Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 5 June 2020

Greetings from Tyler, 

            We woke up to news, delivered by the President, that it’s a good day.  It turns out that unemployment numbers have already started to recover, no thanks to the big cities on both coasts and some in between.  That means…it must be flyover country leading the recovery.  Apparently the sanctuary cities are determined to keep the “lock-down” going as long as possible.  They simply cannot abide the prospect that the economy will bounce back to the historic prosperity we saw before the great panic set in.   

            President Trump expressed the sentiment this morning that the lock-down, the “closing” of the American economy, was necessary.  He apparently believes the doctors of doom, that millions would have died premature, horrible deaths if it hadn’t been done.  We’ll probably never know, but our leaders erred on the side of caution, or we hope that’s what they did.  It was startling and unnerving to see that local officials could run over the Constitution like it doesn’t exist, in some cases sending out policemen to arrest people for simply trying to get their children out of the house for some semblance of a normal day. 

            That couldn’t have looked any more idiotic when compared with the vandalizing, looting and burning that we’ve seen in recent days.  The mainstream media couldn’t have been more accusatory of anyone going to the beach or taking their kids to a park.  It was a CRIME, and they couldn’t contain their disgust.  But the protesters, looters and rioters?  They patiently explained why we should sympathize, and understand their “feelings”.  Their cause is righteous, they told us, and the looting is really symbolic.  They’re only taking what’s rightfully theirs from a nation that was founded on racism, so they said. 

            We watched as antifa, black lives matter and anarchists of every stripe descended on America’s most glamorous retail districts to steal everything they could carry.  Every attempt was made to breach White House security and physically get at President Trump.  Fires were started in the hope that they could burn down the White House. 

            Meanwhile, smug news persons were implying that President Trump was the real thug, going into an underground bunker and “hiding behind a suit.”  That’s what CNN’s most prominent homosexual had to say.  Black Lives Matter calls for all police departments nationwide to be abolished.  It may well get traction with the likes of de Blasio or Gavin Newsome, or any of dozens of their ilk.  As near as we can tell, nobody but nobody could even stand to watch the slow-motion killing of George Floyd.  The whole thing is wretched and without justification.  Why it took so long for charges to be made is another mystery.  We knew immediately what needed to be done, but it took Minneapolis officials days and in the case of the three onlookers, over a week to do what obviously needed to be done.  That gave the goon squads time to organize, and organized they were. 

            America has been flirting with disaster for a long time now.  A growing rejection of God is the primary problem, but nobody dares say so.  These “American values,” of homosexuality, abortion, and communist radicalism are at the heart of all that threatens the last bastion of sanity on earth.  Every other nation descended from ancient Israel has all but completely caved to socialist demands.  Now the idiots on the “news” are demanding we give up and fall in line.  But we’re not, and we won’t. 

            They expect us all to take a knee, social distancing with our masks securely attached, and finally admit that they, and Colin Kaepernick were right all along.  Some may, but not here.  Wherever there is brutality on the part of law enforcement, the law should be applied there too.  But studies show that the narrative that police are indiscriminately killing unarmed blacks is nonsense.  If that should happen somewhere, the police involved should have to live under the same laws as everyone else.  But what on earth are the lunatics thinking when they are “proud” that everything is being burned down by communist anarchists? 

            The past week and a half has shown us all that many Americans don’t love America.  They want mayhem and lawlessness.  We’re lectured by “news” persons that the goon squads are in the right, and we’re just racist if we disagree.  They claim that we’re all racist, even if we don’t know it.  The fact that we don’t know it is just another sign of how racist we are.   

            That we believe in God is another sign of ignorance to the mainstream.  That we want to preserve what He designed and ordained just makes us the more pathetic in their squinted eyes.  But it all boils down to power.  And they want Donald Trump gone from the White House so bad they can taste it.  They’ve tried everything.  One scam after another for three solid years.  We’ve had no more than a week’s respite at a time before we’ve seen another “crisis.”  Against all odds, he’s still the President. 

            We still reverence the Creator God, and credit Him with our freedom and our blessings.  After everything they’ve thrown, all the lies, every improbable scam, we haven’t changed our minds.  No way we’re about to join these anti-American anarchists to squander the blessings God has so generously poured out.  So, expect another “existential crisis” to emerge any minute now.  Or maybe they can keep their “police brutality” narrative running a little longer.  Funny how we’ve gone from that to no police at all.  Wouldn’t they love that?

            Many cities have already issued a license to steal, refusing to even show up to investigate any theft that doesn’t qualify as a felony.  Our cities were already teetering between a crime wave and being overtaken by the homeless, who by the way can do as they please, defecate wherever they squat, shoot-up in broad daylight, and the city leaders are nothing but proud of themselves.  Aren’t they compassionate?

            We’re seeing some hopeful signs of an American recovery.  If there’s no return to God, if there’s no renouncing of at least our most heinous sins (those touted as “national values”) then any recovery will be brief and the last hope on earth will be extinguished.  Let’s do our part. And let’s hope the mayors and governors of some of the biggest cities on earth end the corona scare immediately.     

Mark Armstrong