Greetings from Tyler,

The “migrant caravan” is camped in a Tijuana park with room for sports activities.  We don’t know if there are four thousand or six thousand, only that thousands more are on the way.  They’re waiting, for what they’re not sure.  Conditions from recent videos by embedded reporters look no worse than the homeless camps in California, but that will change with the advent of thousands more yet to arrive.

The border there has been beefed up.  They can no longer climb the fences at the border near San Diego because there are layers upon layers of concertina wire.  The President is on standby to close the border completely, as he did briefly earlier this week.  But whatever the President orders, some Federal Judge is sure to strike down within hours, issuing an injunction across the entire country.  The most recent example is the Executive Order the President issued proclaiming that asylum may only be considered for those presenting themselves at a port of entry.  According to the order, there would be no more sneaking across the border and then requesting asylum if caught by the Border Patrol.

Never mind that the Constitution gives the President broad discretion to regulate immigration, particularly when national security is a factor.  No, another Federal Judge has determined that the President does not have that authority and has issued a nation-wide injunction.  That ruling will undoubtedly be appealed and probably struck down eventually, but how long might that take?

The United Nations is documented to be deeply involved with transporting and supplying the thousands from Honduras and Guatemala.  They’ve tried to get all Western nations to sign on to their Migrants and Refugees Compact for “Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration.”  The language of the “Compact” is filled with the politically correct drivel we’ve come to expect across the media.  There is no more “straight reporting.”  And that’s not just because better than half of them are anything but straight!  It’s now full-time propaganda.  They appeal, lecture, accuse, hoping against hope that Trump can be impeached, charged or convicted of something.  Anything!  He’s thrown a wrench into their beautiful socialist, gay, anti-American fantasy, and they’re having a nervous breakdown.

You must accept that Western Civilization should open its borders to the entire of the population of the third world or face the rage of anchors, reporters and panelists that populate the mainstream media.  It’s national suicide or bust, as far as they’re concerned.

It is apparently crunch time for so-called Brexit.  Prime Minister Theresa May insists that she’s negotiated a deal that is acceptable.  Skeptics say that it will be worse than membership in the European Union.  At least there, Britain had a voice in proceedings.  If her “deal” goes through Britain will be permanently saddled with whatever agreement she’s struck, and who knows what all that might entail.  If the arrangement fails in the British Parliament, it might spell the end of her career.

As if she hasn’t done enough damage already, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the news again saying that “nation states should today be ready to give up sovereignty.  But of course in an orderly procedure.”  Ceding power to a super state, she said, is a better form of patriotism.  She made the comments at an event titled “Parliamentarianism Between Globalization and National Sovereignty.”  It’s another lecture from the woman who wrecked Europe.  She expects the rest of Western society to follow suit. She’s calling for one world government, and calling it patriotic to go along.  It’s another re-defining of words and language, to which we’ve become accustomed.  We can be thankful we don’t any longer have a President who agrees.

We hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week (even if you’re not in the U. S.)  The whole world should thank God for the United States and the historical role it’s played in beating back tyrants and protecting shipping lanes the world over.  But it seems that half our population wants socialism, open borders, government bans or mandates. At least that’s what our media wants us to believe.  We can be thankful we’ve not had to live under those kind of strictures, and have enjoyed the prosperity and freedoms unique to the descendants of Israel.

Our society has kicked off the “holiday season” by running over each other for shopping bargains associated with “Black Friday”  in expectation of X-mas.  We’re seeing news of absolute mayhem, including a shooting at an Alabama mall.  Most people in the civilized world are content to wait their turn in line.  But thanks to the godless socialists among us, our country and the rest of Western civilization is in the process of becoming the third world.  They’ve defied God at every level, and want to extinguish every blessing He’s afforded.  We can be thankful they’re not in charge.  Not yet.

Mark Armstrong