Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 4 September 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

Finally, some clarity. We’ve learned that the riots are real, who’d have thought? People are getting killed right and left, even though we only hear of those matching the mainstream narrative. We’d hate to know how many lives have been lost as a result of the incident in Minneapolis. Saving lives is not exactly the mission here. Forcing compliance is.

Maybe you saw what happened last weekend in London and Germany. No? Well, it doesn’t exactly fit the mainstream narrative. Even Fox news must have called these people “conspiracy theorists” four or five times. Twenty thousand some people gathered in downtown London to reject the lockdown “orders,” and question the legitimacy of Covid fear-mongering. Something similar took place in Berlin. Bunch of conspiracy theorists, think the lockdown wasn’t necessary. What lunatics! Better not question the official numbers. They’ll call you names, maybe promote your cancellation.

We watched New York, Chicago, Seattle and Portland burn, and the mainstream media assured us that protest was part and parcel with American tradition, and besides, the demonstrators were mostly peaceful. (This is probably of no consequence now, but it is likely that the founders didn’t expect this middle-of-the-night rampage stuff to qualify as “redress of grievances.” Some of us are sick to death of seeing arsonist fascist thieves described as “American as apple pie.”) One of the most idiotic scenes in recent memory was the one of the reporter in his absurd mask, posing in front of a business engulfed in raging flames, telling us of the “mostly peaceful” protests. He should claim he never said any of it, that it was dubbed in after the fact. Who could dispute it? If his lips were moving, you couldn’t be sure.

One of the failed impeachment managers dismissed reports of burning and looting as mere myth. But America has seen enough. We watched in horror and anger as New York’s most exclusive and expensive retail district was looted for FIVE HOURS while police stood in a circle at an intersection blocks away. Meanwhile, thieving goons darted in and out through shattered pane glass with armloads of designer merchandise. Maybe that’s old news now. It happened on the first of June, and some of us won’t forget the night that New York City was pillaged. Somebody ought to write a song.

It probably wasn’t the fault of the police. They don’t get along too well with their mayor. It looks as though these woke city officials want their cities burned so they can blame it all on Donald Trump. Why have the police been told to stand down? Why is everything on fire while the police stand in a line somewhere? Not that it would do much good to arrest the perpetrators of destruction. City Hall will make sure they’re back on the street in time for the next rampage. That’s no exaggeration.

What are these rampaging lunatics doing on the street? Most of them have rap sheets that go on for pages, and have been let out time and time again by prosecutors and judges with an Obama point of view. Turns out he’s right in the middle of much that is going on. Remember that the NBA decided to delay their playoff games so they could, “focus on social justice” or whatever? The self-appointed conscience of the league and his buddies consulted with Obama to decide what concessions to extract in order to resume play.

NBA games will be promoting communist nonsense in the name of social justice. Why don’t they just name Karl Marx the most valuable player and be done? Probably the players will wear jersey’s with mock bullet holes in the back (or is that the wnba?), with the names of deceased criminals emblazoned on them. They’ll take a knee while the national anthem plays, and then stand and salute, probably with an extended fist, during the blm anthem. Can’t wait to hear what that sounds like. Probably a tuneless rap song with gunfire keeping the beat.

Why do the “trained Marxists” of BLM not know that Karl Marx said and wrote things that would start a riot? How come everybody doesn’t know this? He used language that would have got him banned from every social media platform. By the standards of the “trained Marxists,” Karl Marx would have been banned from circulation for the view he took of certain minorities. Is it possible the “trained Marxists” don’t know? Who’s going to tell them without getting killed? We will, that’s who. Of course, we can’t us the language Karl Marx did in his writings. You can’t even quote somebody who’s called you something, without being banned by all concerned. One policeman found that out the hard way. He dared quote the screaming “protester” who called the white policeman the n-word. Oh boy, did he ever step in it. He’s been relieved of duty, at least temporarily. We just can’t have those who absorb hours of screaming abuse quoting their abusers! That proves what racists they are! (Please note a hint of sarcasm.) If you want some entertainment, look up the video.

We can’t begin to cover a fraction of the idiocy that has enveloped the whole United States (not to mention the rest of the Western world.) The corporations, mainstream media and to a large degree the churches have disappeared from view when you’d think some leadership would be expected. Most have closed, gone on-line or to the parking lot, if that’s allowed. Some, including one New York City Catholic institution, are making the congregation repeat after them. Then spouting the nonsense about “white racism” being “systemic.” The ridiculous priest, draped in his holy robes, is getting his flock to admit to all the accusations, and make pledges in memory of all the unjust killings. It’s official. People will repeat anything to retain the good graces of their church. Unbelievable. We don’t ask people to repeat admissions and make pledges. We don’t expect anyone to be a mindless automaton.

Apparently, we’re going to be treated to one spit-flecked rant after another. Did you see Jacob Blake Sr.? “Guilty!” he said. It’s OUR FAULT these idiots looting and burning in the streets. Get used to it. This is what America has earned with its embrace of NONSENSE. The media is so proud when they can trot out some poll that confirms that a majority people have “come around.” Not that people agree with all the filthy behaviors that are so socially acceptable that no one dare express disdain or criticism without being destroyed. We apparently thought it would be OK to live and let live, so to speak. We dare not be critical of sin in this environment. Why, that might get us banned, maybe canceled! Bulletin: Getting banned or canceled are the least of our worries.

Mark Armstrong