Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 31 May 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

It’s been pretty intense this week.  We found out that chairman Kim (according to South Korean sources) put to death some of those who negotiated with President Trump’s team when the summit ended without progress in Vietnam.  You don’t offend the North Korean dictator and live to tell about it.  Based on recent experience, the executions will probably be blamed on President Trump. But executions in North Korea are nothing new.  Neither are assassinations.  Remember Kim’s half brother, smothered with deadly chemicals at an airport?  Remember Kim’s uncle, blown to bits in front of an assembled audience with rounds from an anti-aircraft gun?  He’s killed his chief advisors and close family members without remorse.

But the President has been accused of “cozying up to the dictator,” because he wants to be a dictator too according to mainstream anchors and experts apparently reading from an approved script. We heard that from the mainstream media for two or three days straight while Trump was in Japan this week. They claimed he “sided with the dictator” against advisors in his own administration. Some of us rather enjoy the President’s off-the-cuff remarks and interviews.  The media tries to diagram every sentence and every word to find some dark motive or meaning and then pounce.

After the special counsel gave his convoluted and contradictory nine minute public statement this week, the media and political class went nuts with impeachment predictions.  Truth is, they’ve gone further than that.  Any peek at the mainstream networks shows that the anchors and pundits are not only cheerleading for impeachment, but floating every possible strategy they think might fly.  They dare not relinquish their offensive posture lest their plot to overthrow the President should see daylight and penetrate the public consciousness.  We’re still waiting for the lid to be blown off the attempted coup.  Evidence is already available showing the investigators knew “Russia collusion” was a crock the whole time.

Yesterday it was announced that products produced in Mexico for export to the U. S. will face a 5% tariff beginning June 10, unless Mexico helps turn the caravans around rather than shuttling them to our border.  Once again the experts are beside themselves, pulling their hair and rending their garments. “These are just taxes that will be paid by American citizens, costing them thousands per year.”  That’s what they say about the tariffs on China too. But, what if we don’t buy things produced in Mexico or China?  How much will it cost us then?  With nearly a quarter million illegal aliens being bussed or flown to cities inland, far from the border, it’s way past time something was done!

Parliamentary elections in Europe this week definitely have the old guard of the European Union and promoters of the globalist movement rather concerned.  Our domestic media has downplayed and misrepresented the results, but the British and numerous European populations have had about enough of their leaders foisting Muslim “diversity” upon their cultures.  Nigel Farage, sometimes called the godfather of Brexit, came out of retirement a mere six weeks ago to form his own party (the Brexit party) and took it to a stunning victory.  Poor Theresa May’s Conservative Party came in dead last.

The pope will probably let his disapproval be known any minute now.  Last week we told of his statement that a global government is needed to combat climate change.  He’s campaigned for unlimited immigration into Europe and the United States, accusing critics of racism or xenophobia.  He’s refused to meet with (Deputy Prime Minister) Salvini of Italy because he dares to speak of the cost, culturally and financially, of mass Muslim migration.  Word is that Farage and Salvini have teamed up to form a coalition within the EU parliament.

For the moment, it looks as though the globalist/EU movement is on its heels.  Neither the U. S. nor the European media is prepared to admit that the ideology they’ve promoted whole hog is falling out of popular favor.  But it’s not over yet, not by a long shot.  Britain is still not out of the EU.  Nigel Farage says that he’ll campaign for the post of British Prime Minister if the British parliament can’t see its way clear to get Britain out of the EU in the mean time.

We’ve noted for years that the EU is in trouble, politically and economically.  The burning question is what will replace it?  Old Europe, as the world knew it, barely still exists.  Right now the European media and “old guard” continue to shill for globalism and mass immigration, as does the mainstream media in the U. S. They never seem to concede defeat, just as they’ve never accepted Donald Trump as the legitimate President.  With any luck at all, they’ll be forced to choke on reality within our lifetimes.  Now that would be good news.

Mark Armstrong

  1. S.A new edition of Twenty-first Century WATCH has been completed and gone to print. It shouldn’t be long now.  We’re also planning to be at Land Between the Lakes for the Pentecost weekend June 9th& 10th, and would love to see you there if you’re able.