Greetings from Tyler,

Recent events beg a question, and it’s a big one. What will we NOT bow down for? Americans are driving around solo, all masked up. Does that make some kind of sense, or are people just projecting their obeisance? Certain gas stations and truck stops have installed large signs on either side of their doors featuring a giant stop sign. Masks are REQUIRED to enter. Really? Nobody says a word inside. Maybe they value our money more than anything else.

It says right on the side of the mask box that they’re ineffective against viruses. So what on earth are we doing? Many are probably afraid they’ll be accosted, and would prefer to remain anonymous like every other pencil in the box. Just get what you need and be on your way. But that may not work forever. The MANDATES are about to get much more severe. Hopefully you live in a state where the local law agencies still have some regard for Constitutional rights. If not, things may get a little sticky.

Where do we draw the line?

We’ve considered an idea for a cover on 21st Century WATCH. The Mark of the MASK. Yes, we realize that it’s tongue in cheek, but what are we NOT going to be forced to do to go on living here. There are Biblical examples of righteous characters who were thrown into the fiery furnace, and a prophet into a den of lions for refusing to bow down to idolatrous dictates. That’s where they drew the line, and there surely must have been an element of fear involved. “You mean all I have to do is take a knee or two and pretend to honor a statue?” That sounds easy enough. Surely their health would be put in jeopardy (to say the very least) if they didn’t comply. How easy would it have been to do what they were told in order to avoid certain death? Easier than most of what we’re facing.

But now, everybody is caving in. The news tells us that WE are the problem if we don’t share their views and attitudes. And these charlatans don’t mind lying to everybody if it’s saving their careers. Some have done it willfully, even gleefully. Others have to pretend to believe the party line. But they’re all bowing down for a pack of lies, and advising that we do the same, or else.

Did you ever see a city looted or burned in the wake of one of the dozens of rallies over the past four years? Any Macy’s or Nordstrom’s, or Wendy’s or pharmacies looted or burned? We’ve seen all that, but never following one of these massive rallies. There’s a lot we don’t know about what happened at the nation’s capital on the sixth. A video was just shown to me showing police officers opening the doors and letting people inside! Who knew? If it was a violent rampage inside, why were people politely walking between the velvet ropes? What kind of riot was it anyway?

Oh, they’re hyperventilating at the news desks, and it’s all the fault of you know who, so they say. He’s destroyed his legacy this time, they tell us. Why, there was talk of “fighting” at the rally. That’s proof, they claim. You know as well as the next person that every politician in memory has claimed to “fight” for something. It’s a favorite phrase, and often repeated. But this time they claim it was incitement. We’d hate to think of what might have happened if that crowd of at least a quarter-million would have been incited to riot. All the police in D. C. and the surrounding counties couldn’t have prevented anything that crowd decided to do. But the crowd wasn’t incited to do any such thing.

Maybe some Trump supporters got carried away. But nothing got burned. Nothing got spray painted. The fracas with Police at the barricades included antifa members who are used to battling police. The news will not tell you that, and will probably deny it. But they’ve lost trust long since.

Was Russian collusion true? Was the impeachment legitimate? We’ve watched as they’ve claimed to know what President Trump meant many times, knowing that he didn’t mean what they accused, that is if you’ve got two brain cells to rub together.

American citizens are on their own now, unless they’re trusting Almighty God for guidance and protection. No longer will there be a president who is the prime target. He’s stood as a buffer to patriotic Americans, and the primary target of the media and the permanent bureaucracy. We’d hoped there might be some justice coming for the evildoers, but it seems they outlasted his presidency. The swamp plug never got pulled. It appears the swamp won, and now they’ll search out the rest of us.

It’s the enemy within, and soon it will be calling all the shots. The question is, where do we draw the line? Will we have anything to say about anything, including our own bodies? We’ll see where this thing goes, and how far it gets. Buckle up, and stay in touch with God. As my Dad used to say, “Only God can save us now.” Half in jest, of course. If there is to be any truth, justice or American way, we’re going to need His help.

Mark Armstrong

P. S. We’re in the process of contracting for television commercials for 21st Century WATCH on OAN, where millions of Fox viewers have fled. They reach 24 million households. We sent out over 200,000 pieces of mail from our offices in 2020. We had well over 50,000 unique visitors to the GTA-EA website, and put our ads for doctrinal booklets in front of 1.24 million on Facebook. (I personally hate to do business with the alien “fact-checker,” who in my opinion is one of the most evil, anti-American little twerps known to man. But it does produce some positive results.) We’ve added some 500 hundred who now receive the monthly letter and many request offered material. We won’t give up, we’ll not stop. Somebody has to stand for something, no matter how stupid things get.