Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 12 October 2018

Greetings from Tyler,

            It looks as though Panama City Beach fared comparatively well, with downed trees, broken power power poles and mostly superficial damage.  However, the devastation of Mexico Beach, Florida is complete.  Looking at some of the aerial footage, it’s hard to imagine anyone surviving the awesome power of that storm.  So far, reports confirm thirteen dead, but we may not know the full extent of losses for days to come.  

            There are some members in the general vicinity, and so far we’ve been unable to contact them.  However, there are widespread service outages and presumably we’ll hear from them in due time.  None to our knowledge were living in Mexico Beach or in the direct path of the storm. 

            But they (mainstream publications and politicians) couldn’t wait, even until the dead can be counted, to turn this hurricane into a political issue.  It was the fault of “global warming” when Florence stalled and dropped feet of rain on North Carolina.  Trump, they said, was “complicit,” with the disastrous flooding because he pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accords.  Now that Hurricane Michael blasted through the Florida coastline of Mexico Beach and moved on rapidly it’s the fault of, you guessed it.

            Global warming “supercharged the storm,” and this storm has “a human fingerprint.”  Man-made global warming, get it?  All the mainstream publications have it all figured out.  It’s man’s fault the Gulf waters were warm this year.  It’s Americans’ fault for being prosperous and Donald Trump’s fault for being a skeptic, at least of their ruinous solutions as laid out by those who want the U. S. to pay with its existence.  CNNsays it’s not a “natural disaster,” because they want us to believe that humans, and that means us, are to blame.

            At least the mainstream outlets are true to their strategy of never letting a crisis go to waste.  As the death toll rises, we can expect the rhetoric to go as crazy as it did during the Kavanaugh debacle.  They simply know no bounds of decency.  First thing you know they’ll be saying that those who don’t believe their theory have blood on their hands, they’ve said it before. 

            The interesting thing about all this from our point of view is that people who promote and believe their own “scientific” hype are the same ones who deny the existence of God, promote 56 genders and think socialism is the answer to all the world’s problems.           

            There is no “Planet B!” the signs warn us.  No logic can compete with brilliance like that!  They’re so proud of that little play on words, it’s all over TV and displayed with the articles that shame the American president and his supporters.  We’ll surely be put in our place by such insightful brilliance.  Well, at least until we have a look at who’s carrying the sign.

            Only a matter of years are left!  Say, 20.  If we don’t limit the rise of earth’s temperature to less than 2 degrees centigrade we’ll face catastrophes that’ll make the two devastating hurricanes this year look like a picnic.  That’s the claim every time there’s any weather event.  They’d have liked to make “climate change denial” a crime if only they’d had a little more time.  It’s already a “virtual crime” in the universe of social media.  And note this.  Total and utter global catastrophe is never, NEVER more than 10 to twenty years away.   If their claims of recent decades were true, the equatorial rain forests would have been long gone by now.  The polar ice-caps would have long since melted.  The Himalayan glaciers would have disappeared and the world’s coastal cities would be underwater. 

            Hurricanes and typhoons were a fact of nature long before the global warming hysteria took hold.  History shows that the earth and seas have been a lot warmer than now in centuries past. We’ve also seen that the primary sources of global-warming dogma have not been shy about altering data to make their case.  When caught, they just scream the louder.

            But just like every other false prophet, they just change the dates and keep preaching disaster unless we conform to their One World solutions.  By the way.  Their solutions do not include a sovereign and prospering United States of America.  No, we’re the problem and they’ve got all the answers.  And none of those answers include God because, scientists and socialists know better.  


Mark Armstrong


 P. S.  We lost a fine minister this week, Mr. David Thomas Kerlin of Wyanet, Il, at the age of 78. Our prayers and sympathies go out to his surviving wife and family.  Funeral services were conducted yesterday by Dr. James Ricks.  Mr. Kerlin’s obituary is readily available by typing his name into a search engine on-line.