Greetings from Tyler,

Are these the best of times, or the worst?  It seems that, for now at least, the foreign policy of the United States is solid.  Iran is still holding the British owned tanker taken hostage in the Straits of Hormuz, though it was engaged in no unlawful activity.  Apparently, that is in retaliation for the Iranian tanker steered by the British into a Gibraltar port where it is still held.  The Iranian tanker was bound for Syria with a load of Iranian crude oil to be refined, in contravention of sanctions that the British helped enforce.  With Britain, until recently virtually leaderless, the situation was bound to remain unresolved.  But now there is Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, and we’ll see how he does.

He’s promised to extricate Britain from the European Union by October 31st “with or without a deal, ”even though he faces stiff opposition internally.  As Nigel Farrage (known as the godfather of Brexit) says, “We’ll see if Boris has the courage to do what needs to be done.”

The EU has a new President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, and with all the double-talk, who knows what will happen?  She was Germany’s Defence Minister since 2013, coincidentally, and rejects Boris’ plans as unworkable while at the same time talking of a “duty to deliver something that is good for the people in Europe and the United Kingdom.”  Theresa May’s “deal” with the EU is seen as dead so presumably they’ll be starting from scratch trying to solve the complex situation that has arisen from Britain getting involved with the EU in the first place.

Here at home, it seems that those who would lead us have shed their masks.  They’re tripping all over each other in a race to see who can be the most extreme.  And there’s not much humour to be found.  These people are outraged, they’re angry, and they’re demanding we give them unimaginable power to overturn the entire economic system.  We are constantly lectured about how things are done in the rest of the world, and how the United States is the only prosperous nation that hasn’t adopted government-run health care or carbon taxes.  Any hesitation is branded as RACIST.  The word has been used to the point of becoming meaningless, but they still utter it at every opportunity.  Let them call all the shots, tax the life out of all patriotic citizens to “make sure” that every third-world gate-crasher lives in the dignified circumstances they deserve or wear the brand of RACIST.

They ceaselessly use the term to describe our President.  He’s presided over the most astounding economic recovery anyone’s ever seen, with some of the lowest unemployment and best jobs numbers on record.  He stood like a statue while they called him a Russian agent, accused him of treason and obstruction of justice.  He could have fired everyone in sight, but he cooperated with their “investigation,” turning over documents and allowing all his advisors and even his attorney to be grilled by “investigators.”  The mainstream media salivated day and night for the “bomb” that would be delivered by the “Mueller Report.”  They raised the expectations of their audiences to the point that they felt confident that Trump would be charged with crimes and removed from office any minute, for two and a half years.  But Mueller, and “his report” (with which he had scant familiarity) was a dud.

Imagine.  They had the ability to spy on all the communications, see all the e-mails, and even had “human sources” inside the Trump campaign and administration.  They leaked to the mainstream like crazy.  It was unbelievable that private phone calls and White House conversations were getting into the media every day, if you’ll remember, and we were all wondering, “How is this possible?”

Though much is in the public domain, nothing is solved.  The mainstream media has yet to either admit or atone for the time wasted or the false impressions they’ve spawned.  They still sneer and smirk through their accusations of bigotry and racism, because that’s all they have left.

They won’t criticize him for signing on to one of the biggest most wasteful deficit-spending budgets ever contemplated because they support ever-increasing government spending.  As Mark Levin said recently, “This is the most selfish generation in history, one that doesn’t mind enslaving their own kids and grandkids to prove how much they CARE about third world hordes, and of course ‘saving the planet.’”  They’ve been calling for big-government-action for as long as we can remember, pretending they will affect weather patterns if only they could ban and mandate at will.  Two of these nameless goofballs who think they ought to have the opportunity to be president actually said, “It’s too late already, and “it’s time to get our people to higher ground.”  If they can just screech loud enough or gesticulate wildly enough or hold their mouths just right, surely, we’ll be won over.

We better hope the economy continues to outperform expectations, because the debt being laden upon “the CHILDREN” is way out of hand.  And socialists were supposed to be all about “the CHILDREN.”  Or maybe it’s just about the children being brought as a guaranteed release ticket for illegal aliens.  We are being replaced.  Our children will find themselves buried in debt and most likely in the minority the way things are going.

This could go on with the indoctrination to which we and our kids are subjected, about the control of information by social media and the mainstream press.  The seeds of destruction for the last bastion of freedom on earth have been sown.  But the wealthy and powerful of the world are meeting in Italy, having arrived on over 100 private jets and mega-yachts, drunk on the idea that they can manage the “climate” if they can enslave us under some globalist system and force us to comply.

We’re not going to comply, take that to the bank.  We’re not going to be intimidated no matter how loud their screeching or how big they wave their arms.  But their strategy is clear.  They’re going to accuse any and all who don’t go along that we’re “destroying the planet.”  What could be worse than that?  What more noble campaign can they wage?  We knew that perilous times were coming.  We’re finding out how smug the authors of destruction can be.  The only question is whether we’ll cave to the godless world they have in store.

Mark Armstrong