Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 11 December 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

The news/talk station played an interesting ad this morning. A friendly guy was talking about how he was always doing his best to “be safe” and keep everybody around him safe. And how nice it was to have others remind him if he was not fulfilling some protocol or other. Have a nice day. Isn’t it great?

Some of the videos that have appeared virally don’t quite capture all the good vibes. People scream at each other, stalk them up and down the aisles, curse, and become infuriated if someone dares violate the latest order from the mayor or governor. Not in every state. But in the ones that make up a major percentage of U. S. GDP.

Here we sit, as we knew we would, in the middle of a contested election. It’s way too late, we’re told. They already shot off the fireworks! They’ve repeated the “office of the president elect” so many times, you’d think it had some meaning. As all privileged to be above ground know, Texas has filed a lawsuit on Constitutional grounds. The claim is that unlawful and fraudulent practices in the “battle-ground” states is affecting Texas and all the other states that followed lawful procedures.

The media is watching the clock, desperately hoping that it will strike 12 before anything can be done. It couldn’t be more obvious. Listen to how news reports are worded. “A lawsuit has been filed in an attempt to overturn the results of the election.”

Never mind the hundreds of signed affidavits from all the battleground states, or the video from Atlanta. Google will no longer host any videos or illustrations that purport election fraud. It seems a little late. Hasn’t everybody already seen the video? Will it not be broadcast and transmitted in various forms repeatedly for all time? Of course it will. But Google’s hands will be clean, as far as their new partners in government are concerned. At least that’s their transparent hope.

It’s highly likely that any cursive look at the policies enacted and followed by all the biggest names in social media would expose their enthusiastic complicity in the crisis we’re in. Is there some doubt that the United States, and by extension the whole western world is facing a crisis? It’s looking more and more like this one’s for all the chips.

They’re really hamming it up on cable news, though mere moments are enough to satisfy any curiosity about what’s going on. The look on Fredo’s face night before last was enough to illustrate the fact that the “Biden won” media crowd is not resting easy. The reason is that they were active participants in the very thing they’ve been pretending to be so worried about. Election interference.

How about the fact that they’re better at HIDING THE NEWS than they are reporting it? There were huge, blockbuster stories they brushed aside that would have undoubtedly affected the outcome as recent surveys have shown. They didn’t want to “waste our time” on meaningless distractions. Odd. They’ve made no apology for having wasted years of their hapless viewers’ time on claims that the President was a Russian agent.

But the conventional wisdom now is that the protesters, the rioters, the wild-eyed looters and arsonists won, and America lost. God help us. Please.

Mark Armstrong

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