Greetings from Tyler,

We continue to see evidence of a situation careening out of control in Europe.  Within the past week the AFD headquarters in Bremen, Germany was bombed.  That news is all but impossible to find unless you look at the international sources.  Within a couple of days one of the AFD representatives elected to parliament, Frank Magnitz was brutally attacked.  The attack captured on video shows three goons in black masks if that’s any indication as to who might be responsible.  They’re still at large.  AFD is the party that attracted German voters fed up with the damage to their culture that accompanied the onslaught of a couple of million Muslims welcomed in by Angela Merkel.

European media nearly always calls AFD (Alternative for Germany) “far right.”  They’re routinely called NAZIs by their opponents who call for violence against them.  Our media is too busy trashing President Trump to inform the American public of the situation.

The “yellow vest” protests in France are still in progress and spreading to other parts of Europe and the U K.  With all the burnt cars and blocked boulevards, it’s getting hard to tell who is who or what they want.  First it was the immigrants blocking streets and burning cars.  Now, the “yellow vests” are turning out every weekend to protest Macron’s socialist policies and it is unclear who wants what.  Forget an explanation from our media.  If we got one, we surely couldn’t trust it.

It’s hard to say whether Britain’s exit from the European Union will ever take place, or whether it will mean anything if it does.  It seems the referendum may as well have never happened.  Neither Prime Minister Theresa May nor the British Parliament seem to have any intention of carrying out the wishes of the people they represent.  It’s all tangled up with no end in sight.

There’s no crisis at the border, say the mainstream outlets.  After the Trump administration deemed the situation a crisis that might require the declaration of a national emergency, all the news anchors and reporters managed to come up with the same two words, “manufactured crisis.”  Just like the caravan, far, far away, “thousands of miles from our border.”  They all laughed up their sleeves that it was no big deal.  Meanwhile citizens are being killed, grievously injured and having their identities stolen by desperately poor, under-educated immigrants here in their millions.  Despite the big stand-off in Tijuana, many from the big caravan are already here.

The border patrol says it is catching them coming from Pakistan, China, India and all over central America.  Why wouldn’t they come?  The whole world knows that the American southern border leaks like a sieve, and we finally have a President determined to do what all before him have merely paid lip service.  Consequently they need to hurry to the U. S. by any means possible before President Trump secures the border.  The crisis at the border needed to be handled 35 or forty years ago, but wasn’t.  Now that everything is a question of race, they’re calling everybody who thinks our border should be secure all manner of vile names.  Especially President Trump.  They constantly call him every vile name, accuse him of the worst of motives.  If you think the networks are bad, you won’t believe what is being said on social media.

All the Trump haters knew it was a crisis, and said so.  Even the false messiah who did all he could to transform our nation said so!  But that was before we had a President who was determined to try and remedy the problem.  Everything about the situation is too obvious to argue about.  The crisis isn’t just at the border, or at the overrun holding facilities, it’s at the hospital, it’s at the DMV and just about any public place you’d dare venture.  Obama’s transformation is ongoing, and the media is determined to keep it that way.

Al Gore thinks we’re about to reach another “tipping point.”  But don’t worry too much, none of his other predictions have panned out.  But this one is a different kind of prediction.  It is that we’re all seeing the supposed damage climate change is doing to the environment and coming around to view it as a top priority.

So let’s get this straight.  We’ve got a climate crisis that requires immediate panic, but that business on the southern border?  That’s something President Trump manufactured to keep his base from jumping ship, they say.  Up is down, the truth is a lie and justice is fallen in the street.

God bless and protect President Trump.  The hatred of the mainstream knows no bounds, and we’ll hate to see what we’re up against without him.

Mark Armstrong