Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 20 September 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

            Ahh.  There’s nothing quite like the sound of chanting schoolchildren first thing in the morning.  The poor little darlings have been brainwashed from all directions.  Their teachers have beaten fear and anger into their impressionable minds.  We’ve had Swedish children lecturing Congress this week, who hardly see the point of education or preparation for any future endeavor because we selfish adults are destroying the planet along with these poor kids’ futures.  Anyhow, that’s how the scam is framed.   

            Apparently nearly every institution of lower education on earth decided to cancel classes on the same day so the little urchins could collectively shame the world into giving ourselves over to communism.  We should feel appropriately guilty having used electricity, maybe even operated a motor vehicle or sin of all environmental sins, consumed meat.   

            Has the global warming scam not been exposed, repeatedly?  Of course it has!  Check out the East Anglia scandal.  The revered scientists who the UN used to pressure nations around the world into “taking action to combat climate change,” were caught red handed in communications between themselves phonying up data in their attempt to shame us all into belief in MAN MADE global warming.  It has to be MAN MADE, or they wouldn’t have any excuse for demanding all manner of authority over our lives.  When you’ve got a minute, please look up “East Anglia scandal.”   

            But wait.  Mainstream media outlets admit that it rocked the climate science world, but the real scandal was that somebody “hacked” the scientists’ e-mails. And some were “cherry picked” to smear them. Well, that’s a shame.  But they were still working amongst themselves to phony up historical temperature records, and they admitted as much internally!  A search shows that massive damage control has been underway by the mainstream to smear the “climate deniers” who wrecked their day. Never fear.  They’ve had eight (count them, eight) committees  to vouch for the embarrassed Phil Jones and his co-conspirators.  They simply couldn’t stand by and let one of the primary religious doctrines be exposed. 

            The search results have been queered (if you’ll pardon the expression), and so has the Wikipedia explanation.  But that’s the technological world of deceit we live in. “It was a diabolical plot to deny climate change!” they claim.  Well, there’s another fatal blow to the phony “climate science,” this one recent. Michael Mann, a living legend in the climate science world, just got his posterior handed to him by a Canadian court. He thought it would be a good idea to sue Dr. Timothy Ball six years ago when Ball called his “hockey stick” temperature graph “fraudulent.”  When Mann was ordered to turn over his climate data to the court for explanation, he refused!  His case against Dr. Ball was dismissed and Mann ordered to pay all the accrued legal expenses over the six years this case took to get before a judge.  They’ll be working overtime to bamboozle us on this one too.  But for now they’re getting all the school children to “protest” and chant.  Poor little useful idiots.  It’s not their fault.  If they don’t commit suicide in the mean time, hopefully they’ll grow up to realize how they’ve been used to promote the overthrow of Western civilization in favor of Communist dictators who ban, confiscate and issue universal edicts to stamp out freedom of thought and speech.  Enjoy the chants.   

            And one more thing.  If they truly believe in their own nonsense, how come Obama just spent $12 million on a waterfront mansion in the Hamptons?  That thing would be swallowed up by the rise in the oceans they claim we must believe in.  So, the Obamas obviously don’t believe a word of it.

            All week, the mainstream media has salivated over the latest manufactured Trump scandal.  The  flagship papers and TV networks have gone wall to wall all week.  They’ve really got him this time!  It’s another wild goose chase in the non-stop mission to rid the White House of their nemesis who stole the presidency from their chosen one. Maybe the best exchange was when Rudy Giuliani told off the arrogant and impudent Chris Cuomo last night.  It’s priceless.  Chris dared Rudy to insult him to his face, reminiscent of the episode a week or two ago when Chris wanted to fight the guy who dared call him Fredo. Rudy can take him verbally, and quite possibly physically.  That’s a pay per view we’d like to see!  But Mr. Giuliani definitely destroyed the cocky little anchor man last night, and called him the corrupt fraud he is.  It’s about time somebody told Cuomo off publicly.  Thank you Rudy. 

            We thought it was pretty fishy when the American Airlines mechanic intentionally sabotaged a flight containing 150 passengers just because he wanted  a little overtime.  It turns out this guy has trafficked in the most gruesome ISIS videos featuring torture and murder.  Thankfully, he’s been denied bail after pleading not guilty.  But it does make us wonder.  How many other Islamists are working as airline mechanics for American, or for that matter, any airline?  It almost makes you want to avoid the airlines. 

            Israeli elections are still not sorted out, but reports indicate that Netanyahu’s time has expired.  We’ll see, but there is no chance that the relationship with the United States, or posture toward Jew-hating enemies will change regardless. 

            Iran is threatening world war if there is any retaliation for the attacks on Saudi oil facilities that knocked out half of Saudi production and 5% of the world supply.  Many an ominous report has raised the expectation that President Trump would do something rash, but he hasn’t.  For now, he’s stiffening economic sanctions that are already having a crippling effect.   

            We live in a world brimming with propaganda designed to destroy the Western way of life.  We can only hope that sufficient numbers are already well enough informed to see through the deception.  But it’s going to get worse.  We’ll have to wait to see how that’s possible. 

Mark Armstrong