Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 27 November 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

To contemplate the future the mainstream assures us is ours is such a reprehensible thought that we simply refuse to think it. They’re celebrating at anchor desks on nearly every channel. Finally, someone serious will call the shots. He and his handlers will cram everything we’ve celebrated back down our throats, and tell us we’re better for it. Resurrect the Iran Deal? Get back to ruinous energy regulations? Send factories to China? Remind us daily of what racists we are? The homosexuals who claim to be at the top of the news game can hardly sit still. They can’t wait to tell us all about the new cabinet picks, and what principled intelligent people they are. Sorry, we’re not supposed to think such thoughts, but they’re everywhere in your face.

If somebody thinks we’re not going to recognize an epic battle between good and evil on account of “it’s political,” not sorry. After the unbelievable, unjustified attacks and accusations of the past four years, what would they not stoop to? Is there some line they wouldn’t cross? Have they not bald-faced lied and led the public down a fairy-tale path, smirking and sneering all the while? They’ve had one meltdown after another over perceived violations of “political correctness.” Again, and again, they’ve extracted a phrase out of context to “prove” what a bully, what a racist dictator is President Trump. So, they’ve shot off the fireworks, taken to the streets in celebration (haven’t we seen that crowd before?), and will thrill to the sound of their own voices as they utter “president elect.”

Here’s what we’re being asked to believe. “There was NO FRAUD in the election.” “Only a conspiracy-minded fool would think such a thing.” Furthermore, no such discussion will be allowed on the most popular of search engines or social media sites. They’ll make sure no “dis-information” escapes on their platforms. It’s for our own good, we’re reminded. If the public were to hear something that disputes the conventional wisdom, they’ll not let it stand. It will be branded. It will be banished as will whoever thought they could get away with spreading unapproved thoughts. They claim they’ve won. Silicon Valley bosses will not only supervise your communications technologically, their lobbyists will be in top advisory positions. Won’t that be great?

We’ve laid out a litany of unthinkable thoughts, and yet haven’t even scratched the surface. Not that we want to scratch the surface. The thought of the subjugation of freedom by whatever means is simply unpalatable to the un-indoctrinated. Hope that things might go against the universal narrative might seem distant. How distant did it seem during Obama’s second term? We narrowly escaped having a band of treasonous crooks in charge of every formerly venerable agency, to this day and beyond! It was a miracle. The United States was granted the hope of reprieve from the ruinous path it was on. We’d concluded that it was too late. It couldn’t possibly be turned around and then, to the surprise of nearly everyone, a miracle.

Neither the media, nor academia, nor Hollywood notables, sports icons, you name them, they never got over it. They’ve floated bombshell accusations against President Trump and against the hay-seed idiots who love him, without ceasing. Now they think they’ll employ new-found power to administer our just desserts.

And here we are, like the Israelites between the Egyptians and the Red Sea. Stand still…

Mark Armstrong