Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 3 April 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

                        The closing of the U. S. economy has launched a hundred sub-plots, maybe more.

First they told us President Trump was a xenophobe for banning flights from China.  Now however, he didn’t act soon enough!    “If you leave the house…  you’re exposing others to danger!… you’re exposing yourself to danger!”  So said Mayor de Blasio of New York.   Though it hasn’t been expressed in the mainstream media, it looks like some county commissioners and/or judges have revoked American’s Constitutional freedoms on the basis of “keeping everyone safe.” People in Hawaii have actually been arrested for going to the park.  Others have been cited and told to go back home. 

            Mayor de Blasio has warned churches in New York that they’ll be closed permanently if they don’t obey the “shelter in place” orders and cancel their services.  Has the Mayor read the Constitution?   Does he have the authority to “permanently close” churches?  Not according to my copy. 

            Does it really matter which crisis they’re selling?  As long as they have power to generate fear among the population, fear so strong that the public immediately obeys “orders” being issued over every media outlet, the talking heads think they’re winning.  The angry birds that sit at the anchor desks are positively giddy with their charts and graphs predicting disaster.  The idea that we’re taking orders from the likes of the doctor who would keep the economy on ice indefinitely is bizarre.  We’ve watched him pull faces, even drop his face into his hands behind Trump’s back.  But Trump has been gracious so far, unbelievably so.  Dr. Fauci can’t understand why the whole nation hasn’t been put under a “stay at home” order, he said yesterday.  Hopefully the President won’t listen to him, or the entire United States will be a lost cause. 

            So apparently we’re waiting for “the numbers” to signal that it’s “safe” to return to normal life.  But who’s supplying the numbers?  Who’s reporting the numbers?  The same bozos that predicted Hillary in a landslide?  The same goof-balls that have been banging on about global warming being an “existential” crisis?  At this rate the curve may never be flattened, or whatever.  They want Trump removed from office, and word is that the same individuals that brought us the fake impeachment nonsense are working to impeach him again.   

            The gnawing suspicion is that we’re all being stampeded on the basis of made-up statistics and we’re waiting for “numbers” the mainstream media will never report.  What’s really disconcerting is that they may have stampeded the President into destroying his greatest accomplishment, the roaring economy.  We have no idea how the year will ultimately turn out.  We’re hearing predictions of recession at the very least, and a possible depression, all thanks to co-vid orders.  Thinking about killing some of the downtime at the beach, or in the woods or at the park?  Better think again.  The authorities are outraged that some people may be engaging in enjoyable activities rather than sitting home soaking up the panic that every device is demanding. 

            The “news” people have foisted one false story after another upon the public.  The “Russian collusion” story was delivered to the American public day after day for at least two years.  When that failed to convince the public that President Trump was a Russian agent, they flipped to the Ukranian phone call to claim that American interests had been sold out for political advantage.  In fact, the sham impeachment hearings were still in progress when stories about the Chinese virus were beginning to surface.  But, getting rid of Trump was the main objective and that’s what his enemies went with.  You don’t suppose this panic is Plan C? 

            Garner Ted Armstrong supposed that end-time events might well come about as the result of a worldwide economic crisis.  Those who listen to his sermons have undoubtedly heard him say exactly that.  Having lived through the foibles and failed predictions of tribulation and the end of the age that have been circulated by numerous Church of God organizations, we’ve been reluctant to repeat those mistakes.  But we’ve never seen anything quite like this.  What’s worse?  The bat-flu, or a worldwide economic crisis?  It looks like we’ll have to deal with both. 

            Even European leaders are worrying aloud that the pandemic may lead to the bust up of the EU.  The exit of Britain was a serious financial blow, on top of the heavy indebtedness of the Southern European nations.  The economic shutdown is bound to wreak havoc on all their projections.  The value of borders has been rediscovered, however, along with the realization that great authority can be exerted successfully if the public is fearful.

            If the Bible shows us anything, it’s that nothing in this life is to be compared with plans God has for those who qualify for entrance into His Kingdom after the end of the age and the resurrection of the “dead in Christ.”  There is hope on the other side of all this turmoil, and that’s something that is far more important than the current panic.

Mark Armstrong 

P. S.  We know that group-meetings for the Passover have been canceled in many locations.  We’ve made the Passover service on video available on both our websites.  Dr. Ricks has suggested that some may want to hold out for the second Passover. Maybe the “orders” will have been lifted by then, but it’s pretty hard to make hard and fast plans under the circumstances.  We expect to hold an abbreviated Passover here in Tyler, with only ten people in attendance as per the governor’s request.  Others may have to observe at home to the best of their ability, which will satisfy the obligation.  No one here is in a state of panic or even fear, and we hope you’re not either.  Two of our long-time members believe they had the dreaded sickness, and are now feeling much better.  Age may have been a factor, but neither went to the hospital and they’re on the mend.  Please say a prayer for all the brethren, that they’ll be protected from sickness and heal up rapidly should they come down with it.  Thanks to everybody.