Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 27 December 2019

Greetings from Tyler, 

            There is troubling news about Iran.  The Russians and Chinese are reportedly cooperating with Iran in maneuvers at sea.  All three nations are reportedly conducting drills in the Indian Ocean.  It seems foolish to repeat Iranian government statements, but this one might be good for a chuckle.

The Iranian admiral stated that the purpose was to demonstrate “peace, friendship and lasting security through cooperation and unity… and to show that Iran cannot be isolated.”  China released a statement saying that the drills were, “not necessarily related to the regional situation. 

            By all accounts, the Iranian economy has been spiraling out of control due to President Trump’s economic sanctions.  We saw riots consume the country only a couple of weeks ago, with little news since.  Iranian forces killed hundreds, at least, and jailed thousands.  Can you even imagine the suffering and brutality they’re to which they’re being subjected.  May God help them.   

            Not only have ships been wounded in close proximity to the Straits of Hormuz earlier this year, but Saudi Arabia saw several missile attacks and the U. S. has considerable naval assets also in the region.  Both Russia and China also claim to have friendly relations with Saudi Arabia.   

            With the recent British election, the British exit from the European Union is due to become official on January 31.  But it will remain bound to EU customs and trade rules until the end of 2020, with details to be worked out in the mean time.  The EU is urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to extend discussions on the details for another two years, but he has refused.  If 2020 expires without agreements on trade, transportation, immigration and fishing rights, analysts predict all manner of dire consequences for the British economy.  Why Britain can’t make up for whatever their needs may be with Australia, Canada and the U. S., we don’t rightly know.  Maybe it can. 

            Here at the end of 2019, we’ve reached impeachment limbo.  While the experts argue whether the President has actually been impeached, the Speaker of the House boasts that Donald Trump has been impeached for all time.  As we suspected, she may not want to turn the articles of impeachment over to the Senate.  Chances are, the whole cabal who orchestrated this monstrosity will be embarrassed or worse.  Apparently every single one of us has the right to face his accuser, and the right to a speedy trial, except the President of the United States. 

            The mainstream press is wallowing in its great accomplishment.  Turn on any one of the mainstream cable networks and you’ll likely see the banner declaring, “Trump impeached” across the bottome of the screen.  We hope they’re enjoying the satisfaction.  After all, they’ve contributed heavily to this situation, trotting out experts and analysts every day to declare that House members would be in violation of their oath if they failed to impeach Donald Trump. They make all manner of accusations and insinuations, but have failed to point out the specifics of any crime.  Even after all this time, it looks as thought he Deep State still runs the alphabet agencies and is continuing its #resistance even now.

            Nevertheless, things could be worse.  A lot worse.  The list of accomplishments we’ve seen over the past three years is overwhelming.  The economy is breaking records, Constitutional judges appointed and confirmed, immigration is being addressed if not solved… At least we have a President who isn’t trying to destroy the United States.  Hopefully our kids and grandkids will enjoy a modicum of the freedom we’ve had.  And if President Trump offends someone from time to time, we’ll try not to enjoy it too much. 

Mark Armstrong

P. S.  The new issue of 21st Century WATCH appears to have been delayed somewhat due to the holiday crush.  Maybe we should have expected that would be the case.  We hope it will be mailed and received without further delay.