Greetings from Tyler,

It’s a day we’ll never forget. But at least we had an identifiable enemy to track down. Nineteen years ago we got a mighty serious wake-up call. We had no choice but to come to grips with the reality that some idiot zealots were prepared to kill innocent people by the thousands in order to show us that Islam is the true religion. For a minute or two, it seemed that the United States was unified against a common enemy.

On September 11, 2001 we didn’t know what was going on. Some worst-case scenarios passed our minds. How many hijacked airliners? We didn’t know. What will they destroy? Three thousand innocents didn’t survive the onslaught. Most of them died in the collapsed twin towers, but innocent Americans were also killed in the Pentagon and some were passengers on the ill-fated planes. Once we knew the extent of it and that the nation would survive, fear turned to anger. The president (G. W. Bush) at the time led the angry reaction, and within weeks American bombers were blasting a labyrinth of caves in Afghanistan, to be followed by battalions of troops.

The bad news is that nineteen years later, we still maintain a presence in Afghanistan. We’ve been losing soldiers right along, dozens to so-called “friendly fire” incidents where trusted locals turned on our men and murdered them inside our own bases. The cat and mouse games have gone on for nearly twenty years now, and hundreds more of our American soldiers have been killed or maimed in the impossible mission of establishing some reason and logic. It couldn’t be done, and there our people are still, suffering the blight of the Muslim Middle East, and occasionally we lose some to hideous injury or death.

President Trump announced his intention to bring our soldiers home from these “endless” and unproductive wars. But the Pentagon disagreed, and Trump deferred to their experience and knowledge. Three and a half years into Trump’s first term and our troops are still there. The generals with rank don’t want to see America pull out of any of several locations in the Middle East. But Trump’s not waiting for them to come around. Who are they working for anyway? Turns out many of them go on to make big bucks lobbying for the manufacturers of equipment and munitions, after they retire from the American military. Something’s not entirely right.

So, the breaking news this week is that Trump is drawing down our forces in the Middle East dramatically. The mainstream hated to interrupt their wall to wall coverage of the latest lie published in the Atlantic. They called in everybody and their dog to find out why Trump hates the military so much that he’d call dead WW1 and WW2 veterans, suckers and losers. Not only did he purportedly say it but said it with all kinds of people present! The only problem for the media is that several of those who were claimed to have been present denied he said any such thing. Even John Bolton denied he said it, and you surely know where he’s coming from.

So, the past week has been more unfounded hear-say against Trump, and the media has been working overtime to say he has no respect for the military. Except he’s shown otherwise. He’s provided our guys with all new and improved equipment, vehicles, tanks, airplanes and enough ordnance so they won’t run out. But the bent genders at the anchor desks are determined that Trump hates the military, and that we all hate Trump. Have you ever, in your life, seen such a crusade? Maybe they’ll be able to find a soldier that is really incensed that he got to come home. Stand by. The search has begun.

The other news is that Bahrain has decided to make peace with Israel. First the UAE, now Bahrain, and we’re led to believe that there will be more. There’s no describing how irrelevant those angry “Palestinians” must be feeling. They thought they held the key to the entire Middle East, including the wealthy nations that don’t exactly need everything blown to rubble. It seems that their importance may have been somewhat inflated. Our media has been pushing that narrative for about forty some years, and it’s blown up in their faces too. What will that crazy Donald Trump do next?

In the United States, it’s open season on police officers and…they’re quitting. Can you even imagine the anarchy that will prevail if the “abolish the police” movement succeeds? We’ve seen examples in several cities, and it’s not pretty. Police are in a no-win situation. In many cases, they’ve been ordered NOT to do their jobs. We’ve seen the results. In Minneapolis and in Seattle, the police (or their bosses) decided it would be a good idea to abandon their buildings. The one in Seattle is still standing. The one in Minneapolis was torched. Police cannot maintain law and order lest the media foment additional anarchy. Not only that, the rioters might be offended, the “news” desks will be offended and claim that the police are causing the riots, and the rioters are just a bunch of pitiful victims.

This week we learned that the entire upper echelon of Rochester, NY police decided it is time to go. Some have served their community for decades. Police put a spit mask (isn’t everybody wearing one?) on a black man exhibiting signs of insanity and forced him to the ground, where he expired. It doesn’t seem that they did anything that would have caused his death, but he died anyway. You don’t suppose it had anything to do with the fact that he was OD-ing on PCP? The Medical Examiner thought it might. Rochester is the latest battleground for masked thugs and arsonists., most of whom are probably from somewhere else.

Apparently, the police don’t want to play the stupid games that have taken place in other cities. They can’t win, and chances are their jobs were going to be eliminated. But they didn’t give that or any other explanation. They just quit. We don’t know exactly why. They’ve probably decided life is too short to be squandered in the streets doing battle with a horde of professional thugs transported in to wreck the place. It is now being reported that more than two dozen Chiefs of Police have resigned in just the past two months. This week we learned that the Dallas Police Chief, the first black woman to hold the post, is leaving too. You have to wonder if whatever other profession they’ve all chosen will be workable when there’s no one to call. This thing could spiral completely out of control. Then even the snowflakes will be praying for Jesus’ return.

Mark Armstrong

P. S. Anyone who needs DVDs for use during the Feast of Tabernacles should let us know right away. We will be live-streaming our services on the Intercontinental Church of God YouTube channel. For speakers to travel under the uncertain (might we say, ridiculous) circumstances seemed inadvisable. Who knows what kind of nonsense the newly minted tyrants will dream up next?