Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 20 November 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

If there’s one thing everybody knows it is that, “The numbers don’t lie!”  Nearly every news station is carrying numbers on screen throughout the day and night.  Every radio news-break warns that we’re drowning in the virus.  They’ve doubled down on every superlative in the English language, and it’s beginning to get a little repetitious.  Not only that, the numbers coming out of the CDC show that only a fraction of the deaths constantly reported on the news are exclusively attributed to the virus.  But if some want to take the network reporters’ word for it, they’re welcome to do that.

We’ve got another situation brewing, and as you well know it will affect the futures of all our children and grandchildren.  Government officials and news anchors alike have seen that the emotion of fear has been utilized to maximum effect.  Their demands have been accepted and obeyed by millions, even those losing their livelihoods due to edicts that are flaunted by those handing them out.

It’s a little astonishing that Americans who love freedom would be prepared to relinquish it at the drop of a hat over the word of those who’ve made a career of lying to us.  When you consider the fact that so many have died fighting for the rare blessings of freedom, the respect and debt we owe to those who came before, it becomes a little emotional.

You can look forward to these updates being dialed back somewhat.  Our beliefs and doctrines certainly don’t hinge on my attitude, which has admittedly become somewhat jaundiced.  But it does get a little tiresome, having a lot of tripe jammed down the throats of us all.  We seem to be well down the road from a situation where the “truth has fallen in the streets.”  None plead for justice, surely not from any mainstream networks or social media titans.  When you look at the priorities of those promoting fear, it feels a lot like they intend to rule over what we can and can’t know, and what we will or won’t do.

If the tech bosses have their way, we’ll now only see what they want us to see.  Everything else will come with a warning or be banned from their platforms.  Any suggestion that the presidential election was anything but honest and airtight is met with punishing action over platforms that were advertised as open for discussion.  But the tech titans apparently believe that it’s their responsibility to decide what’s true and what’s not, and they’ll ride herd over what Americans can read.

My first reaction is to rebel against their authoritarian tendencies, and admittedly the envelope has been pushed.  But the stakes are high.  The idea that foreigners in lavender headgear and too much makeup will not only lecture us, but have their socialist sensibilities forced upon a nation that may well be the last bastion of freedom on earth is a reprehensible thought.  But you’re free to disagree.  We don’t issue edicts, or expect that everyone will react the same.

My Dad founded an organization based on the FREE MORAL AGENCY of the individual.  You’re not held responsible for my attitude, or visa versa.  We’re all responsible individually before God, and that’s how that works.  Having said that, we all want the best for those we love and it surely looks as if everything we value in this human life is about to be lost.  Shutdowns and masks won’t be the end of the demands made upon the American people.  They’re just warming us up.  Will we also curl up in the fetal position when they roll out demands that we all receive a Mark that violates our free will, not to mention God’s Laws?  No doubt it will be promoted as the only assurance of everyone’s health and safety.

Mark Armstrong