Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Review – 1 May 2020

Greetings from Tyler,

We were warned that hospitals would be overrun.  They were sure to run out of ventilators, if not hospital beds.  Car companies were recruited to manufacture ventilators instead of cars.  Now nobody knows what to do with them all, and they’re being shipped to other countries all over the world.  Decisions that upended and impoverished millions were made based on predictions that were wildly inaccurate.  But don’t worry, they’ll all get “government money.”

The illness is real, not a hoax.  But “reporting” on the matter is a story unto itself.  This isn’t the media’s first rodeo.  Maybe they believe they’re getting better at perpetrating these frauds on the American public.  They spent three years trying to make us believe that General Michael Flynn was a Russian agent, and said those very words on the air.  They were sure, or wanted all of us to be sure, that Trump was doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin, and said as much so many times you couldn’t count them.  (That’s all blowing up in their faces with new revelations this week.  Documents that prove the whole thing was a frame job have been released.  For some unknown reason the DoJ and FBI have been sitting on these all this time, and they prove what we’ve known for nearly three years.  But the mainstream still hasn’t a clue.)  After manipulating the public for years with nonsense that was obvious to anyone not relying on the mainstream papers and networks, we’re supposed to buy the panic they’re selling?

It looks like they’re inflating the numbers of illnesses and deaths.  We know all the early projections were four and five times the actual covid numbers are as queer as several of the news anchors who report them.  There are numerous anecdotal examples, unreported in the mainstream press, to show that illnesses and deaths are being attributed to the virus on the basis of assumption.  The reason may have something to do with the allocation of “government money.”

But it’s a smirkfest on CNN.  A video is played of the President stating that he hopes to be able to hold rallies again, beginning some time before the November election.  When the camera returns to the anchor desk you get a series of knowing looks (Don Lemon), a disgusted scowl and an exasperated shaking of the head.  They just cannot believe what a dork we’ve got for president, or that any sane person wouldn’t agree.

Speaking of queer numbers, have you seen how badly Joe Biden is going to beat President Trump in the upcoming election?  Oh yeah, he’s going to beat Trump as soundly as Hillary Clinton did, maybe worse.  They love their numbers don’t they?  Especially when their numbers are impossibly bad for President Trump.  Then they sneer at us for rejecting “facts.”  Given their recent and continuing record it becomes clear, this is no accident.  They’ve pushed one false narrative after the other, beating each to death. But nothing works on the public like fear.

The great toilet paper crisis was utterly unnecessary.  But stand by.  They are pushing a meat shortage now, and one will probably be created leaving empty counters at the supermarket.  Apparently that’s already the case in some places.  The news people are terribly skeptical about states allowing people to go about their lives while the “death count” is still rising.  But then, they haven’t been very good about predictions.

The reaction to the pandemic has been like an exercise in socialism.  We’re seeing dictatorial actions that make little logical sense, and then more drastic clampdowns when people do what they want anyway.  Like what happened at California beaches last weekend.  Aerial photos made it appear as though people were allowing a lot more than six feet between families. But there were thousands out there and governor Newsom was incensed that his “orders” had been disobeyed.  So this weekend he’s ordered the beaches closed.  Get back indoors, where it’s safe and healthy!  The other thing is the flood of money the government is distributing.  A couple or three trillion is out the door, and we’re beginning to wonder if there’s any end to it.  Are there no longer any consequences when the national debt explodes?

A headline today says the pandemic could last two years.  If the media has anything to say about it, it’s probably all we’ll hear for at least that long.

There’s still no visible sign of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.  Nobody’s sure if he’s sick or dead, or just partying with the concubines at a seaside resort.  At least no one is lowering their children down manhole passages, worrying that a missile strike could come at any moment.  Now we’re wondering what ridiculous “orders” we’ll under, and whether the police will jail otherwise law abiding citizens while letting actual criminals run free.  It’s the “new normal.”  (Forgive me.)

It looks as though we’ll be holding our meetings for the Feast of Tabernacles this year, unless Dr. Fauci says otherwise.  Maybe even if he does.  We’ve got more to think about than the latest report, and it’s nice to think about something else for a change.  We’re holding a Sabbath service tomorrow at the regular time, and hope things will be normal for everybody soon.

Mark Armstrong