Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 16 October 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

The good news is that we observed the Feast of Tabernacles at all planned locations, save California, which apparently is still in “lockdown,” per the all-knowing governor’s orders.  Services were still held on the Holy Days at an undisclosed location.  Not many churches are claiming Constitutional protection, thinking it safer to cooperate with the local “authorities,” lest preachers be hauled away in handcuffs.  We don’t want to sue or see anyone arrested, but we will obey the mandates from on High long before some governor, drunk on his own “authority.”  These vain dictators never wielded this kind of power before, but they’re clearly enjoying telling everyone what they can and can’t do.  Constitution?  What Constitution!

Incredible news broke this week which suggests the foreign policy interests of the United States have been sold for a relative pittance, in relation to the actual stakes at hand.  Not once, but several times.  That is, unless all the documents and photographic evidence are false.  The social media giants have gone full 1984 this week, behaving now as the “Ministry of Truth.”  They’ll decide what’s true or false.  Their subscribers are simply not qualified to make such judgments and must be protected from all information that disputes the carefully crafted narrative that all mainstream media outlets embrace.  Geeks peering through thick lenses, having worked hand in glove with the most woke of politicians, have determined that their narrative must be protected from any and all information that might undermine what they’ve decided we must believe.

It’s not just the twits at Twitter or the self-righteous frauds at Facebook.  The big three on-air networks have paid zero attention to the bombshell news, backed up by voluminous (we’re talking tens of thousands) e-mail communications and documents.  No, this stuff might be made up to do damage their darling just weeks away from the most important election in history.  No way the mainstream networks or tech titans can allow distribution of information that might not be accurate! But according to Tucker Carlson on his Friday night Fox show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, it is beyond question that the computer handed in for a repair at a Delaware computer shop and it’s contents – all the emails, photos and other documents belong to Hunter Biden. No Russian mis information or election interference at all. Zero. This was a purely “own goal” by junior Biden.

Maybe they think we forgot about the misery they drowned us in with their Russian Collusion nonsense.  How many years have we suffered false “information” from the news media and the tech geeks?  They pumped it out 24/7, making certain no one on planet earth could avoid their non-stop crusade to convince us all that our President was a puppet of the Russians.  They purportedly had him black-mailed and all policy decisions were crafted on the basis of what was good for Russia!  Russia!  Russia!  After years of investigations by some of the most dedicated political types imaginable, the only thing they came up with was egg on their faces.  But the bad actors still appear on friendly outlets to demand that their accusations were accurate.  They don’t get their accounts frozen for sliming the United States or the President.  That’s approved for distribution, true or otherwise.  Mostly otherwise.

You can’t even watch the news anymore.  The mainstream media, as if with one voice, has determined that the time to panic is NOW.  The pandemic is setting records, they tell us every day.  There’s a new outbreak!  There are “clusters!”  More people are infected than ever before, and you better OBEY and fall in line before we’re all dead!

It has to be the height of irony that the very organizations that first told us masks were useless (like trying to stop a mosquito from flying through a chain-link fence), then demanded mask mandates, are busy clarifying their positions.  This week a CDC official insisted the agency had never suggested that masks provide any protection to one wearing the mask.  The mask you are wearing only provides a modicum of protection to others if you are sick!  That’ll be news to the masked population.  Another shocking bit of news that somehow slipped through the media cracks is that 85% of all who got infected wore masks nearly all the time.  Whether that information been cleared by the mainstream Ministry of Truth, we’ll have to see.  It would seem to indicate that masks aren’t much (if any) help, and you know they won’t let that stand.

We’re going to come under more pressure in the weeks and months ahead.  In addition to the mandates and regulations handed down so far by state “authorities,” there will be calls for a vaccination “MANDATE.”  The vaccine debate has already proven to be one of the most emotional subjects in play.  Those who believe in their effectiveness are utterly dismissive of those who believe they’ll make you sick, and visa versa.  You think the disagreements so far have been heated?  Just wait ’till a vaccine against the dreaded COVID-19 comes available.  The gloves will really come off.

When you consider the recent past, and the fact that every good and decent tradition known to man was being subjugated to the dictates of political correctness, it seemed that EVIL had won.  The miracle of Western freedom would be squelched for the “greater good” of all mankind.  The hard-earned wealth of freedom would be redistributed around the world in the name of equality and fairness.  It just wasn’t FAIR that free people had prospered, while those under socialist/communist systems went hungry in their poverty.  The only FAIR thing to do was “level the playing field.”  In other words, make the West poor in the name of equality.  The justification was that we’re all a bunch of racists anyway, and the whole prosperous West deserved to be destroyed in retribution.

We’re not facing an election.  We’re facing a revolution!  The media, the large corporations, even the sports franchises have determined that we’re all a bunch of racists in a racist “system,” and that we can either admit they’re right or face the consequences.  They’ve taken off their masks.  Those of us who are swimming upstream must be banished from society so they can build a new system based on fairness, equality and all the other balderdash of political correctness.  It’s Marxist philosophy, it’s not new.  This is merely the latest invocation of the nonsense of the ’60s and the ’90s.  But this time they’ve got their ducks in a row with the media, entertainment and corporate giants all preaching from the same manifesto.

It took a miracle to save the Western world from what would have been a death-blow the last time around.  We’re going to need another one unless every bit of blight imaginable is to dictate the futures of those we love.  On the other hand, we might just slide into a modern French Revolution.  It may be our last chance to take a stand against a totalitarian future.  May God’s Will be done.

Mark Armstrong