Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 19 June 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

We can only hope the looting and the burning is over, though we know otherwise.  The media personalities are losing their minds over the prospect of life ever returning to normal.  They’re reporting new “spikes” in virus cases everywhere that has dared return to something approaching normal life.  Little doctors are basking in their new-found fame, apparently expecting we’ll find them to be of superior intellect and hang on their every word.  Trouble is, they keep changing their minds about things that affect everybody, and just laugh it off.  Aren’t they cute!  Maybe the “shutdown” wasn’t necessary after all, ha ha ha.

Tearing down every memorial of Robert E. Lee wasn’t satisfactory to the mob or the media.  They’re getting much greater satisfaction now that they’ve toppled George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Christopher Columbus.  One statue nearly killed a “protester,” cracking his head wide open and making him convulse in front of everybody.  Guess he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But it looks like the mob has gained tremendous strength, and few if any stand in their way.

Corporations donate to these anti-American entities.  The media runs interference, constantly excusing their actions while hiding the true extent of it.  All the alphabet agencies and the Pentagon are populated by activists who are sworn to uphold the Obama legacy, and add to it.  They’ve thrown everything imaginable at President Trump, sure that one thing or another would drive him from office.  But their best, nefarious efforts have failed to remove him from the Presidency.  Now they’re siding with the mob, preaching that America is inherently racist.  If you think you’re not, it’s just further proof of how racist you are.  That’s what passes as news!

Meanwhile the mob is threatening nearly every city from coast to coast.  The celebrities are posting videos and messages all over social media, hoping they’ll escape the wrath that threatens all society.  They’re begging forgiveness, and “taking responsibility” for things they had nothing to do with, in the hopes that the mob will find other targets and pass them by.

The NFL, NASCAR, the NBA and the PGA have all taken a symbolic knee.  They’ve bowed down to the accusation of racism, and they’ve prostrated themselves before the dreaded virus.  Who dares not bend a knee to their developing, new religion.  Everybody’s scared to death that they’ll be bankrupted or burned out if they don’t acquiesce to every new demand.

Mayors are begging the Texas Governor, Gregg Abbot, for the authority to arrest, fine or jail people who refuse to wear a mask in public, but so far, he’s not given them that power.  But they have figured out the perfect solution.  Maybe they can’t jail individuals who refuse to comply with their every whim, but they can come down on businesses!  So, they’ll apparently fine every business one thousand dollars for every infraction of allowing somebody on their premises without a mask, or who is refusing to follow “social distancing guidelines.”  Oh, that’ll be good.  Like businesses haven’t already had a near-death experience with the “shutdown.”  California has issued a statewide demand that everyone wear masks in public.  The criminals must love it.

Now you can’t even go to the VA hospital for a routine checkup without wearing a mask.  Apparently, you can’t fly.  They’ll kick you off an airplane if your mask is not securely in place.  That is, after the TSA has groped you mercilessly, making sure there’s no bomb in your underwear.  They’re just doing their “job” after all.

Houston, we’ve got a problem.  Some of us might not submit to every whim some local yokel dreams up.  We knew they’d try to bend us to go along with their “mandates.”  But we didn’t realize they’d use the “public health and safety” to enslave us.  No, this is but a trial run for what they (the media, Black Lives Matter, the corporations and the government agencies) and the anarchists have in store.

If black lives matter, why is there no outcry over the hundreds who’ve been shot or killed by each other in nearly every metropolis?  They’ve canceled Cops and Live PD.  Not because the police are misbehaving, but more likely because they don’t want us to see who is committing most of the crime and how they behave when confronted.  What else are they going to cancel?  The First Forty Eight?  20/20?  Snapped?  Lieutenant Joe Kenda?  Where does it stop?  There are probably at least a dozen other “reality” shows that chronicle investigations of murder, kidnap, arson.  Are they going to cancel them too?  Is Perry Mason still OK?

It’s pretty disheartening watching everyone take a knee.  They’ll have to break our legs.  And they just might.  Try to think about something else.  It’s the Sabbath.

Mark Armstrong