Greetings from Tyler,

Is there some news in the world that doesn’t contain an angle that involves President Trump?  Apparently not.  In truth, the networks can’t believe he’s still in office. They’ve reported his demise 24 hours a day ever since his inauguration.  Across the board coverage is 90% negative, and if you look in on the mainstream outlets the number seems low.  It implies that there’s 10% positive reporting and there is no such thing, unless you count the perfunctory duty of passing along the financial data dealing with jobs added, unemployment numbers and improving trade deficits.  That must be the explanation for the missing 10 percent.  But those passing along the information can’t see it as positive.  After all, it contradicts every expert they’ve trotted out to foretell catastrophe.

We think we’ve got the answer to every question, the resolution of every dispute on the gadget in everyone’s pocket.  Now we’re finding out that every social media platform is manipulating the information they provide.  They’ve managed to banish what they’d rather you not know, while promoting things they do want you to believe.  Maybe that’s why they lost incalculable sums last week.  Both facebook and twitter had a mighty bad last week, losing a substantial percentage of their net worth.

Facebook has reportedly agreed to launch a search engine in China, censoring information to include only what the communist Chinese officials want published.  There will be no mention of Taiwan, because the Chinese insist that it is their sovereign territory.  This comes at a time when the Washington Post is reporting that China is arresting Muslims wholesale, sending them to reeducation camps so large that they can be seen from space.  They’ve outlawed long beards, banned the name Mohamed, and the few family members that have escaped to the United States or some refuge of relative freedom elsewhere say that their family members have not been heard from since they were hauled off.

But President Trump is Hitler.  The Asian woman who was just hired to the New York Times editorial board brags that she was calling Trump Hitler before it was cool, along with her musings about using her guns to kill cops and her blatant hatred toward “white men” in particular and “white people” in general.  Her defense, and that of the Times, is that she intended the comments as satire, and was only using the kind of language that had been directed toward her on social media.  Oh, now we understand.

Meanwhile, every uttered syllable by the President is diagrammed, fact checked (by left-wing group-think tanks), and deemed to be fraudulent LIES.  They’re keeping track, and send out their mouthpieces to gleefully claim that he’s told thousands of them.  Apparently, there are enough people depending on condescending homosexuals to inform them that it keeps the outlets in business.  They speculate endlessly on the smoking gun that may emerge, while standing up to their ankles in smoking guns.  Those are all conspiracy theories hyped by the president’s handful of supporters in Congress.  You know, Bob Goodlatte, Devin Nunes, Jim Jordan, Ron De Santis, Matt Gaetz and Mark Meadows.  That’s about it.  The other 429 members of the House are hiding out or waiting for impeachment proceedings to begin, because no news is good if it benefits the president.

So, you better not laugh out loud when you see any portion of the rallies that took place in Tampa or Wilkes Barre, PA.  Nothing is allowed to be funny anymore, particularly if it disputes the rulings of the truth detectors.  You may chuckle in derision if you must, but you’d better role your eyes in disgust at the same time.  The most trusted name in news has pronounced fifty percent of the American population racist, deplorable bigots who go along with the success story being told on stage.  Toothless garbage people who demean the media as FAKE NEWS and the enemy of the people.  They keep telling us, “Somebody’s going to get hurt!”

Ever heard of Steve Scalise?  He got hurt, nearly killed.  If not for quick intervention a whole segment of legislators might have been killed by a deranged leftist who thought he’d fix everything.  What about Antifa, the hooded enforcers of the kind of mandated socialism the networks and the leftist politicians demand for us?  Portland, Oregon has apparently become the new battle ground, one of many, and is bracing for conflict this weekend.  They demand that ICE be abolished and apparently want to see the whole landscape over-run at taxpayer expense.

Meanwhile our former president visits South Africa, where white farm owners are being murdered and their land confiscated by government decree, and he praises the South African president for being such an inspirational figure.

Liberty within Law was God’s intent for mankind.  Most of western civilization has squandered its blessings, run over by the arguments and word games of Marxism.  Fairness, equality, diversity, you know the drill.  The United States, against all odds, has a leader who is not impressed with globalism, diversity, climate-change mandates or the ideology that America is intrinsically evil because slavery was practiced everywhere during the period of our national inception.  He may have the support of approximately half of the population who cares but the whole bureaucratic government sees any success as a threat to their way of life.  The media sees every success (and there are many, many) as another chink in their dwindling credibility.  Enjoyable as the spectacle may be, it rests on very few shoulders that matter.  The pendulum could swing back, and the purveyors of information are doing everything in their power to see that it does.

When it looked like all was lost, our blessings, our identity, our liberty, we witnessed a miracle of national revival that has infuriated the media, the educational institutions and for some reason the corporate giants.  We’d better not take it for granted.  There’s a chance now to express our faith openly, and repent of the heinous national sins heaped upon us by wretched ideological judges who not only think themselves above the Constitution, but way above the Laws of God.  That appears to be changing, but we can’t afford to squander the opportunity that presents itself. It may be our last chance.

Mark Armstrong