Greetings from Tyler,

Since everybody’s been locked down and masked in public, how come they’re still reporting records? Every news break is Covid ad nauseum. There have been records right along for months. Some of the “surges” are coming out of the most stringent of locations, places where hair salons get raided by health officials. Consider yourself spared from further elaboration.

It’s hard to imagine, that while it has been pointed out, it is apparently of no importance. It says right on the side of the surgical mask box that the enclosed is not effective against viruses. Maybe that’s why large numbers of Americans, soon to be targeted in a myriad of ways, are skeptical as to whether the mandates are a trial exercise of unlawful power. But the authoritarian fear exercise has certainly been effective. Who do you think you are, if you dare to question what the establishment-backed media has declared? That’s not allowed!

To hear the media tell it, Trump has acknowledged that he lost the election, and was responsible for the fracas at the Capitol. Notice, no quotes are included, just emphatic declarations that best not be trifled with, lest one be declared guilty of all manner of malignant intentions. One of the most “brilliant” to be found near the bottom of the swamp, went on TV and declared that when the President says, “peaceful and patriotic,” it’s a “dog-whistle” to commence violence. Yeah, that’s it.

The media is demanding that all support for Trump cease at once, lest all “dangerous offenders” be hunted down and canceled from doing business or communicating. You’ll believe and parrot what they’re selling, or they’re going to silence you forcibly. Apparently, the moguls of social media, and the owners of “clouds” and servers have had enough. No longer will one question or opine that there may have been any, shall we say, irregularities. To do so would mean getting on somebody’s “list.” Anyone who did business with anything to do with the falsely accused is getting one last chance to recant. Otherwise, it won’t be pretty.

We’re about to have our first “virtual inauguration.” Probably deep concern over Covid demands it, and besides… How long do you give the “big guy” in office? Stand by for some obscene cackling at 1600. But then there is this undercurrent that supposes law enforcement actions are taking place, and have been taking place. Many have this expectation that President Trump surely would not leave the tens of millions who supported him, and the country we once knew, hung out as easy targets for the misfits. But that’s how it looks, one week before the virtual inauguration.

Why on earth is it necessary to add another insult to mortal defeat by questionable means? Rush says they’re scared to death of him. Why not? Have there not been obvious, on the record infractions for all to see? All but the mainstream, that is. Every bombshell that blew was just another chapter in some wild-eyed conspiracy theory as far as they were concerned. They snorted and smirked that everything that destroyed their narrative was somehow Russian disinformation, and they were wise to it. Surely their audience understood completely.

The canceling is underway. It seems that some of these outfits don’t care about their bottom line, even those with shareholders. No one knows what’s true anymore. Trying to find out can get you in a lot of trouble. They’re getting with the program, carrying out a purge. They’ll decide what people hear, what they believe, and dissent will be something our kids learn about… on second thought, strike that. The idea that there ever was dissent will be banished from memory. Maybe they’ll get the word removed from the dictionary. It’s not such a stretch anymore.

Our parents could never have imagined the world in which we live. If it weren’t playing out in living color, we wouldn’t believe it either. Maybe the mandates and the enforced mask-wearing aren’t the scourge described in the book of Revelation. But we’ve entered a version of, “No man may buy or sell…” and it’s being applied to masks and vaccines. If you refuse to SUBMIT, you can’t come in. You can’t shop here. You’re banned from sharing your thoughts or experiences. Maybe it’s OK to just do what you’re told, you know, because we’ve got necessities. Then again, maybe it’s a bad habit to acquire as the world moves toward total subjugation of unapproved thought. There’s only one solution now and it’s nowhere to be found, on earth.

Mark Armstrong