Greetings from Tyler,

Ahh, the bells have stopped clanging, but you might want to avoid the shopping district for a couple more days if possible.  All the returns, you know.  It’s been interesting watching the network panels trying to absolve their own guilt over X-mas.  You might know the socialist pope made the rejection of commercialism the main point of his little speech.  That, and of course loving everyone in the world.  We hate to break it to the pope, but there are millions of human beings on earth whose primary purpose is to bomb, torture and kill.  Chances are they won’t convert to Catholicism, or for that matter assimilate.  How about a little papal love for the illegal alien who just gunned down a California lawman who was himself a legal immigrant.

The media is crying crocodile tears over the “government shutdown.”  Trump’s immoral wall must never be built according to his opponents who plan to rule for the foreseeable future with demographics imported in the name of empathy.  And it’s working.  Another thousand or so were released onto the streets of El Paso this week.  They mustn’t be detained more than ten days by court order, they can’t be deported until they’ve had a hearing two years hence (which they’ll never attend), so here they are.  You’ll probably run into them when you drop off the kids at school, or at the driver’s license office.  They’ll determine the future local and national leadership our kids and grandkids live under.  And the United States owes them everything they need.

Much of the news this week has been about the two children who’ve died “in U. S. custody” after having traveled 2000 miles from Central America.  Of course it’s Trump’s fault, that much is understood by the expert panelists and print propagandists.  It’s hard to imagine subjecting a little child to the degradation, the hunger, fatigue and exposure to every disease in the “caravan” population.  As we’re learning, many of the children were dragged along “to make it easier” for the adults to gain sympathy at the border.  That’s what the mother of the eight year old Guatemalan boy who died this week said.  She sent the little boy, so her husband would have a “better chance.”  That way they can just surrender to border patrol after a treacherous crossing, knowing that they’ll have to be released.  If they’re sick unto death, Border Patrol is blamed.  Wall or no wall, the U. S. is going, going…

News broke last weekend about the two Norwegian girls who thought it would be a good idea to go hiking and camping in Morocco.  Mind you, they’ve been brainwashed by their government and media to believe that Islam is a religion of peace, and Muslims have been given a bum rap.  They probably thought they’d meet friendly, helpful natives along the way, maybe write a book about how beautiful and safe it was.

Interesting how little attention this has been given in the mainstream news.  You can find it, but there’s “nothing to see here.” What happened to them at the hands of the locals is too gruesome to recount.  It’s what Islamists tend to do when a westerner falls into their hands.  Video of the butchery was posted to one of the girl’s mother’s Facebook account, and is on the Internet.  Some who inadvertently stumbled across the video wish they hadn’t.  We don’t recommend it.  The Moroccan ambassador to Norway issued a statement that westerners shouldn’t “give in to fear.”  He should have advised against “trekking” in certain territories, like the one he represents for instance.  If only the butchers had only a little more of that papal love.

President Trump says we’re pulling the troops out of Syria, and caused another media meltdown.  They called it a giant X-mas gift to Russia.  They say it will lead to another resurgence of ISIS.   We suspect there will still be intelligence gathered and perhaps special forces operations that we may not hear about for a long time.  The President says air strikes will continue as needed.

Just about the time the mainstream decided it was time to report that President Trump had never visited our troops in a war zone, perhaps because he was too frightened, he turned up with Melania at a base in Iraq.  As the mainstream was trying to cover… their tracks… they found fault with the signing of MAGA hats many of the troops had in their possession and called it a violation of campaign law or some such.  Now they need to backtrack on that, but probably won’t.

For those of us who keep up with the twists and turns of national and international events, 2018 has been somewhat disconcerting.  It’s been a full year since we saw the extent of corruption at the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies spelled out in black and white.  Despite incontrovertible evidence, the mainstream plays dumb.  They occasionally dismiss “right wing conspiracy theories” before delving into a session of convicting Trump and his supporters of every evil motive under the sun.  It is unclear whether there will ever be any justice for the real crimes committed against the President or the nation.  Maybe not in this life.

The year ahead promises more of the same and worse.  Mainstream news has become unpalatable, particularly if you’re not dependent on them for your information.  It is non-stop indoctrination laden with righteous indignation against any who would dare depart from the party line.

Meanwhile, mainstream “Christianity” is making a tidy profit off of sheltering illegals until they can be turned out into society, courtesy of American citizens who will be overrun and overthrown when the numbers reach critical mass.  We hate to break it, but the future looks a lot like Bible prophesy meets 1984, the novel.

Mark Armstrong

PS.  By the number of calls we’re getting for the 2019 Holy Day Calendar, many must have received the new 21st Century WATCH magazine.  We have what looks to be a beautiful color cover, until you look closely.  Fears that it would be out of date appear misplaced.  It is the issue of our time, and one that is a time bomb for the West.  We’re looking forward to Dr. James and Natalie Ricks’ visit tomorrow.  He is scheduled for the main message, and of course we’ll be sending it out to all of you.