Greetings from Tyler,

            Who ever suspected that it would be DOCTORS in Federal agencies that would cripple the United States of America?  How did this happen?  Suddenly we’ve had governors, mayors and county commissioners issuing unconstitutional “orders,” which if disobeyed can land you in jail as demonstrated by the lady salon owner in Dallas, Texas of all places.   

            Suddenly governors and other “local officials” have powers none of us ever realized.  They cannot be overturned by a court, at least not now.  And woe be to whoever considers “disobeying.”  In several instances they’ve become angry and set out to accuse, humiliate and punish anybody who steps out of line.  We don’t have, or didn’t have, people with King-like powers over we little children, waiting patiently to find out what we can and can’t do; what we can and can’t think or say. 

            The President has been criticized and accused for supposedly behaving dictatorially.  There’s been no shortage of outrage on all the mainstream outlets, because Trump thinks he can make dictatorial decisions on any number of issues (true or otherwise), and we’re told we’re in danger of coming under a third-world dictatorship.  But now he’s not dictatorial enough, and the very same critics are outraged that he’s not issued national, uniform orders “to keep everybody safe.”  Oh yeah, we need to be led around by the hand, waiting for the latest “order,” or we’re guilty of endangering ourselves and everybody else.   

            Our founders never sanctioned this kind of power being exercised by any agency of federal or local government.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were drafted to make sure the public would never become subservient to the whims, fears or aspirations of officials.  Not that they might not try to justify the use of “emergency powers” for the sake of public safety.  But here’s an analogy that is worth considering.  How many times have we seen “mandatory” evacuation orders based on the approach of a powerful hurricane?  Several if not many times, right?  But people sometimes choose not to abandon their property, whether they’re worried about looting, or they just reject the forecast.  Do you know of any circumstance where people have been prosecuted and jailed for failing to obey a “mandatory” evacuation?  No!  Because this is the United States of America!  Officials don’t get to punish people for things that are not, and could not be established as Constitutional law.  They’ve never even tried.  But as we all are reminded several times daily, these are “unprecedented times.”  Do tell. 

            One of the primary hurdles that any proposed law must clear in order to be declared Constitutional is that it apply to everyone equally.  How on earth do officials have the authority to declare some jobs “essential” and others not?  Is that hidden somewhere in the fine print of our Constitution?  No, it isn’t.  So there will be an explosion of lawsuits, with the resulting damages liable to bankrupt every city and state that imposed legal (or illegal) punishments for people and their jobs declared “non-essential.”  Millions (so far 20 million plus) are unemployed because their line of work was declared “non-essential.”  If and when the judicial system ever figures out how to hold court again there will be legal challenges, probably thousands of them.  Legislatures are going to have to get busy and pass laws that prohibit suing states, counties and cities for damages resulting from this. 

            None other than Ronald L. Dart stood before a church congregation some years back and related that one of the worst things that can happen to you is to have doctors or lawyers in control of your life.  Well, it seems that is exactly what has happened to all of us. Officials have had to take the nation to the brink of destruction in order to “keep everybody safe.” 

            Life wouldn’t have been much fun at all if Dr. Fauci had been keeping us all “safe.”  Think about it.  If you’ve ever enjoyed any activity during which some get injured or killed, and about 20 come to mind immediately, the doctors would undoubtedly recommend against it.  Thankfully, they haven’t been making our decisions for us, or life wouldn’t have been nearly so fulfilling.  

            But it turns out that the little doctor has quite a history of destroying those who dare disagree with him.  The social media giants are banning testimony that tells those stories from the victims’ perspective, but they’re making the rounds anyway. Surely the President cannot be unaware of these things.  Though he did declare a state of emergency under what was undoubtedly unbearable pressure, it was the governors and other local officials who’ve “mandated a shutdown.”  Whether the nation survives it, how many years it takes to compensate for the damage done we’ll just have to see.  Some governors had the good sense not to “mandate” everybody stay home.  Too bad there weren’t more.

            The U. S. is not the only nation to have “shutdown” economically over the panic.  Britain is in historically dire straits.  The EU was already in big economic trouble and some believe this will further weaken the European Union to the point of collapse. Australia, Canada and every so-called western nation is on the brink of economic collapse and it’s all somehow justified by the queer “numbers” of Covid cases and the purported death toll? 

            We’re all going to die someday, and we hope that day is way off in the unforeseeable future.  But this might be a good time to remember that the first lie ever told was in the garden of Eden when Satan told Eve, “You shall not surely die…”   Unless we’re alive at the Second Coming, we’re all going to die sooner or later.  But this is unacceptable in popular culture.  “People are dying!”  And they claim everybody who is dying is dying from you know what.  But, look it up if you must.  The death rate in nearly every circumstance is equal to or lower than the statistics from every other year.  How can that be when the bat flu is killing people right and left?  Shouldn’t the death rates increase by at least as many Covid deaths they’re reporting.  Kind of makes you go, hmmm, doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s the decrease in traffic deaths with so many “sheltering in place,” but it’s doubtful that makes up the difference. 

            The corruption of the alphabet agencies is coming to light through the belated release of notes and documents that have been purposely hidden (corruptly Classified).  Not that we hadn’t figured out exactly the unthinkable truth three years ago, but the media wouldn’t admit what was up.  They were lying through their teeth, and pitying those of us who didn’t believe them.  Well, time’s up.  We’ve only waited three years, and the mainstream media still won’t accept what is plain on its face.  But it’s finally safe to respect General Flynn, who’s been completely exonerated (finally) thanks to one brilliant, no nonsense lady attorney, Sidney Powell.  Thank God that there’s one fearless lady, unafraid to demand the truth and use the system to expose those who were running “the system.”  But that’s for another day, and a little good news is welcome.  But it’s not good news to the news anchors, and that’s good news too!  Thanks to all, and have a great Sabbath. 

Mark Armstrong