Greetings from Tyler,

As we are lectured every day about how unfair capitalism is, and how we need a massive authoritarian government to confiscate assets the rich don’t need and make sure everybody, including tens of millions of illegal aliens can live in the dignified circumstances they deserve… we’re watching the final stages of the Utopian socialist meltdown tear Venezuela to shreds. It didn’t happen overnight.  A great many of those who’ve been searching for morsels of nutrition from garbage heaps and those who’ve fled to neighboring countries in the hope of survival probably supported the “nationalization” of the oil business, the rubber business, the large ranches and farms.

Socialism is great for the lower classes until it’s not.  It’s also great for socialist leaders who live and rule in popularity and splendor while blowing through fortunes created by the productivity of others.  But it doesn’t last.  Governments squander and steal.  Apparently it’s real easy to spend what hasn’t been earned, until it’s gone.

When the necessities of a comfortable existence are provided by government, people cease to produce.  Who would work to create a profitable business only to have it confiscated?  Why work hard if there’s no profit in it?  Wherever you look, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Cuba or now Venezuela, there is an enduring poverty caused by the magnanimous promise of Socialism.  But those who promote the concept have an answer ready, “It just wasn’t properly administered.”  Next time it will be different, they assure us.

Venezuela is experiencing every kind of anarchy.  There may not be calculators able to keep up with an inflation rate soaring toward 10,000,000% per annum.  We remember the wheelbarrows of paper currency it took to buy a loaf of bread in post-WWI Germany.  Inflation in Venezuela is such that no wheelbarrow could carry enough currency to buy a loaf of bread.  The currency is worthless.  People are fleeing in the hundreds of thousands.  Downtown Caracas is swarming with starving and angry citizens who want the scalp of their Socialist leader.  He has to be protected by his military, hoping they won’t defect and deliver him into the hands of the people who once thought they would be handed their “fair share” of national wealth.  Apparently somebody didn’t do something just right.

Those who preach the unfairness of capitalism and the wonders of socialism are the darlings of media.  They can do no wrong.  They’re never called up short or ridiculed for their abundant misstatements or obvious ignorance by those who shape majority opinion. The media cheers them as the rising lights of our future.  They hate President Trump with every ounce of their being, and they hate anybody that doesn’t hate him as much as they do.  All day and every night they shake their heads in utter speechlessness over how racist and ignorant we all must be.

The vast majority of young people have been subjected to complete socialist immersion in their “studies,” in their social media experience backed up by the mainstream media and are steeped in the catch phrases of socialist ideology.  They have little choice.  The penalties for non-compliance are too great to bear.  Failing grades, rejection by their peers, being called racist.  All the treatment we’ve seen against the high school kid who dared stand still and keep a smile while enduring having a drum pounded inches from his face while a professional protester (chief spit-in-your-face) invaded his personal space.  While we marveled at the young man’s calm self-control (some of us might have turned that drum into a wearable fashion accessory on the spot) the media called him the epitome of white privilege and the poster boy for the hateful racism of Trump supporters.

While the world’s premier example of modern socialism, Venezuela, is in utter and complete collapse, economically, socially and politically, the news can barely be found.  The mainstream just isn’t interested, you’ll have to look for it.  Especially while CNN has the exclusive video of the swat-style raid on the home of another Trump confidant.  “The walls are closing in…”  They’ve told us that for two years now, during which time investigators have been busily creating “process crimes” that have nothing whatsoever to do with the original claim that Russia helped Trump steal the last election.  That doesn’t matter because another Trump loyalist has been charged with seven counts of “crimes” committed in trying to respond to the bogus “investigation.”  Their fervent hope is to come after everybody who doesn’t toe the mainstream line and this, they hope will strike fear into the hearts of any and all who oppose them.

Another ten thousand Central Americans are moving across Mexico and coming for their share of the American largess promised by the up and coming socialists now in positions of leadership and the national spotlight.  New York Mayor De Blasio pushing free everything for everybody legal or otherwise said this week, “There’s plenty of money in this city and in this country, it’s just in the wrong hands.”  The street dwellers and the illegals are expecting he’ll get all this unfairness straightened out in short order.

Don’t tell a soul if you doubt man-made global warming.  Never mind that people who’ve lived on the coasts for forty years say the water levels remain constant.  Don’t believe your lying eyes.  What are you a “science denier?”  They’ll come up with a punishment for that.  The activists want us dead.

China has solutions for people who don’t toe the (communist) party line.  They’ve invented a “points system” that virtually excludes certain unapproved attitudes and beliefs from the economy.  Ring any bells?  That’s where the fascist demands upon us are leading, and it’s not at all clear that we’re winning.

We’re in the middle of a war for the minds and souls of all Western civilization.  If this one is lost by people who love God, family and country, it’s over.  The America-hating socialists will happily give national sovereignty over to a global entity.  It’s a “better form of patriotism,” as retiring German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said.

But now we pause for the weekly Sabbath, to give thanks and contemplate just how blessed we’ve been.  Mainstream society hates and scoffs at everything we hold dear, especially our belief in God and his laws.  We’ll see who gets straightened out in the end.  Have a good one,



Mark Armstrong