Greetings from Tyler,

            Who dares not take a knee?  It’s beginning to look as if much of society is ready to give up. 

All the networks are bowing down, in all their woke righteousness.  They’re all running statements declaring a stance with Black Lives Matter, which now has apparently become allied with the anarchists.  The cable news networks have aligned themselves with the rioters they call “peaceful protesters,” explaining day and night how their “anger” is righteous.  Anyone who doesn’t join the cause, take a knee, and come down on the side of the abolition of police is “part of the problem.” 

            They’ve canceled the TV shows Live PD, Cops, and suspended Paw Patrol, which is a doggy cartoon.  The networks will not stand for any positive portrayal of law enforcement.  It disputes their insistence that ALL police are racist.  In fact, these programs dispute the racist, communist slogans that we must all acknowledge as reality.  So you’re not allowed to see them anymore.  Take that!

            After multiple funerals, memorial services and finally the burial of George Floyd, the protests continue.  Not one American approved of the slow-motion murder, and the idiot cop who perpetrated the act will pay with his life.  Nobody, but nobody believes it will be otherwise.  But the “protests “ continue to insist that ALL police are racist and must be disbanded.   

            Not that logic has any quarter these days, but how is it that we’re lectured and warned around the clock that we must fall into line and agree that ALL police are racist because of the act of one idiot cop, but we must not believe that “peaceful demonstrations” have anything to do with the rioting and looting and burning that we’ve witnessed in liberal cities from coast to coast.  If the protesters can’t be blamed for the looting and destruction, then surely all police can’t be blamed for the actions of Derek Chauvin.  But logic plays no part in the destruction of western civilization.  The important thing is that EVERYBODY SUBMIT!

            It looks like almost everyone is doing just that.  The NFL has become a virtual booster of the BLM, Colin Capernick position.  What!  Even Nascar has given in?  All the networks and news outlets have taken a knee.  A whole bunch of Senators posed in their masks, down on one knee (except of course Nadler, who couldn’t.  Hopefully we’ll never find out why).  Some had a terrible time trying to get back up, but it’s probably racist to have noticed.  Mrs. Pelosi is demanding that statues be removed from the Capitol, while her constituents are tearing them down all over the country. 

            Military installations must be renamed, because, you know, many were named after historical figures the communists want removed from memory.  Street names must be changed.  School names must be abolished.  The demands are endless, and they’re just getting started.  It’s like the early stages of the French revolution, and they’ll eventually turn on each other for not being radical enough.

            It was known at least two days before any mainstream outlet carried the news, and even then they had to report it because President Trump made it the subject of his own comments.  Even now, the mainstream news only reports it because the Washington governor and Seattle Mayor are telling him to mind his own business.  That must cheer the souls of the communist mob that has taken over Seattle’s City Hall, a police precinct and six blocks of downtown Seattle.  It appears they’ve declared their own communist Utopia.  If water and electricity are cut, it probably won’t be long until they come slinking out.  It will likely be in the middle of the night, as they try to escape the nightmare they’ve created, without being caught.  For now the city is under their control.  /the mayor and governor are OK with the insurrection!  President Trump told them to get it under control or he’d intervene.  They told him to get lost, and the media is cheering.   

            Who will bring the insurrection under control?  Will the communist anarchists take over other cities?  The Seattle police have already retreated and let this bunch of radical ideologues occupy downtown.  Watching the behavior of police in nearly every place the “protests” have turned into riots is not very reassuring.  But it’s not their fault, its the fault of the mayors and governors who’ll undoubtedly end the employment of all who don’t submit, including the police.  We’ve seen examples of police prostrating themselves before the raging mob.  The media outlets and big corporations are firing everyone that offends the rioters.  If that’s the way this is going to go, you can kiss the USA goodbye.

            We’ve got a revolution underway in the United States.  It’s as if we’re back in the 1960’s with the Black Panthers, Symbionese Liberation Army and the radical communist “intellectuals.”  The only difference is they’ve got hundreds of thousands who’ve been indoctrinated by government-run schools and mis-educated by radical university professors who’ve been working hard to turn America’s kids into raging lunatics.

            They’ve got to somehow make all this about President Trump.  But he was just a kid when the anti-American, anti-Western civilization ideology took hold in the United States.  Our nation is somewhere between the French Revolution and the Maoist rebellion.  This time it’s in the land of the FREE, that is if we all submit to the illogical nonsense.  How long have all the statues they’re tearing down been standing?  How long have military bases carried the names that the left now finds intolerable?  You mean we had EIGHT LONG YEARS of a black presidency, and none of this was offensive then?   

            America should have been absolved of all accusations of RACISM for having put up with Barack Obama and all his anti-American clap-trap.  Meanwhile he placed a bunch of globalist, pro-gay, anti-American figureheads in the top ranks of every alphabet agency.  They’ve done everything within their power to subvert, accuse and prosecute President Trump or any who dare support him.  None of it got him out of office.  Not “Russia, Russia, Russia.”  Not the Ukrainian phone call and fraudulent impeachment.  Not the Bat Flu. 

            Now they’ve got to destroy everything.  And nobody’s getting in their way.  We can’t fight against this onslaught of evil, except to denounce it, understand WHY they want to rage and destroy. Our only choice us to trust in their ultimate enemy, God Almighty, to make sure it all ends well…one way or the other.  Have a great Sabbath.  God is infinitely stronger than the skinny anarchists and those who would bow down to them.  If we don’t stand against this godless revolution, how are we going to refuse the Mark of the Beast?  The masses won’t.  Are we the only ones? 

Mark Armstrong