Greetings from Tyler,

Sorry there was no Update last week.  If there had been, it would have told of the wonderful crowd we had for the events surrounding the Passover (Lord’s Supper) and the First Day of Unleavened Bread. We’d never seen our parking lot with every single space filled, and some overflow.  All the events were well attended, and we believe that it was more successful than we’d dare hope.

Last week we were in Dalton, GA for the last Day of Unleavened Bread (Friday) and the Sabbath day.  There was a crowd of at least seventy from Atlanta, Fayetteville, NC and some of us that came from a greater distance.  Mr. Nunnery did a masterful job of arranging and catering, and it was wonderful to be able to talk and spend time with many we don’t see all that often.  We expect that both these events will be repeated next year, so keep it in mind if you’d like to join in.

Aren’t you glad we don’t eat pork?  Some people may think we’re crazy for not partaking in one of the world’s favorite meats, but God’s description of what was created for human consumption and what was created for other purposes (mostly cleanup), we avoid.  Right now there is a crisis of an ebola-like African disease killing pigs by the thousands in China.  Tens of thousands more are being culled in an effort to get control of the rampant spread of disease.  It’s not known to sicken people.  That’s comforting.  Unfortunately, the effects are showing up in the world’s commodity markets and making all types of edible meat more expensive.  From Bloomberg, a Sydney (Australia) commodities analyst says, “The potential quantum of this is huge.  It’s the biggest thing to affect the animal-protein market this year, and will probably have a lasting effect for a number of years.  It will move markets and possibly influence geopolitical situations.”  We’re still glad we don’t eat pigs, sick or otherwise.

Everyone half expects the recalcitrant dictator of Venezuela, Maduro, to take his stolen loot and flee.  Reports were that his plane was ready and waiting for his departure earlier this week, but that the Russians talked him out of it.  It turns out that the Russians, the Chinese and Cubans have lucrative deals with Maduro for Venezuela’s considerable resources and raw materials, deals that will be lost if he releases his grip on the formerly prosperous nation.  You’ve undoubtedly seen the anarchy, driven by starvation and shortages of everything needed for a civilized society.  It is the predictable last gasp of government mandates, redistribution and socialism, in living color.

Many of the other situations we’ve discussed often are much as we left them.  Britain is still grappling with trying to get out of the European Union, without success. The EU still exists but its future, politically and economically, does not look bright.  The real concern is what comes after the EU.

There is plenty more news this week along the lines we’ve come to expect.  The social media companies are banning voices that clash with the politically correct sheet music.  If there is negative information on the heroes that carry their water, it must not be disclosed.  Those who disclose politically incorrect information must be banned.  And banned they are.  It turns out that Calypso Louis was banned too, many believe as an excuse to justify the silencing of voices that are unfriendly to the speech police.  Here’s an idea.  Never become dependent on social media for information distribution or income.  They can put you out of business at the drop of a hat.

Maybe you’ve noticed, mainstream news is beginning to get somewhat entertaining.  They’re just finding out what most of us have known for about two years, and it’s Breaking News!  Can’t help laughing out loud at the confused concerned looks on the faces of the mainstream anchors who’ve been deceiving their audiences around the clock day in and day out.  They’re having a hard time coming to realizations with which we were familiar so long ago we nearly forgot.  It won’t be smooth, but it will be entertaining.

The two and a half year collusion/obstruction outcome on which they’d all staked their personal and professional credibility, has gone up in smoke.  It is no more acceptable than was the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.  Oh, they’ll put on a brave face.  They’ll try to salvage some vestige of professionalism along with their careers, but they’re in mighty deep.  The New York Times,the bible of left-wing deception, broke “news” we knew about at least a year and a half ago.  Now the mainstream outlets have to carry it and wonder what it could mean.  It’s glorious, and just getting started.

Many of us thought the deceptions of the mainstream, with which we’ve become intimately familiar over the past ten years (and more), would never be disputed.  We worried that all casual observers would continue buying mainstream nonsense, misinterpretations and outright lies without ever having to face the truth.  It’s beyond gratifying to have been wrong about that.  Miracles have happened and will continue.  Those committed to communism, socialism, the destruction of the United States and President Trump’s early downfall will be forced, once again, to howl at the moon.  Thank you Almighty God.  Have a great Sabbath.


Mark Armstrong