Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 30 October 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

The election that determines the long-term state of the world is upon us, and the next four days may seem like an eternity. That’s assuming we know something concrete by Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. If some of these states get their way, the results may take much longer. That would mean more uncertainty and more misery.

It would seem the mainstream media is trying to discourage people from lining up in person. Every single day is a “new record” for the designer disease. It’s designed to spread fear the likes of which we didn’t know was possible. For all these years the mainstream promoted “No Fear,” now their promoting fear among the population as never before. Fear of death.

They weren’t afraid of breaking God’s mandates. They were PROUD to flaunt their indiscretions, and they’ve made it dangerous and all but illegal to utter anything in the way of criticism, especially if it’s funny. You better not make fun of communists, socialists, snowflakes or media personalities, especially homosexuals, or you’ll probably end up on a list they’re keeping for later. Some of the well-known analysts (don’t dare mispronounce it) are publicly looking forward to a time when they can track down their critics and rid the society, they want to build of whoever fails to fall in line.

This week we watched in horror as Philadelphia underwent the wrath of the flash-mobs. But it wasn’t really wrath. The police shot a mental case who was threatening them with a knife. The media said he was unarmed, contrary to the video which anybody can see. But it didn’t matter. It was another opportunity to raid the big-box stores while the police stood in a parking lot a couple of blocks away. They said they didn’t have the manpower to intervene, so it continued for hour after hour, store after store.

From what we can tell, the rioters and looters are poised to go nuts in the aftermath of the election, no matter which way it goes. Walmart is removing all guns and ammo from its stores in expectation of mob action. Nobody dares have armed security. Why, somebody might get hurt, and then the mainstream media would make sure that enough anger was generated against anyone standing up to the mob to ruin the rest of their lives. Nobody wants that.

We’re about to find out whether God is inclined to give America another chance, or whether He’s decided to wash his hands of our sin-sick society. We can follow the twists and turns of the media’s treatment of the race, or we can tune it out until a winner is determined. Maybe we’ll have some idea as to what we’re facing by this time next week. Let’s hope and pray that there are no large-scale shenanigans, and nothing delays the outcome. Freedom hangs in the balance.

There is evidence that the “organizers” of the “protests” are planning big events, no matter which way things turn out. May law and order survive the election! We don’t want to see America’s cities looted and burnt, not one more time. But that’s what they’re planning. Talk about income redistribution! There’s a story today that one of the looters, having loaded his car with stolen goods, had his car stolen! So naturally he called police! It seems even the criminals sometimes have use for the police. We hope you all have a great Sabbath, and pray we can have another next week.

Mark Armstrong