Greetings from Tyler,

            This will be the last Update before the Day of Atonement (Wednesday, October 9), the Feast of Tabernacles beginning Monday, Oct. 14th,  and the Last Great Day, Monday, Oct 21st .  We’re thankful that we are still able to convene under the freedoms of assembly and speech guaranteed by our Constitution.  Many (in the Church) have thought and taught that we’d have long since seen these freedoms eradicated, but here we go.   

            Our most recent magazine cover of 21st Century WATCH, featuring the protests in Hong Kong has been vindicated by continuing clashes with the authorities.  Word is that China has rotated in “security forces” from elsewhere.  That way the local police won’t have to make the impossible decision to fire upon crowds that may contain family and friends.  It’s a tactic they employed in Tienanmen Square.  Some see the Hong Kongers as front-line opponents of communism, and believe they should be supported by the free world lest we all find ourselves in a similar situation.  These people are literally in a fight for freedom against a ruthless communist regime that might well crush them.

            The Chinese government has instituted a Social Credit Score system, with the help of social media platform operators IN THE UNITED STATES, where people in China are rewarded or denied certain freedoms based on their loyalty to the communist regime.  Is there some doubt that a similar phenomenon could be instituted worldwide on the basis of immigration, climate alarm and trans-gender-ism?  It is a tactic that could be used to hurl us headlong into the end-time prophetic scenario if we were to lose our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. 

            British Prime Minster Boris Johnson delivered a speech before his party faithful this week in which he declared, What the whole world wants is for us to be calmly, sensibly done with the subject (of Brexit) and move on.  And that is why we’re coming out of the EU on October 31st come what may.”  That sounds encouraging.  We don’t have to wait long to see if he’s successful.  The British have seen their sovereignty trampled by EU regulations, particularly in the realm of immigration, where they’ve had little to say.  And we see what’s happened to their culture.   

                        We live in a society, both here in the U. S. and elsewhere in the Western world, where those freedoms are in jeopardy.  Under the monolithic government that the socialists among us demand, our beliefs in God’s Word, and the historic identity of Western nations, would be outlawed.  Besides, all of the nations descended from Biblical Israel have been overrun by third world hordes to the point of losing their identities.  Those who would ban our way of life, outlaw our beliefs and teachings, plot to shame us and others on the basis of Global Warming and political correctness, have the mainstream media on their side.  Maybe the incoming hordes will be offended!  Maybe the college kids will be upset and protest!  What they really need is GLOBAL GOVERNMENT to enforce mandates and bans against our way of life.  They claim t is what will be necessary to “save the planet.” 

            Plotters of the several, and counting, attempts to overthrow President Trump are in the newsrooms.  Some of us look in on CNN, CNBC or MSNBC or the Drudge Report from time to time just to keep up with what’s being fed to the low-information crowd, and to watch the “experts” emote over the latest piece of disinformation designed to deceive their viewers.  We’ve come to expect their blatant lies, and then watch as their “expert panels” predict impeachment and prosecution ad-infinitum.  That’s one thing.  We’ve come to expect it.  They ignore all manner of on-the-record testimony and evidence and bang the impeachment drum to drown out the onslaught of information that completely undermines everything they’ve been saying for nearly three years. 

            But now it’s even worse.  If you’ve been unable to keep abreast of the details on a day to day basis, you might have no alternative but to believe the snippets delivered in professional voice-work over radio and television by ABC and other mainstream outlets, to include Fox News.  They’ve (point blank) reported that Trump leveraged U. S. military aid to Ukraine in exchange for investigations into his political foes.  If you’ve not had the time or interest to read the transcript of the Zelinski phone call, you might believe it.  They’re counting on most people trusting their professional conclusions while “reporting” provably false “news.” 

            It’s happened all this week, in a way designed to deceive the casual viewer or listener.   Not only should Trump be removed from office, they claim Mike Pence is implicated too, and that means…  Well, that means that the Speaker of the House should be elevated to the presidency as the next in line.  It’s a pipe dream, but that’s where they’ve gone.  It’s infuriating, and designed to be.    

            Last year we suffered through the blatantly false attempt to discredit Brett Kavanaugh.  Now we’re suffering through another attempt to impeach the first president to stand up for America since Ronald Reagan.  We’ll have to remain patient.  We suffered through eight years of president Obama doing everything he could get away with to undermine the United States, but we’ve been rewarded with a President who truly loves his country, and looks to be trying to retain our freedoms.  We even have the hope, however distant, that those who’ve sold our nation down the river will see justice.  Let’s hope we don’t have to wait much longer. 

            A close friend recently told me that God wouldn’t have intervened in the miraculous occurrences we’ve recently seen if He didn’t intend to see it through. That, I told him, is just what I needed to hear.    Have a great Feast! 

Mark Armstrong