Greetings from Tyler,

            The ill named caravan, or at least it’s organizers now claim they’re starting a hunger strike.  Unless the U. S. allows them in right away, we’re just going to have to watch them starve to death.  It’s another ploy, but maybe this one will work.  We’ve already witnessed the outrage of Geraldo Rivera who reliably goes ballistic whenever he thinks any individual of Hispanic origin has been disrespected.

“What you don’t do is tear gas women and children!”  He never seemed to answer the question of what border patrol is supposed to do when under a barrage of flying rocks they’re being rushed by a mob of young males.  Why would a mother drag her little children, barefoot and wearing only a diaper and tee shirt, into that situation?  The answer seems to be in the four photographers that had every angle covered. The pictures went “viral,” and are all over the Internet showing how heartless Trump policies really are. 

            There have been some interesting revelations about the “caravan.”  These people have illnesses, some serious and contagious.  Many have bronchial infections, tuberculosis, are infested with lice not to mention the cases of scabies, HIV aids and various jungle fever ailments. But don’t mention it to your friends. It’ll out you as racist.  If anyone mentions it in the presence of Geraldo Rivera, he’ll explode.

            While attention is focused on the humanitarian crisis in Tijuana, thousands are crossing into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. No one knows exactly how many, we only hear of those who’ve been caught and vague estimates of how many slipped through.  We’ve seen how the UN agencies were involved in arranging travel and cheerfully admitted that fact.

            The big mainstream churches make hundreds of millions of dollars “resettling migrants.”  The Catholic church is one of the big ones.  The Lutheran Church is also a major player.  This week, Laura Ingraham showed how one of the “people without borders” organizations’ leaders is a woman who doubles as Pastor of a Lutheran church in Chicago.  She also mentioned that the Catholic church receives nearly $100 million per year from the government to resettle immigrants.  It’s little wonder why these organizations would want millions of “refugees” and “asylum seekers” admitted into the United States. 

            It’s not a big secret.  Try searching whatever mainstream church you can think of using the words immigrant, and you’ll see they’re proud.  Not only proud, but using the strategy to raise money.   It’s their Christian mission to get these people into the United States and get paid by the government.  And aren’t they righteous. 

            It’s deja vu all over again as the popular, if incorrect saying goes.  The pundits are giddy as they’ve ever been speculating that the President may be ejected from office without even finishing his first term.  “The walls are closing in,” is one of the most popular media statements.  “Robert Mueller may now have the smoking gun,” is another.  According to CNN “expert” (at what we’re not sure) Jeff Toobin, “I think Trump might not finish his term.” 

            You might think they’d be embarrassed after so many confident predictions have been dashed.  They’ve salivated over Trump’s removal from office, beginning shortly after he took office.  When a special council was assigned to investigate “Russia Collusion,” that would surely do the job.  That was a year and a half ago, and though lives have been destroyed and people associated with the Trump campaign languish in jail for “process crimes,” there’s still no sign that any of the original accusations have anything to back them up.  Maybe the guilty plea for lying to investigators (which kicked off the latest round of media glee) and cooperation with the special council will contain the bombshell that will finally make all their dreams come true.  But let’s not hold our breath.  If we’d bought in to their hype a year and a half ago…

            The world’s economic and political leaders are holding their 2018 summit in Buenos Aires over the next couple of days.  As you’ve heard, Trump canceled his meeting with Putin at the last minute over the incident with Ukrainian ships and sailors. That detail probably made numerous pundits scrap their planned comments about how Trump is no more than Putin’s errand boy, but they’ll spin it anyway.  They’ll probably say he’s so intimidated by Mueller’s probe that he thought it better to back out.  Maybe there will be some actual news out of the Summit. 

            China is still on the outs, suffering the consequences of tariffs on its exports to the United States while both Mexico and Canada have agreed to dump Nafta in favor of the new USMCA, just signed by the relevant parties.  It still has to be ratified.   

            Despite the President’s enthusiasm and confident demeanor, the mainstream media, government agencies, UN and most Western governments appear committed to the continued decline of the U. S. by means of suicidal compassion.     We all need to pray for more miracles!


Mark Armstrong