Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 27 September 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

            For those that protest about things being POLITICAL, get over it.  When no man can buy or sell without the mark of the Beast, will that be POLITICAL?  If evil conclusively gets control of Western governments and begins to enforce global warming mandates, gun confiscation and the revocation of our right to free speech and assembly, is that off limits for discussion?  Hardly.  In fact that’s part of our mandate, and a primary reason we exist.  Things are bound to get a little uncomfortable, but there’s no way we’re going to abdicate our responsibility over cries of, “That’s political.”  What ain’t?!  Every single thing in life is “political” now, whether it should be or not. 

            If several of the socialist/communist fascists in government had their way, there would be VIOLENCE against anyone disputing their cause.  The left already has Antifa running amok, violently attacking those who disagree with their fascist mindset.  While they pretend to be anti-fascist, they promote violently attacking those who hold opposing points of view.  They wear masks to conceal their identities while they rampage, and are routinely given cover by the mainstream media.  “They’re only fighting against hate…” goes the “news” coverage.  So it’s fine if masked attackers rampage, attack people and property.  The media, the squad and America-hating candidates are good with it. 

            Have you noticed the propensity of the radical left to send a sympathetic figure to intimidate and shame the public into acquiescence, or at the very least, silence?  The poor, mentally challenged  teenager from Sweden was used this week to scream and cry about global warming at the United Nations.  Her infirmity is being described as a “super-power” in the fight against climate change.  It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because she’s so full of emotion, and anger.  She’s perfect!  Who dares criticize this little, emotionally unstable girl? She can scream and cry that her future has been stolen and ruined by the assembled adults, and they applaud.  She’s their new mascot.  She’s unassailable, poor little thing.  Maybe somebody ought to have a talk with her parents. 

            The whole Western world is in disarray.  The situation in England is utter chaos.  No one can predict whether Boris Johnson survives as Prime Minister, or whether he will be able to make good on his promise of getting the UK out of the European Union.  What we do know is that there is tremendous animosity toward the Prime Minster in a Parliament apparently dedicated to thwarting the will of the people.

            Israel, the only member of the Western world in the Middle East is mired in an inconclusive election.  Prime Minster Netanyahu has enemies in government and in the Israeli media hanging a series of bogus charges over his head. Nevertheless, Israel’s president Rivlin has given Netanyahu a chance to form a majority government.  He apparently has a slightly better chance of doing so than his opponent, but meanwhile Israel is in a quandary with accusations and legal threats against the sitting Prime Minster.  It does sound a little familiar.   

            While everything is in a state of inconclusive disarray, the Deep State in the United States and apparently around the world sows its mischief.  Wildly false accusations are the coin of the realm.  They accuse Donald Trump and his close advisors of doing exactly what they have done!  Not only Biden, but Democrat Senators threatened to oppose aid to Ukraine if they didn’t come up with  something on President Trump.  The New York Times published their letter in early 2019.  Now they’re accusing Trump of exactly what they have done, and want to bang the impeachment drum until it drowns out all logic. Would that it were possible to write this week’s Update without mentioning Impeachment Fever that has dominated every aspect of the media, worldwide, all week long.  But it’s not possible.  The Deep State has to get rid of President Trump quickly, before he gets the details and exposes the corruption of the previous administration and its “Russia Collusion” hoax.   

            They’ve got a so-called “whistle-blower,” who meets none of the legal criteria for the term.  He (or she) had no first-hand knowledge of the President’s phone conversation with the president of Ukraine.  They (the “whistle-blower” and mainstream media) have portrayed it as an attempt to investigate and “get dirt” on Joe Biden and his son in advance of the 2020 election.  But that’s a completely fraudulent characterisation, as usual, and one that is being used as the “reason” Trump must be removed from office. 

            In fact, what the President was trying to accomplish was finding out how the “Russia collusion” story was created and what role Obama officials and Hillary operatives played in creating the false narrative in the first place.  The mention of Crowdstrike in the conversation is what created this impeachment panic.  That is the firm that is NOWHERE mentioned in the “whistle-blower” complaint, which claims that Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate former VP Biden.   That’s how the “Impeachment Inquiry” has been described.  The news reports (including local radio reports) have it wrong, as they have so many times over the past two and a half years.  Apparently they’re required to read off the wire reports of the mainstream networks, virtually guaranteeing that FAKE NEWS automatically misinforms us continually.   

            President Trump wasn’t trying to get Joe Biden investigated in advance of the 2020 election, he was trying to track down the origins of the fake “Russia Collusion” scandal, in which Ukraine, the DNC and Obama officials derived false accusations against Donald Trump in the  2016 election.  Sorry that this world has made everything, from the car you drive, to the energy you use, to the food you eat political.  We didn’t do that, those that would RULE OVER US did!  If and when they ever get back in charge, they’ll impose their communist agenda using the pope, the UN, and the smug buggers that pretend to bring us the “news.”  The current COLD WAR that envelops the whole Western world may turn hot.  Let’s hope not. 

Mark Armstrong

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