Greetings from Tyler,

Everyone is bracing for the most stringent lockdowns yet. Compliance was gained when they told us it was a two-week exercise to “flatten the curve.” When the “curve was flattened,” they told us just a bit longer to make sure the virus wouldn’t finish off everyone.

We are a polite, and obedient people when it comes to law enforcement, or for that matter recommendations from governors or other officials assuming there’s some logic. Everybody did that, believing the “experts” knew what they were doing. But here we are, nearly a year into the worst time of many people’s lives, and several “authorities” are posing in all their hauteur, saying, it’s time to get inside and stay there. They’re making it simple, as L. A. Mayor Garcetti just got through saying, “Now is the time to hunker down.” There are some teeth, as everyone’s seen. Break the rules, and they might just turn off your electricity. They might have you arrested, and they might board up your business, or have 25 Sheriffs blockade it as happened night before last in Staten Island, NY. It’s pretty hard to believe these things are happening in the United States of America. You can’t find anything that gives local yokels the indefinite legal authority to put everyone under house arrest, with punishment for non-compliance. Who ever heard of it? Outside of communist countries, that is.

“Hunkering down” has already destroyed hundreds of thousands of small businesses all across America. Cynics say businesses are only going under because the government won’t give them the money to get through all the stringent orders being imposed. And that would make it the fault of one Donald J. Trump. How dare he withhold borrowed money from those suffering from the horrid virus? Meanwhile, the big corporations are rolling in the dough. Nothing benefits Amazon like lockdowns.

Then we find out that most of the “government money” already doled out seems to have ended up in the hands of various foundations and charities, some of which donate back to the politicians who put us all on the hook for it it in the first place. We’ll probably never know what happened to the tens and hundreds of millions that have been doled out. But they’re screaming that it must be done again, and pronto or it’ll be the fault of you-know-who that multitudes go bust.

The thing that has most people somewhere between anger and despair is the state of the electoral quagmire. It was all too predictable. It looks as though there may be proof of massive fraud after all, but then we’re told nothing unusual happened. “You just wouldn’t understand how these things work.” they tell us. “Our election experts and lawyers have already reviewed the whole thing and they can assure you nothing unusual, let alone fraudulent occurred. It was all “normal.” Please move along.

Besides, the mainstream “news media” turned the page two weeks ago. They declared the winner, and ever since nearly all discussion is about the upcoming “administration” and how it will quickly erase the Trump presidency from history. They’ll make it like it never even happened.

They can’t wait to get us back on the road Obama had us on. The new “administration” will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, let all the illegals stay forever and bring in as many more as possible because after all, “They are the source of our strength.” Maybe not OUR strength, but certainly the strength of would-be autocrats, intent on “fairness” and redistribution. That’s the news, and they’re all so excited about the incoming staff! They’re all so progressive!

Please never mind that “Build Back Better” is a chapter heading in the UN’s wonderful global agenda. Don’t go and read it, unless you’ve grown accustomed to having everything explained in kindergarten logic. You’re just a child, and these people are the elite experts who must explain everything simply and concisely while they eliminate World hunger, stamp out poverty, and eliminate carbon. Won’t it be great when the world is all one? I don’t know what their plans are for the raids and killings that plague African villages. Maybe they’ll wipe out hate and tribalism too. Yeah, that’s it.

But the best part of the UN’s plan is that they’re going to “govern the climate.” You heard right. These arrogant little twerps are going to “govern” everything! Won’t that be wonderful? And you can forget all that stuff about Making America Great Again. That was nothing but racism and xenophobia. In the post-Trump era, the media will breathe such a sigh of relief. Finally, they can herd us into globalism, and if you think you’ll resist, try traveling, buying anything, going anywhere. No, they’ve got an answer for everything. Just be patient, and they’ll explain everything!

If you think for one moment that the media’s “incoming administration” is not going to try to eradicate everything we hold dear, open your eyes. This is not about political parties, it’s about FREEDOM. God invented it, and He allowed us to live it. Obviously, it was taken for granted. It was abused. And it just might be lost forever. But then again, it looks as though the election may have been defrauded! Don’t tell the mainstream fruit loops. Wouldn’t want to interrupt their celebration. Yet.

Mark Armstrong