Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 15 November 2019

Greetings from Tyler, 

            As a follow up to last week’s Update on how the some media outlets can’t even tell you how cold it is without a reminder that global warming is the culprit, you may be surprised to learn that, “The Earth is our common home.”  We’ve never heard it put quite that way.  But there’s a reason for that.  This is papal language, and the pope is working on a plan to introduce “ecological sin” into church doctrine.  He’s actually seen fit to add to the Biblical beatitudes, “Blessed are those who protect and care for our common home.”       Wasn’t there something about adding to, or editing out God’s Word?

            The pontiff also calls the death penalty, “an attack on the inviolability and dignity of the person,”  and added that the “church” is dedicated “with determination for its abolition worldwide.”  Maybe somebody should tell him to take it up with God.  Maybe somebody should let him know that some human beings have committed acts that require the death penalty, even if some (like him) are determined to signal superior virtue.  Little twerp thinks he’s better than God.  Why, he even stoops to carry his own luggage!  This, along with great empathy for queerdom, is apparently what he intends to be his legacy.  In a Reuters report released today, the pope does what most know never to do.  He equates those who “rage against homosexuality” to Hitler, and somehow ties that to anti-Semitism as if there is some connection.  And he’s a Biblical scholar?  We’re wondering if he missed some scriptures!           

            Don’t look now, but the stage is being set for GLOBAL standards.  Our media and the big corporations that use the media to advertise their goods and services have capitulated.  Nobody had better be critical of the fact that they’ve all rolled over for every doctrine of this evolving religion they’re concocting, because there will be consequences! Wouldn’t the pontiff’s church love to be the arbiter of all activities on earth?  Some in media call the papacy the most powerful office on earth, which it’s not at the present time, and we’d better hope it never fits that description. 

            It seems we’re all guilty of another disaster.  Exceptionally high tide has inundated Venice, Italy.    People are up to their knees in the streets, and extreme damage has been done to “ground level” homes and shops.  You could have guessed that the mayor would blame “global warming,” because it seems everything that happens anywhere on earth is the fault of Western civilization.  Having experienced some terrible storms and floods that have occurred much closer to home (Houston comes to mind) it’s impossible to see the pictures coming out of Venice without feeling sorry for those who are facing days or weeks of clean-up in addition to major financial trauma.  Our prayers go out for them.  But we want no part of, “the fight against global warming,” or the list of “solutions” that would wreck civilization worldwide. 

            We are well aware that Facebook, Google and other big players in the social media field have done much to abolish the very concept of privacy.  Everything about everything and everybody apparently needs to be on the internet, where the digital giants can “control” the information and of course protect it.  The latest is that Google has branched into the health-care domain with their Nightingale Project.  They’re going to come up with new cures and treatments galore.  But the upshot is that tens of millions will have their medical histories uploaded to Google archives.  Can you think of any bank or retailer that has not suffered a major data breach?  Apparently the medical records of tens of millions of Americans will be, or already have been swept up for Google’s use.  That’s reassuring.   

            Not that you can find it in mainstream news reporting, but things have heated up once again between Gaza and Israel.  Uncontrollable rockets are once again being fired indiscriminately toward Israel, and Israel is responding with targeted air-strikes.  It’s a familiar story, but one that goes on seemingly indefinitely.  There have been articles that imagine the prospect of all-out war with Iran’s proxies, ranging from Gaza to Lebanon and Syria and Iran itself.  If such a conflict does materialize, you have to wonder who’s side the media will be on.  If Donald Trump backs Israel (which he does, and he will), the answer becomes obvious. 

            And that brings us to the elephant in the room.  The ongoing impeachment follies are now publicly broadcast for all to see.  Wednesday we saw two witnesses, senior diplomats to Ukraine, one a State Department official.  When asked to reveal evidence of any crime or impeachable offense by the President, both were tongue-tied.  Silence ensued.  Perhaps the most disappointing thing about their appearance was the realization that these smug, pompous individuals are high officials representing the United States.  That’s depressing in and of itself!  But never mind.  Trump has to be brought down and swiftly!  Otherwise the crimes of the deep state (filing fraudulent documents with courts, spying without authorization, leaking false information to media then using the articles they generated to open investigations, for a start)  may be revealed to the general public, and they just can’t let that happen! 

            For the first time since President Ronald Reagan, America has a President who loves his country and puts its citizens first.  That goes completely against the narrative and the policies of the past eight years, and truth be told, many years more.  Nobody, including yours truly, saw one last opportunity to avoid the avalanche of anti-Americanism, of socialist domination sweeping the nation.  The social media giants and the mainstream networks aren’t about to give up their attempt to control information, to hide truth that doesn’t fit, and apparently neither are their advertising clients.  But there may be more of us that love freedom of speech, freedom of association and all the other Constitutionally guaranteed rights to which we’ve grown accustomed, than they’d care to admit.  My Dad preached his belief that our Constitution was a Divinely inspired document, and that freedom was established among the descendants of ancient Israel according to God’s Will and His plan.  Those who seek to destroy it are making a big mistake.     

Mark Armstrong