Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 25 October 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

            We’re all home now from the annual Feast of Tabernacles, which by all accounts was a wonderful experience at each of the five sites we sponsor.  There was surprisingly good attendance and the friendly, joyful atmosphere you’d expect.  We were reminded of one of the differences between ourselves and most of the other organizations.  Our people are FREE to attend the location of their choosing, stay in whatever accommodations they like, and we don’t hand out pages of rules to be followed, or else. 

            It is part of the lasting legacy of my Dad, Garner Ted Armstrong.  He rejected the whole concept of an authoritarian “headquarters” and ministry, calling people on the carpet or telling them they’re not welcome until they satisfy the dress code or some other rule on their printout.  We welcome everybody, that is, unless or until they make it abundantly clear that they’ve come to trouble our members over some doctrinal dispute or other.  It’s been about twenty years since my Dad said that the time for dispute over some doctrinal understanding or other was long past.   

            We operate under the premise that each of us has direct access to God through prayer, and no church or minister has any business getting between the individual and God, or to demand that some arbitrary standard be met in order to come and learn at our services.  We do however, expect some decorum, in fact, happiness and JOY that God ordained for such occasions.  It may seem an outdated concept in the society we inhabit, but can be found in abundance at our Feast sites. 

            Is it possible that what we’ve known to be factually verified is finally about to be confirmed by official government entities?  Will some smidgen of TRUTH actually penetrate the news media after years of their non-stop shenanigans?  Many have lost hope that previously respected institutions could ever again be trusted to tell the truth, let alone dispense justice.  Suddenly they tell us that things are coming to a head, and some of those non-stop FALSE accusers, of President Trump and those that dare support him, are lawyering up.  Criminal activity?  Why, they have no idea what anybody is talking about!  They’re so confused, they lack for words.  Well it’s about time! 

            Will the mainstream anchors even be able to pronounce the words that we expect to be in the wire reports?  Not without a scowl, and not without a panel of insiders and impeachment “experts” to now accuse top law-enforcement officials of carrying out “revenge” against the President’s critics.  Imagine law enforcement agencies being used to carry out political errands, trampling the Constitutional rights of innocent people!  They’re shocked and bewildered.  How could such a thing happen in a legal system brimming with checks and balances?  Uh, that’s the question we’ve wanted answered for so long, we nearly forgot.  Well, almost.   

            It’s been nearly two years since a relatively brief explanation appeared in this Update, highlighting facts that could be corroborated by numerous credible sources with precious little research.  There are at least a half dozen books, some of the best-sellers, that outline and document the corruption that has taken place right under our noses.  After denying that there was any such thing as a “deep state,” now it’s being argued that the deep state is in fact a benevolent group trying to “do the right thing” and rid us of the president elected by ignorant people in flyover country.

            Let’s face it folks, even if you’re not in “flyover country.”  The mainstream media, the institutions of higher learning, the school teachers union, major corporations and most government agencies hate everything we stand for.  Much of what we believe couldn’t be stated on any network panel without howls of derision, and the outbreak of spit-flecked outrage. 

            It looks like a battle for the ages.  They should have known they wouldn’t be able to run off President Trump by the sheer volume of accusations.  History has been made.  They threw everything but the kitchen sink at him, and now they’re heaving that too.  He’s still standing, somehow, unable to trust anyone even in his administration, save a precious few loyal friends and family.  There’s no need to rehash the past two years of withering attacks, the enthusiastic complicity and feigned sincerity of the media accomplices.  They’ve been working overtime to DECEIVE their audiences, while hiding behind mottos like, “FACTS FIRST.”  Ratings show we’re not the only ones who can’t stand it. 

            Tremendous damage has been done during this period of false reporting.  Lives have been destroyed, reputations have been ruined.  Fortunes have been expended and lost.  Allegations have been endless, all delivered with the smug assurance that they (the prissy anchor set) know something you don’t.  Maybe something is about to give, and the truth of about a thousand trumped up (no pun) controversies will finally begin to be verified by credible individuals on the government payroll. We can only hope, pray, and remember, we’ve had our hopes up before.  Maybe this time it will conclude differently, but the spin doctors are working overtime tonight!

            Most of the world’s difficulties that we normally visit in these pages are ongoing.  The Hong Kong protest against communist Chinese rule has gotten worse, raising the specter of violence, Tienamen Square style.  The one thing that may prevent a communist crushing of those who wish to live under the freedoms afforded by British law, is the prospect that Trump might become a much more difficult trade negotiator if things turn ugly.  But another reality is becoming clear.  It’s been exposed by the fracas with the NBA.  Players making millions off broadcasts and promotions to the Chinese market have shown that their money is a much higher priority than the NATIONALITY that made their success possible in the first place.  At the first sign of support for the people of Hong Kong, the communist dictatorship canceled broadcasts of pre-season games in China.  That means players lost MONEY.  Lots of it.  You won’t believe the argumentative banter still going on at ESPN.   

            That’s where their loyalty lies.  Nuts to the United States, they’ve got their foreign markets all lined up to secure extra millions and nothing better get in the way.  Certainly not loyalty to the United States and the freedom and security it stands for.  Maybe they’d be happier living in China!  But that’s not the end of the story.  How many big corporations are making their fortunes off business done in China?  More than we’d like to know.  China is making demands on U. S. companies, exerting controls to which most are all too happy to comply.  This controversy we’ve only recently seen come to light may run way deeper than we ever expected.  We’ve got news for all of them.  Some things are more important than money.  The freedom God ordained in his promises to Abraham comes to mind.  It’s priceless. We’d intend to cherish it, and never sell out our beliefs or blessings, no matter the economic considerations.   

Mark Armstrong