Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 14 June 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

Iran did it!  You must know of the two tankers attacked (apparently with mines) and burning this week near the Straits of Hormuz.  Video has been release showing an Iranian boat retrieving an unexploded mine from the hull of one of the tankers.  Apparently they thought that they’d get away with retrieving and hiding evidence if they performed the maneuver in the dead of night.  They were wrong.

Who knows what the next move will be?  The ayatollah is lying like Baghdad Bob, accusing the U. S. of the attacks in an effort to ramp up tensions.  But that’s idiotic.  It shows absolute desperation on the part of Iran, suffering mightily from U. S. enforced international sanctions and a crumbling economy.  It’s highly doubtful that Iranian television showed the night-scope images of their own craft retrieving evidence.  Nevertheless, war with Iran is next to unthinkable.  The hope is that the Iranian people will at some point rise up to oust the oppressive Islamic theocratic regime and rid the region of the foremost sponsor of terrorists.  But that may be too much to hope for.

The mainstream media once again tore its hair and rent its garments in fake outrage at the President’s comments in his interview on ABC this week.  He said he thought he would “listen” if a foreign national offered information on a political rival, and call the F. B. I. if he thought something was “wrong.”  That kicked off a meltdown that is still be in progress.

The mainstream apparently didn’t realize they’d been set up, taken the bait and made fools of themselves once again.  The President said, “I think I’d listen,” and the “experts” went stark staring mad with accusations of “treason” and “election interference by foreign actors” without the slightest hint of irony about what HRC, Obama, the CIA, the State Department and F. B. I. actually did in their attempted coup which should by now be public knowledge, but isn’t.

Getting all the “experts” to call the hypothetical circumstance to which Trump responded “treason,” with all the phony outrage they could muster is going to come back to haunt them.  Soon.  The President ran circles around the pious navel gazers once again, and they have yet to notice.  It is interesting that both CNN and MSNBC have lost nearly a third of their audience since the Mueller report found no Russian “collusion” by Trump or anyone in his campaign.  It can’t happen to a more deserving bunch of hacks, masquerading as news reporters.

But they’re not giving up.  Every day brings new examples of social media platforms banning all who cast doubt on the mainstream narrative on a whole range of subjects.  They still have Hollywood, corporate giants, government-run schools and subsidized universities to do their bidding in addition to Fake News.  Maybe they’ll get rid of Trump before a majority of citizens figure out the extent of their scam.  Any bets?

Maybe this wouldn’t be worthy of our attention if the stakes didn’t threaten the very survival of Western civilization and the blessings God ordained for the descendants of Abraham.  We’re expected to turn our backs, not only on God, but the blessings of freedom He has given us.  They demand we join their crusade for a “green” future with an all-powerful government that issues mandates and demands.  And that’s in spite of the fact that they’ve been completely discredited time after time.

The pope doesn’t deny the existence of God, but he’s signed on to global-warming whole-heartedly.  He held some kind of energy summit, purportedly attended by representatives from many of the world’s leading energy companies.  This quote of his is priceless,  “For too long we have collectively failed to listen to the fruits of scientific analysis…” (he’s apparently been listening to the fruits that surround him, and demands that we get with the program)  Continuing his quote, “…and doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain.”  Wanna bet?  The reason we have such disdain for global-warming doomsday predictions is that they’ve all been WRONG.  They’ve been pushing this nonsense for decades, and we’ve noticed that the glaciers have survived, polar bears are thriving, the rain forests are still there, but the alarmists are still stamping their feet.  Francis promotes the most radical socialist, communist ideas ever hatched.  He’s obviously on board with the destruction of Western civilization, and is doing his best to bring it about.

There are 20 some-odd presidential hopefuls who are nearly unanimous in their demand that socialism, where everything is FREE courtesy of an all-encompassing benevolent government, replace freedom.  They say the reason that socialism has led to tyranny and poverty every time it’s been adopted, from Germany to the USSR, to Cuba to Venezuela etc., is that it’s never been administered properly.  But the leftist platform for America is straight out of the Marxist constitution of Stalin.  It promised citizens everything.  A government-guaranteed living wage, FREE education, FREE health-care and so on down the line.  But, as in all socialist societies it resulted in gulags, secret police, poverty, despair, and eventually, outright failure.

The proof that they reject God and His power is in the fact that they apparently think that He has no control over Earth’s climate.  They cling to the theories of evolution, holding that all the climatic circumstances of Earth just happened as the result of a series of accidents.  Our planet revolves in space in the exact right distance from the Sun so that we have seasons and the perfect climate for the survival of human and plant life.  That’s quite a series of accidents, if you want to deny the existence of a great Designer, Creator.  But they demand that we give the socialists power to save us from ourselves and by extension, every good blessing God gave us.

It’s not a rejection of capitalism or income inequality, it’s a rejection of God.  A rejection of His Power, His will and His people.  If it ever takes hold completely we can look for the fulfillment of the darkest prophecies for the end time.

Mark Armstrong

  1. S.  We had a wonderful, well attended Pentecost weekend at Land Between the Lakes, organized by Dr. and Mrs. Ricks, and we hope all of you had a meaningful Holy Day as well.  The new TCW magazine was delivered to our offices yesterday, and you should have yours soon too.  I’ve given up calling any issue our best, but this one is right up there if I do say so.