Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News review – 18 December 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

Has the United States not gone to WAR, sent battle groups, ships and airplanes, not to mention America’s sons and daughters, to keep foreign nations from falling under the communistic or murderous intentions of their tormentors? Ever heard of Iraq? How about Korea or Viet Nam? Did the U. S. not deploy all manner of weaponry and troops to avoid having others, halfway around the world, come under the DOMINION of communists, terrorists or dictatorial autocrats? Did you ever consider the definition of that word in all caps? It’s the name of the company that supplied the technical apparatus used to “tabulate” the results of the contested election.

Communism has always been a hateful ideology as far as most Americans are concerned. But suddenly, in the wake of a glaringly corrupt election, we’re supposed to accept whatever the ‘experts’ say to the mainstream media? Much of the land of the formerly free is under LOCKDOWN. These governors are not fooling around. They’ll send law enforcement to shut down any business whose owners think they have some Constitutional right or other. Cuomo, Brylcream, and Whitmer, among others, have determined that the only safe place to be is at home, where the news will brainwash you with fear.

In New York, Governor Cuomo has threatened to shut down synagogues, “once and for all” for having disobeyed him. Please don’t notice that two weeks has elapsed, and now it’s been ten months. If you’re not out of business just yet, maybe another four to six months will do it. That’s what Bill Gates says anyway. Apparently, he’s the “expert” nobody dares argue with. The news tells you 1000 times a day you should be frightened half to death by Covid 19. It’s killing thousands a day, they tell us. Better not visit with family, or venture out to eat! Dr. Fao Chi will not be amused!

What they will not report is how the dreaded Wu Flu has wiped out the death statistics from every other known cause. No one dies of a heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding. Nope. Those have all been eradicated. If somebody dies, it must have been the new cause of all suffering and death. Did no one ever tell these vain officials about the American Constitution? Who do they think they are, issuing “orders” for which they have limited authority?

There are some just judges remaining on the job. Lawsuits take time. Governors can exercise considerable muscle immediately, assuming they have the cooperation of law enforcement. But getting governor’s “better judgment” overturned in a court of law isn’t an immediate proposition. A judge in San Diego did slap down the tyrannical Gavin Newsome (aka governor Brylcream) this week. It turns out that dining establishments can open after all! Brylcream probably can’t get to sleep over this one! He’ll have a hard time getting over the fact that his word is not necessarily law.

The dreaded virus was the mechanism (and excuse) used to overthrow the United States of America, with all the “lock-downs” and hastily approved rules for “absentee voting.” It’s been described as “death by a thousand cuts.” It appears as though every conceivable method of cheating was employed under the logic that, even if some irregularities were exposed, they wouldn’t have been sufficient to “overturn the results,” and therefore no courts are interested. Never mind that the Communist Chinese seem to have helped elect someone whom they might very well OWN. If you read up, you’ll find that they’ve got a major stake in the companies that own and operate tech systems that have been used to decide who the next president will be.

We’ve found out that most of the shenanigans were courtesy of judges, governors, secretaries of state and rule-making entities other than state legislatures, none of which are authorized to change the law without legislative action. That’s what the Constitution says, but so far, no court seems concerned. Not even the Supreme Court, which refused to take any evidence into account. In fact, NO COURT is interested in VIDEO PROOF, or eyewitness testimony, or the hundreds and hundreds of legal affidavits on file.

Overnight, we’ve learned that the United States has come under a massive cyber-attack, and even that our nuclear protocol has been intercepted. By whom? What, if any, will be the response? President Trump has been mighty quiet lately. CNN has a spy in the White House that claims he’s raging and throwing temper tantrums “about having to leave.” If he’s throwing a fit, he’s not the only one. Maybe it’s nothing to do with “having to leave.”

How corrupt is the government? Are judges in on the corruption? How deep is the Deep State? Is there no floor to the swamp? Will President Trump have any allies in government agencies if he should determine to fight? Or will he just quietly get into a limousine and leave America to it’s Chinese captors? Here’s hoping and praying for national redemption. Otherwise, we’ll be in captivity.

Mark Armstrong