Greetings from Tyler,

            We left off last week with Trump departing to Singapore for the North Korean summit before the world’s economic leaders turned their attention to issues of climate and gender.  That, apparently was a slap in the face to the collection of “globalist” socialists who represent nations with the largest economies. Canada’s Trudeau angered the President’s advisors with a press conference held upon Trump’s departure. After making nice in meetings and photo sessions with the President, he went public with claims of Canada having been insulted by the President’s posture and boasted that he wouldn’t be “pushed around.” 

            Historic events are unfolding at a pace that most can’t possibly keep up with.  If you think there’s been dramatic progress with North Korea, you’re either not reading the mainstream press or you’ve dismissed their predictable reactions to everything to do with President Trump.  Whatever agreement was reached with Kim Jong-un amounts to “a flimsy piece of paper” according to a mainstream flagship publication.  It roundly condemns Trump, claims he got nothing and Kim got everything he wanted. 

            Kim won, that’s how they see it.  He got notoriety and legitimacy, while Trump left the “human rights” issue out of the equation.  He didn’t just overlook the issue, he lavished praise on Kim.  He called him smart, worthy, and honorable, in spite of the brutal treatment Kim’s regime visits upon his own people.  Then he saluted a Korean military officer.  “What was he thinking?”  He made remarks  about the love and fervor North Koreans have for their leader, and mainstream analysts wonder aloud whether he may want to employ dictatorial measures here, if for no reason other than to get the kind of adulation Kim enjoys.  That’s the mainstream take.  For the record, Kim Jong-un did sign a joint declaration that included “commitment to work toward complete de-nuclearization of the Korean peninsula.”  If that promise is no good, we’ll know soon enough.

            Angela Merkel is holding crisis meetings, trying to avoid the collapse of her recently formed government.  The Bavarian leader wants the ability to refuse entry to at least some of the throngs of African and Middle Eastern immigrants entering Germany through his district.  But Merkel says no, there must be no actual limits.  Reports on the matter note that the number flooding in has “decreased sharply.” Only 64,000 came in the month of April, so why would interior Minister Seehofer risk collapsing Merkel’s coalition government?  Extrapolate April’s figure with much higher ones for preceding months, add it to the million that were admitted two years ago, and you might be a racist.

            The report everyone’s been waiting on (or a fraction of it), came out yesterday.  It will be a while before the nuances contained in 500 pages are sorted out. But here’s the crux of it.  The investigators loved Hillary and hate Trump. Their many internal communications prove that fact beyond all doubt.  The lead investigator in both the e-mail case and the Russia collusion fiasco promised Trump would never be president saying, “We’ll stop it.”  Maybe you’ve heard, the word retard as a noun is one of hundreds that the politically correct elite have declared banned from utterance.  Yet these fine professionals at the world’s premier law enforcement agency called all Trump supporters exactly that.  But that’s not all.  They’re lower middle-class, undereducated morons, and Trump himself is an idiot.  It was going to be President Hillary, and that was all there was to it.  Full stop.

            As you read what they said, it’s clear that their hatred of Trump and any who would support him was all consuming. There are plenty of passages that would lead the casual observer to conclude that indeed they were ready, able and willing to use any and all official powers at their disposal.  The report also proves that top law enforcement officials (at least a dozen) were accepting gifts of tickets to sporting events, golf outings and invites to private gatherings from reporters.  Who would have guessed the mainstream media must have had a cozy relationship with law enforcement people in the business of bringing down the President?  Funny how they had “breaking news” of the most sinister sort just before air time, night after night for over a year.  Nobody is named.  Not the reporters, media organizations or law enforcement agents.  But it might be interesting to know, someday, just exactly how all these coincidences managed to create over a year’s worth of fake news.

            They’re not through.  It’s beginning to look as though they’ll never be through.  Nobody in the mainstream ever concedes a point, no matter how valid or well stated.  They shake their heads in disgust, squint suspiciously or simply talk over anything they don’t want viewers to hear.  No, deception is at full throttle, along with deflection.

            The latest obfuscation to deflect from thousands of scandalous bombshells contained in the inspector general’s report has been practiced in tandem by numerous outlets (makes you wonder how this always happens). It is, of course, the separation of children from parents who’ve entered the country illegally.  Anchors and reporters are shouting, sometimes on the brink of tears wondering how a civilized nation like the U. S. could commit such barbaric acts.  The argument that American criminals remanded to detention of whatever kind are always separated from any children they may have, and that’s a fact gets nowhere.  Do you think for a minute that an obvious comparison like that would get acknowledgement from an anchorman from the most trusted name in news?  Not a chance. How about, “This is the law as passed by Congress, and unless or until it’s changed it will be enforced.”  No dice. 

            Jeff Sessions (recused attorney general) made the mistake of invoking the Bible in regard to observance of the law.  What a firestorm that lit.  Suddenly people who hate God’s Word, reject everything to do with people of faith were snatching quotes that suited them right and left (completely out of context), and reading them aloud with the hint of a lisp.  It’s pretty hard to take.  Obvious deception is always pretty hard to take, and it is now the norm.  It’s universal throughout the mainstream media, academia, and nearly every big corporation.  They’re not ever going to stop the campaign to deceive those who don’t know any better. At the same time, that’s what they accuse their opponents of.  Playing to the ignorant with emotion and outrage, trotting out every compromised expert hack to deceive.  It will be a fact of our existence until God straightens it out. This era of world events, in all its complexity, is without doubt one of the most exasperating ever. 

Mark Armstrong