Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 14 December 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

        Even though the French “protesters” and rioters were said to have “won” with last week’s capitulation on the timing of fuel price increases, mayhem among Paris’ most iconic symbols is ongoing.  Maybe the riots were about more than the immediate price of fuel.  

        The mainstream news says it’s all about the West’s abandonment of long-held principals and commitments.  The AP says it began with Brexit.  “After a campaign filled with xenophobic fearmongering and finance violations, Britons turned out in large numbers a voted narrowly to leave the European Union sending shockwaves through the political establishment.”  

        Isn’t it great how the news is free from editorial opinion?  This “news” by the Associated Press is loaded with such characterizations.  EU, good.  Globalism, good.  Sovereignty, racist, xenophobic and bad.  Donald Trump is the worst influence on earth and it’s rubbing off all over the world.  Just to dispense with the fake news diatribe that is the AP analysis of chaos in the countries that “have long underpinned the global order,” you’ll love this.  “Is this a pivot point in modern political history?  Western liberal democracy seems almost quaint now, loitering in the corner as its most prominent standing proponent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, steps slowly out of the limelight.”  

        It’s hard to know where to start to dissect this mainstream blather.  Chances are good that Merkel won’t just dispensary into thin air, but will continue to direct the EU from some appointed position or as an advisor.  She may even have displaced Hillary Clinton as “the smartest woman in the world” in the eyes of the press.  By the way, there’s no mention of the blight of crime and terror that has descended on all of Western Europe due to Merkel’s importation of a couple of million “migrants” who share nothing in common with Europe’s traditional culture.  

        Murray (our Australian representative) forwarded an article to our offices this week, Bureaucrat Nominated to be Next EU Chief:  Uniting Europe with Africa ‘Matter of Destiny.’  You read right. The former Belgian defense minister has been deputy to EU President Jean Paul Junker, and has spent considerable time “ordering eastern EU states to open their borders to third world migrants.”  He says Europe cannot remain peaceful or free unless mass immigration-related diversity is imposed throughout the continent.  He also boasts that as EU Commission President he would “crush conservative governments in Europe.”

        How’s that for Western democracy?  The EU is calling the shots, and mainstream media in Europe and the U. S. is outraged that Britain and the United States are not on board.  As laid out in the AP article, any deviation from plans to flood Western nations with third-world migrants is clearly racist!

        You know by now that British Prime Minister survived her no-confidence vote this week.  But her attempts to renegotiate Britain’s exit from the EU during a whirlwind last-ditch effort was refused by European officials.  Britain will just have to deal with the terms she was offered, and it won’t be pretty.  Her government may yet collapse, and formerly “Great” Britain may be held hostage to the EU permanently.

        We’re finding out the hard way, resistance to the master plan of globalism will get you called every name in the book and drummed out of polite society.  That goes for whole countries too.  How dare they try to resist the plan to overrun all Western societies with third-world migrants?  They’ll be crushed!

        That’s the message.  It is crammed down our throats by every major outlet.  The mainstream is giddy now, as it’s been every few days for two years.  They’ve really got Donald Trump on the ropes now!  He instructed his lawyer to commit campaign finance “crimes” for which the poor stooge is going to prison.  Maybe they’ll get him this time, he’s obviously guilty of numerous crimes!

        The biggest crime of all, and this applies to all of us, is loving and attempting to preserve some shred of the United States sovereignty.  If you don’t buy in to the global warming scam, you deny science.  Don’t want hordes of foreigners flooding in willy-nilly, racist.  But as somebody said, you cannot have a welfare state AND unlimited migration.  There is no mathematical equation that will make that work.

        The mainstream is right about one thing.  The fabric has frayed in France, and we may never be told the true reasons.  It’s frayed elsewhere across Europe, but governments and media are doing their best to keep it under wraps until it can be “crushed,” as the next likely leader of the EU likes to say.

        Our media wants Donald Trump and all who support him crushed.  That much is apparent if you should tune in any radio network news break or evening TV news program.  They’re just beside themselves with all he’s accomplished and determined, with the cooperation of every government agency, to get him gone before anything else is done to preserve our culture.

        The whole thing is disgusting, and it’s not going to stop.  God willing, we will continue shouting from the rooftops and hope to preserve some semblance of the fabulous blessings we’ve experienced for our kids and theirs, against all odds.  Have a great Sabbath. 

Mark Armstrong