Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 28 June 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

The last bastion of freedom on earth is under a sustained attack from nearly every direction. It turns out that those who’ve benefited most from the free market and the opportunities they’ve been afforded are madder than all get out about income inequality, climate change, reproductive “justice,” poor treatment of the masses storming our southern border, and an atmosphere of “institutional racism” that underlies all their complaints. They are absolutely miserable, and angry that you’re not.

The social media companies are working together to make sure that nobody who loves America ever wins another national election. They’ve realized that they weren’t quite up to speed on search algorithms and the banishment of unapproved thought and speech, and were caught off guard by the unexpected ascension of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency. They’ve redoubled their efforts to make certain nothing like that ever happens again.

Meanwhile, the Southern border still leaks like a sieve. We’re seeing just what we expected. The third world is on it’s way, and not just from the squalid regions of Central America. They’re coming from the Congo, and Haiti and everywhere else. Other than construction of new barriers and existing old ones, there seems to be no effort to turn them back or prevent their entry. The border patrol apparently exists to assist the illegal entrants. You’ve probably seen that nearly $4.5 billion has just been allocated by both Houses of congress to feed, house and clothe the masses arriving daily. Whose money is that? It’s borrowed money, added to the massive debt our grandchildren will bear!

As if we’re not sick to death of the non-stop campaigning, it’s officially on again– assuming it ever stopped at all. We’re getting to the point that everything in life is the subject of political posturing and campaigning. It never stops. The media has never stopped trying to shame everyone in their audience for any remaining vestiges of patriotism. What about the children!! Oh yeah, it’s a full scale meltdown with presidential candidates scolding each other for perceived indifference to racial inequality and particularly for the nightmare at the border. We know that a lot of those children don’t belong to the people who brought them. In some cases they’ve been rented, maybe for the umpteenth trip as someone’s guaranteed passage into the United States.

The wannabes feel tremendous compassion for the poor children perhaps experiencing air conditioning and regular meals for the first time. What were their circumstances before they got here? Where were they sleeping? It’s not like they left clean and comfortable conditions before they arrived. Is that our fault too?!?

It’s absolutely sickening that the “opposition” that is anything but loyal, is out to overturn everything. The free market economy and the American way of life are incompatible with their superior sense of compassion and Americans are not only to be shamed, but taxed out of existence to make life comfortable for illegal aliens and provide FREE everything for the pink hairdos and nose rings. And those college loans that amount to over a trillion dollars? Yeah, they’ll be forgiven, meaning our grandkids else will pick up the tab.

Saving the United States from the socialist/communist onslaught is still a very long shot, despite all the enthusiasm shown by we “deplorables” who thought it was a lost cause. We’re up against those who control the flow of information. The propaganda is blindingly obvious to any informed individual subjected to the mainstream outlets. If you’re already informed on the issues, you immediately recognize the slant or outright misrepresentations carried in the insinuations of mainstream headlines and “news stories.” Want a blatant example? When President Trump announced that deportations of those under court ordered deportation (for fraud, criminal activity, etc.), the media went wall to wall with the rounding up of “immigrant families.” It was on every ABC network radio break. It was the subject of angry rants among mainstream analysts on TV. The upshot is that they are MUCH better people than the rest of you, because they’re outraged that more is not being done to provide for the “illegal aliens,” a reference they would never stoop to make.

Sorry if this seems somewhat U. S. – centric. But if the United States is lost, there goes the world. It’s as simple as that. The world’s only hope is to restore national identities and cultures and shine like a beacon to the squalid third world, to show them that FREEDOM under the constraints of Divinely inspired Law is the only key to happiness and prosperity. We need to thank God every day for His blessings, His Laws and the opportunity to live in a nation that has been graced with both. No doubt the evil ONE WORLD crowd is furious that their godless agenda has been interrupted, and their anger knows no bounds. As you’ve seen, there’s nothing they won’t do.

Prayers of gratitude and hope are needed. They undoubtedly have played an important role in recent events. Our Creator God is infinitely more powerful than all the social media companies, all the networks, and all those with malign intent, put together. His will be done.

Mark Armstrong