Greetings from Tyler,

In the environment of bogus media, lying through their teeth about nearly everything and everybody who supports the traditions of the United States, people, particularly conservatives are falling all over themselves to protect the reputations of law enforcement.  At least the reputations of the 99.5% that “risk their lives everyday to protect American citizens.”   We’ve heard it over and again as the most blatant corruption imaginable seems to grip the nation’s top investigative and law enforcement agencies.

Some of us have our doubts, however.  With the unabashed corruption in the top levels of the DoiJ, the CYA and the F I B (intentional) for a decade or two, who was doing the hiring and promoting and what were their criteria?  It stands to reason that they were placing people they agreed with and agreed with them in critical leadership positions over a long period of time.  This writer, for one, does not believe in the 99.5% theory.  Given what we now know about the fabrication and framing of patriotic Americans for political purposes, it’s obvious that we’ve been living with corrupt players in the very top echelon of law enforcement for some time. If not for the election of Donald Trump, and his belated intervention in matters (because he was their number one target) this would have gone on indefinitely.

It may be contagious.  Lately we’re finding out about local law enforcement organizations run amok.  A Tallahassee, Florida Sheriff has been caught repeatedly planting drugs and paraphernalia on innocent drivers.  He manipulated his body-cam to conceal his activities, but apparently didn’t do a good enough job to fool everybody.  His department found several baggies of drugs and all kinds of paraphernalia hidden in the trunk of his police cruiser. About 100 cases have been overturned or dropped since the Sheriff was caught framing innocent people.  The lady who blew the whistle had to leave her employment because of the frightening treatment she received from other officers after she outed one of their own.

East Los Angeles has a Sheriff’s “gang” wearing matching tattoos (skeleton with bandoleer, guns, wearing a sombrero) operating within the police department.  An article in the L. A. Timesshows that this police “gang” involves dozens if not hundreds of officers.  These guys are accused of having attacked rookies in the department, and no one seems to know the full extent of their activities.  But they are accused of mercilessly beating rookie officers, and none of them with matching ink are about to rat out the others. They’re also accused of corruption in the field, if you can wrap your mind around that.  The members claim it’s only a “brotherhood,” and not a gang.

If you can’t trust law enforcement, who can you trust?  It is a question many have been asking in relation to the F I B and the department of injustice for the past two and a half years.  The United States is courting a situation of a massive third world influx.  The situation might be improving with Mexico’s cooperation in stemming the flow from central America, but we keep getting news of hundreds from the Congo, and now more from India waltzing across the border only to express their disdain and hatred for America and its citizens.

But one whole party calls openly to erase the border, and get rid of the law enforcement agencies struggling with the onslaught of overcrowding at detention centers.  The United States is such a “waycissss” nation that people from all over the world are risking life, limb and their children’s health and safety to get here. Attention-addicted congress people are screaming bloody murder and publicly bawling their eyes out about the horrible treatment of arrivals in detention centers.  Maybe word will get out.  We’re swamped and without resources to provide for everyone on earth, particularly aggressive foreigners that don’t much like us.  It seems they’ve got plenty of representation in our government.

Iran tried to go on offense this week, but things didn’t go as planned.  The whole world knows that an Iranian oil tanker was recently seized in the Mediterranean, having passed though the Straits of Gibraltar on its way to Syria.  That would seem like a very long way around, to get from Iran to Syria, and it is.  Apparently, Iran knew that they’d be busted if the tanker were to pass through the Suez Canal, so they went all the way around the southern tip of Africa, up through the Atlantic to Gibraltar, and into the Mediterranean Sea to get the load to Syria without suspicion.  But that didn’t work.  And since the British participated in the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker, the Iranians tried to get even.

Their gunboats swarmed a British oil tanker on its way through the storied Straits of Hormuz, attempting to take control of it.  That’s when a British destroyer came on the scene, threatening to sink the swarming speedboats operated by the Iranian Republican Guard. They quickly broke off and ran away. The whole episode demonstrates that economic sanctions are taking their toll on the Iranian economy and Iran is going to great lengths to circumvent them.

As everyone knows, Iran has been boisterously announcing that they’re now in violation of the Obama/Kerry Iranian nuclear deal.  You know, the one that included the nighttime arrival of pallets of shrink-wrapped billions in untraceable currency to Tehran.  It seems those days are over and Iran is in a bind with a failing economy.  Even the nations of Europe that have been doing profitable business with Iran are in a situation where they can no longer hide behind the nuclear “deal,” what with Iran constantly boasting about their blatant violations of the terms.  Maybe it’s cause for relief that an American nuclear expert recently went on the record saying that Iran’s nuclear capabilities are extremely primitive and not an immediate concern.  Let’s hope that’s right.

There are plenty of important matters to keep up with.  The U. S. ladies’ soccer team is not one of them. You may have noticed that the lavender-haired team captain did one of her first interviews with Anderson Cooper on CNN.  One commenter quipped that it had to be done in order to prove that they were indeed not the same person!  What a perverse spectacle they made with their offensive celebrations.  At least we have the comfort of knowing they won’t spawn a second generation of America-hating freaks.  Thanks, “ladies.”

Southern California has suffered two major earthquakes over the past two weeks, a 6.4 followed by a powerful 7.1, matching the event that occurred February 9, 1971, a day I’ll not forget.  California has done everything but secede from the United States.  Let’s hope things don’t get any worse for the loyal citizens that remain in that rebellious region already reeling from a massive influx of foreigners and rampant homelessness in their streets. There is real concern that the street filth is bringing rats and wretched diseases into the established population.  You know how the saying goes, “As goes California…”  Let us hope not!

Say a prayer for those in New Orleans.  They’ve already experienced terrible flooding, and with the onset of tropical depression Barry, it could get a lot worse.

Mark Armstrong