Greetings from Tyler,

There have been several important developments this week.  One is the ascension of Boris Johnson to the office of Prime Minister of the UK.  The jury is still out on whether he’ll be able to extricate Britain from the European Union without remaining hostage to all manner of rules and regulations that deprive the nation of its sovereignty.  Prime Minister Boris began by firing his entire cabinet, largely made up of politicians who were determined that Britain must remain hostage to the EU. He says that he’ll get the UK out of the EU by October 31st, “No ifs, ands or buts.”

It’s a tall order, one that Theresa May couldn’t manage and the British press may well make it as difficult as possible.  It seems that Boris Johnson gets along well with President Trump, which is two strikes against him as far as the media is concerned.  This situation is ticklish.  Nigel Farage, known as the “godfather of Brexit” says that great courage will be required of the new Prime Minister.  Mr. Farage believes that a general election should be called, and believes that would solidify the authority of the new administration do to what must be done.  That would fall in line with the things both Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong were saying for 50 some years.  “Britain will NOT be one of the TEN nations of Bible prophecy that make up the ‘beast’ power of Revelation.

The mainstream media is excited about both North Korea and Iran test-firing short and medium range missiles.  That’s causing plenty of energetic reporting, because it gives the opportunity for them to report the prospect of failure for President Trump’s foreign policies. After the ruinous spectacle of the nationally televised Mueller hearings, they need something to hang their hat on.

This was their last gasp.  They just had to get Mueller on camera to say something they could use to press ahead toward their impeachment dream.  But Mueller was a tremendous disappointment.  It looked like he’d had little if anything to do with the “report” that bore his name. He was completely unfamiliar with passages and footnotes that appeared within the report that he’d supposedly written. He’d apparently never heard of individuals and documents that were referenced (Glenn Simpson- Fusion GPS). For a few hours it looked like those who were just sure that Mueller would produce the ammunition to destroy the Trump presidency were completely out of gas and defeated.

Even one of the most vocal proponents (Adam Schiff) of the “Trump-Russia” narrative concluded that the 2020 election remained the only method of getting rid of the Trump Presidency.  But the air of defeat didn’t last.  Soon, the networks were trotting out Congressmen to declare, “We have a felon in the White House.  He lied, he obstructed justice and now it’s the job of Congress to see that justice is done”  (Julian Castro, paraphrased).”  After some behind-the-scenes meetings the Trump-haters have regrouped and put impeachment back on the table.  What else can they do?

They certainly can’t allow the news-cycle to be dominated by the slow trickle of information that will (someday) expose American intelligence agencies for attempting to overturn the 2016 election with bogus, filthy accusations made by Russian sources—bought and paid for by the opposing campaign—and carried out by high officials who are still doing their level best to destroy the President.

So impeachment is back on the table, and full-throated accusers are lined up for national television appearances.

It seems that there is plenty of documentation that will expose the plot and nail the high officials who put it in motion.  It was CLASSIFIED.  No one was authorized to access it, outside of a few individuals with high enough clearances, but they can’t tell us either.  As many may know, the President declassified these materials and placed them at the disposal of new Attorney General Robert Barr.  But they still haven’t been made public.  The President did a LIVE interview last night in which he was asked about these materials, and we heard the same answer.  “Bob Barr is highly respected, and it’s up to him to distribute these materials as he sees fit (paraphrased).”  That’s it.  Here we are, years into this debacle.  The mainstream media have been intentionally dishonest.  They have succeeded in convincing a sizable percentage of the public that Trump is a Russian agent, that he’s committed treason and is practicing criminality in the White House.  The release of fraudulent documents, some of which were used to get court orders allowing domestic agencies to spy on Americans involved with the Trump campaign, pilfer through all their calls, e-mails and communications records, might finally put the truth of the situation out in the open where it would expose the perpetrators and their scheme.

For whatever reason (and we hope it’s a good one) the smoking-gun proof of their malfeasance remains hidden, and that’s where the mainstream media hopes it will stay.

For all the hype and exaggerated expectations the whole Mueller investigation was an embarrassing flop.  Now Mueller is a sympathetic figure.  It appears his name and his reputation were used to lend credibility to another rogue operation designed to take Trump down.  But it appears only a minor setback for his enemies.  They’ll continue to investigate, while calling the President and any who dare support him RACIST!

You might as well get comfortable with it.  If we love our country, want it to survive a sovereign land where freedom reigns, that makes us racist according to politically-correct dogma. Unless you want everyone on earth to set up shop (or a tent on a sidewalk) in the United States, without going through the legal maze citizens must navigate, you are definitely guilty of their favorite charge.  If you’re not prepared to pass the overwhelming burden of debt of unlimited health-care for all illegals (can we see a raise of hands?) on to your progeny, you might be– no, you are a RACIST!

That’s OK.  The Bible says to count it all joy when falsely accused and spitefully used.  So maybe we should be enjoying the constant drumbeat of hateful disgust aimed our way.  Sooner or later (we hope sooner) the curtain will be pulled aside and no one will be able to ignore the fact that the entire information conglomerate has been hijacked and used for propaganda and misinformation for two and a half years!  It’s time we didn’t have to waste, and still don’t.

Mark Armstrong