Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 24 May 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Iran appeared to blink when U. S. forces went on high alert this past week. Even the mainstream media carried reports of Iran returning missiles from boats to their mainland, which seemed to be the provocation that alarmed military planners. But now Iran has gone on offense, at least verbally. The ayatollah just came out and announced that Iran’s youth will live to see “the demise of America and Israel.” Looking back over the years, that’s what the Iranian regime has been saying all along. However, they were dealing with pushovers like Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Barrack Obama. Things are a little different these days. All bets are off.

The inability to lead Britain out of the EU has led to the tearful resignation of Prime Minister Theresa May. She’ll remain in office until replaced, but her resignation is an admission of failure to deliver an exit from the European Union three years after a majority of the British people voted to leave. It looks as though Boris Johnson may be the favorite to replace her, and you can expect the mainstream media outlets to do all within their power to prevent that outcome. They don’t appreciate leaders that don’t stick to the approved narrative, and Bo Jo, as he’s known, doesn’t.

It’s hard not to feel a twinge of sadness this Memorial Day weekend. When you think of the sacrifices of those who’ve lost limbs and lives and the families that suffered the effects of lost loved ones, fathers, husbands, brothers and sisters, you have to be a little melancholy with the current state of our nation in mind.

They weren’t fighting, suffering desperate hardships and dying for a man’s right to claim he’s a woman and have the government demand we all agree. They didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice so a corrupt media could deceive the American population while framing a duly elected President for crimes that were in fact committed by a Deep State cabal. They didn’t give their lives for open borders, abortion on demand, gay “marriage” or trans-gender bathrooms.

You wonder if the fallen would have followed orders selflessly if they’d known what kind of judicial tyranny was in the offing, where any circuit judge anywhere in the U. S. could invoke a nation-wide “stay” on Constitutionally sound policies. They couldn’t have imagined a nation that turned proud, beautiful cities into squatter’s camps with needles and feces all over areas frequented by the public. The overriding plan has been to resist, accuse, incite and ultimately impeach a President they’ve accused of every high crime and malintent imaginable. They’ve followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to the letter, accusing others of crimes they themselves were in fact committing.

It’s beginning to look as though the media is a lost cause. The nation’s leading outlets of information are apparently sworn to an outcome and are prepared to deflect, deceive and employ every sleight of hand to achieve their common goal. It’s starting to get interesting as the internal activities of the Deep State begin to be declassified, which the President just ordered. Up to this point we, the people, have been kept in the dark on the premise that the truth is simply too sensitive for our consumption. And the mainstream media howls, “Witch hunt!” as if with one voice. Odd how the mainstream media speaks with “one voice,” parroting the same terms and talking points, always disdainful of President Trump and any who dare support his policies.

It’s not just the President they hate. It’s us. How dare we love our country as it was founded? How dare we recoil from their socialist, gay, global-warming group-think? They’ll show us! They’ll run the elected President out of office and then use governmental powers and corrupt agencies to get control of recalcitrant citizens who believe in God and love our country.

We’d love for the truth to see the light of day. Even more, we’ll love to see the network anchors choke on it. Nothing is a sure thing in this environment. All but the power of the Presidency and possibly half of the Supreme Court are determined to complete the Obama transformation, which will mean the collapse of the world’s last hope. Prayers have been offered. Answers have been forthcoming, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot. We pray that the hand of God will once again reach out and salvage the undeserved blessings He ordained for our nation, and by extension, the world.

Mark Armstrong