Greetings from Tyler,

            It has been one of the most entertaining weeks in a while.  Watching the Air Force bus circling the capitol, loaded with Nancy Pelosi’s massive entourage after President Trump grounded her secret flight overseas was hilarious.  We need a little comic relief from time to time.  It’s good to see that  President Trump is solidly in charge, and not hostage to the stunts and posturing of the “resist” movement personified by Speaker Pelosi.

            She tried to postpone or cancel the President’s State of the Union appearance claiming inadequate security during the ongoing partial government shutdown.  That claim was disputed by the responsible agencies, but the annual speech is still in limbo.  Here’s expecting an interesting resolution! 

            On a serous note, you all know by now that British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan was massively rejected by the Parliament.   Those who oppose Britain’s pull-out from the European Union and those who want out voted overwhelmingly to reject a plan that would have failed to fully restore sovereignty.  She’s already survived the no-confidence vote held immediately afterward and will remain Prime Minister in spite of the humiliating defeat. But a deadline is approaching for what has been called a “hard Brexit.”  That means an exit that would have no side agreements for trade, travel, immigration etc.  The mainstream media reports that a “hard Brexit” will be chaotic and catastrophic for England. 

            Important questions will be answered in the weeks ahead. The pundits are all talking about the catastrophe that will hit Britain if nothing else is done to prevent the dreaded “hard Brexit.”  In fact, the EU may have more to worry about, and who knows.  Maybe a much better deal will be proffered by the EU between now and the end of March.  But one can’t help wondering if Britain wouldn’t be better off casting their lot with the U. S. and its trading partners rather than accepting whatever concessions the EU may offer. 

            The EU is about to lose the UK one way or the other, and suffer severe economic consequences.  Massive protests threaten the Macron government in France, and Paris might not be the best choice for a vacation for the foreseeable future. We’ve talked about the problems all across Europe related to the influx of “migrants” who have nothing in common with European society.  Western civilization is under siege nearly everywhere you look.

            The cover of the latest edition of 21stCentury WATCHis more than vindicated, though we wish it weren’t. Have you seen the photos of the 376 “migrants” who dug under the pitiful fence in Arizona?  That’s nothing.  Another caravan of thousands is building steam, already in Mexico and on its way.  At this rate, nothing else will matter.  The nation is being overwhelmed in real time despite President Trump’s best efforts.  A corrupt judiciary stands in the way of a secure border, stands in the way of deportation and is sealing the long term fate of the citizens of the United States.  For many, that fate is already here.

            Unless our people begin to realize where all of our fabulous blessings come from, and begin honoring God’s Laws even a wall won’t help.  Deuteronomy 28 has a listing of all the blessings that come with honouring the true God. We’ve had those blessings of safety and abundance, but are beginning to realize that we should not have taken them for granted.  Every bit of that chapter is something we should take to heart in this time of strife. But verse 43 is particularly ominous, among the curses that will come upon a nation that has turned its back against God.  “The stranger that is among you shall get above thee very high, and thou shalt come down very low.” 


Mark Armstrong