Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 14 December 2019

Greetings from Tyler,

You must have heard of the tourists and their guides that were terribly burned while they trekked an active volcano.  There’s no way you can read any of the eyewitness accounts of this tragedy without an emotional reaction. Those poor people thought they were in store for a wonderful experience they’d always remember fondly.  But they shouldn’t have gone, and the guides or tour operators shouldn’t have let them go.  At least eight were killed.  Many more were grievously burned, and are no doubt experiencing physical pain that is unimaginable.  Please pray for them.

We’ve had a senseless murder spree in New Jersey, and it’s those reprehensible Black Hebrews who, in their mindless hatred for Jewish people went into a deli with long guns blazing.  I have no idea what they believe, and what does it matter.  But we all saw how nasty their behavior was toward a bunch of innocent high school kids who were on a D. C. field trip.  Remember Chief-Spit-in-your- Face?  These Black Hebrews were stalking back and forth calling those high school kids every evil epithet. The video of them rushing the New Jersey deli with long rifles is shocking.  It was apparently an anti-Jewish act that resulted in the deaths of innocent people, only one of which looked to be an orthodox Jew.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has won an historic majority in the British Parliament, clearing the way for a British exit out of the EU.  Finally!  It’s only been three years since a majority of citizens voted to get out, and there has been a fervent effort to overturn that referendum, undo it or hold another vote ever since.  Some of those smug socialist, Marxist elites have been given their walking papers in this election.  Hopefully it will be the last we every have to hear from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn and his cohorts.  Brexit is now seen as a sure thing, and is scheduled to be secured on January 31.  If you remember, the British voted to get out of the European Union, against the will of liberal politicians and the mainstream media BEFORE Americans turned out to elect President Donald Trump, and it wasn’t even close in the Electoral College.  That brave move by the British population may well have inspired people here on the mainland to overthrow the entrenched Deep State in the United States.  But that’s a job that hasn’t yet been accomplished.

The impeachment charade this week has proceeded at breakneck speed.  They (the opposition politicians and the mainstream media) knew the Inspector General’s report was finally going to be released publicly, and needed the impeachment nonsense to keep the narrative of the mainstream media on track. They also knew that Barr and Durham are well along in collecting the evidence of their attempted coup. They knew that this period in time at the end of the year would be very damaging to everything they’ve said for three years, so they couldn’t wait another minute to commence their sham impeachment.  You hear all these accusations thrown into speeches, accusing the President of every evil intent, but they have no evidence, no facts, nothing.  They hate his guts, and they hate ours too.  They’ve got to tie him in knots so he can’t accomplish his goal of returning the U. S. to solid footing both economically and in foreign policy.  Every great accomplishment is ignored, or turned into some kind of mal-intent, and they gnash their teeth at President Trump day and night.  It is absolutely clear as day that they made up “crimes,” and intentionally altered evidence to try this impeachment sham.   They’ve stayed on offense because their actions have been “inexplicable” even to Inspector General Horowitz who did his best to provide them a fig leaf in his report.  It’s not going to fly, as he had to admit in his testimony before the Senate.

When asked why the rush to jam through impeachment, Mrs. Pelosi said, “Rush?  We’ve been at this for at least two years.”  That’s the most coherent and truthful statement to come out of her mouth lately.

They thought that the last president had already shamed us into abandoning our beliefs and disabling our firearms.  They can’t believe the crowds Trump draws for rallies.  They can’t believe that he is ahead in nearly every poll, despite their best efforts to weight them (fraudulently) against him.  They better hope that hanging his name with the insult of impeachment will damage him sufficiently that the low IQ set will go against him on the basis of his being impeached.  Not likely, but we’ll see.

If you watched any protracted segment of the impeachment hearings, you know that those out to take down President Trump got eviscerated on Live TV.  But they didn’t seem to notice or understand what fools they were making of themselves.  They’re going to besmirch the name of Donald Trump with the impeachment insult because they have a majority in one house of Congress that allows them that hollow victory.  Let’s hope they’re proud of themselves.  It won’t last long.  Whether by trial in the Senate or by Attorney General Barr or Mr. Durham, they’re going to suffer embarrassment at the very least, and with any luck dozens of their heroes will do hard time.  Here’s hoping and praying.

Maybe you’ve noticed.  The United States has turned around economically and once again gained its superpower status around the world since we have a President who invokes the power and mercy of Almighty God.  I don’t think that’s accidental.  How about you?

P.S.  A new edition of 21st Century WATCH is in the printing and mailing process, and we hope you will receive it without delay.  Dr. James Ricks is scheduled to deliver the sermon here in Tyler this Sabbath, and we have some other visitors that we don’t get to see very often as our annual Board meeting is set for this weekend.  Thanks to all of you in this country and elsewhere in the world.