The British Parliament is due to hold another vote on the Brexit plan it already shot down, apparently with minor changes that do nothing to address the big problems that led to its demise last time.  There’s also the possibility of another delay.  We’ll see.

Phony “hate crimes” are still being manufactured regularly.   Nobody seems to learn their lesson.  There are at least TWO more this week alone.  Mainstream outlets report these incidents (or false reports) soberly, even when they’re wildly suspicious.  It just goes to show you the media can no longer be relied upon for accurate reporting, and will undoubtedly mislead the public with their analysis.  The most irritating aspect of this is that there apparently is a sizable audience for Fake News.  While we turn it off in disgust, there are at least a couple million who hang on every word.  They probably even stay put for the commercials!

You’re doubtless aware that recent records are being shattered for the sheer numbers walking into the United States.  Since the vast majority are now “other than Mexicans,” they can’t be deported back across the border thanks to laws that congress thinks are just fine.  Detention centers are bursting at the seams and thousands of people are being released into society.  There’s no hope for the situation unless it’s made nearly impossible by some kind of barrier.  Meanwhile, the United States is an economic playground for whoever is willing to cough up enough cash for the smugglers.

The good news this week, if it actually sticks, is that the President is going to require universities to allow FREE SPEECH on their campuses if they expect to continue receiving Federal funding.  It’s unbelievable that universities were the one’s that went to wild extremes to claim their right to free speech.  Apparently it was only socialist/communist/anti-American speech they wanted to promote.  Since radical socialist dogma has taken hold, they’ve allowed conservative speakers to be verbally and physically threatened.  They’ve promoted “safe-places” and declared themselves “sanctuaries” from everything that might “offend” socialist snow-flakes.

The other thing that will undoubtedly bring a wave of lawsuits and feigned outrage on your favorite mainstream outlet, is that the President says Planned Parenthood is going to have to physically separate facilities that render all those benign tests and treatments from those that provide the “services” for which they are best known.

Not to reiterate so much that has come before, but have you noticed that famous people and politicians swap positions and arguments at the drop of a hat?  It used to be that the anti-American contingent was anti-war at all costs, and you’ve heard the arguments that began in the 60’s.  Lately everyone’s hair catches fire at any hint of bringing our troops home from Syria.  Or Afghanistan.  They say in all seriousness that it’s proof the President has lost his mind.  Question the continued necessity of NATO, now some 23 nations that predominantly rely on the U. S. for their defense?  Many have not lived up to their financial obligations.  Maybe that never occurred to anybody who’s called upon to call the President crazy, but it might be that he’s playing to another audience for strategic reasons.  Same goes for statements regarding North Korea and Kim Jong-un.  And for that matter, Russia!  These wretched TV panels, sometimes eight or more at a time, want to diagram every sentence so they can claim, “He lied again!”  They’re not on the up and up, and we know it.

One more thing.  The Royal Palace has denied in the strongest terms the report last week that Prince Harry and Meghan intend to raise their baby as “gender-neutral.”  Hard to know what’s gone on behind the scenes.  We hope it was more of the disinformation to which we’ve become accustomed.


  1. S.  We just received copies of the new TCW.  It’s being mailed out directly from the (out of state) printer and should be in your mailbox presently.  Our thanks go out to all who make it possible for us to publish that magazine and all the other material that we continue to supply to a public that rarely encounters truth.