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No sooner than we’d sent last week’s Update, when it was common knowledge that the President had canceled the proposed peace summit with North Korea, news came that North Korea had changed its tune and the summit might be back on.  You’ve seen the apparent progress in recent days, with the North Korean representative coming to New York for consultations with Secretary Pompeo.  The most recent development is that a letter from Kim Jong-un has been hand delivered to the White House, and the June 12 summit in Singapore may be back on, much to the chagrin of mainstream outlets.  How they’ll spin a successful peace agreement with North Korea as a bad thing, should that be the outcome, remains to be seen.

The Taliban has reportedly conducted a “Spring Offensive” reign of terror across Afghanistan, gaining territory, attacking Police stations and killing officers.  Apparently some fifty of their leaders gathered for a secret meeting, and the result looked much like what we saw in Syria.  A particular residential compound went up in a ball of smoke and dust leaving everything around virtually undisturbed.

The men killed are described of the top echelon of Taliban commanders and are believed to have been at a planning session for further operations.  Military spokesmen were quick to point out that the strike won’t mean an end to Taliban mayhem in Afghanistan, but it certainly represents a setback for their cause. The Taliban quickly dismissed the report as propaganda.  They called it an attack on a residence where a handful of civilians were killed.  You won’t see much of this in the mainstream news.  One major network offered it as, “The U. S. said…” which indicates a degree of skepticism about the authenticity of the report.  It is doubtful you’ll see any panels of seven to discuss the ramifications.  A report like this doesn’t fit the narrative.

Apparently, there is still competition between the Anglican and Catholic hierarchies.  Not to be outdone by the pope’s blessings bestowed on homosexuality, the Anglican church is openly calling for trans-gender priests as part of their current “diversity drive.”  Apparently, they think that “young people” will be attracted back into the fold if the doctrines of political correctness are incorporated into the “faith.”

Here’s proof from a quote carried by Britain’s Guardian. “The guidance, titled ‘welcoming and honoring LGBT+ people,’ (not enough letters in the alphabet to ID all perversions) warns that the church’s reputation as being unwelcoming towards gay and transgender people is stopping young people attending.’”  The “Church” already called on the British Government to outlaw so-called “conversion therapy.”  Political Correctness holds that there is no cure, and if there were it would be discriminatory and hateful.  Leaders have gleaned that the Anglican Church is regarded as “homophobic and trans-phobic” and it’s costing them.  So, the answer is obvious. Trans-sexual priests!  That ought to fix it.

Good news doesn’t get a lot of press.  The roaring economy, record low unemployment and the scandalous reports of the U. S. becoming energy independent is anything but good news to the mainstream purveyors of information.  So the pope himself is getting involved.  He’s hosting a meeting in Rome to include CEO’s of the major energy producers and their investors to warn that their successes are contributing to “climate change,” the current euphemism for “global warming.”

This meeting is crucial, particularly in light of America’s departure from the Paris Climate Accords, the gutting of EPA regulatory mandates and other environmental outrages committed by you know who.  It’s all on the corporations now to enforce the doctrines of political correctness, as current White House leadership has turned its attention, and ours, to other matters.  With the weight of the Vatican, and the cooperation of corporate executives under the premise of belief in man-made “climate change” as a Christian prerogative, global warming can be revived as a crisis in everyone’s mentality.  We’ll see.

Maybe you’ve heard about the broad daylight attack on two female police officers in the city of Liège, Belgium.  Or maybe not.  It seems an Islamic convert with a western name ran up behind two police-women checking parking meters, stabbed them, relieved one of her revolver and then shot them to death while screaming “Alhua Akbar!” as reported by witnesses.  He then shot and killed someone sitting in the passenger seat of a car before hiding in a nearby school where he took a cleaning lady hostage.  He reportedly spared her life when she said she was an observant Muslim.  One report claims he wounded another four officers in the shooting rampage that ensued when he emerged from the school.  He was a prisoner, convicted of numerous crimes, on a one-day release from jail.  Maybe Belgium will re-think its prisoner release policy.

The EU had reason to panic this week.  Italians are backing parties critical of the economic burdens imposed by bail-out agreements to deal with crushing debts.  While the successful parties are what they call Euro-skeptics, they’re also environmentalist, which raises additional questions.

There have been a rash of events that call the survival of the European Union into question.  After recent years of economic gains and profits, Turkey’s economy is faltering.  That might not call the survival of the EU into question were it not for the fact that Spanish, French and German banks have loaned big money to Turkish institutions.  Consequently, there has been a rash of headlines all over Europe calling the future of the EU and its survival into question.  How many defaults can be weathered, and what comes next for Europe will be a focus of our interest.

Mark Armstrong


  1. S. All this and much more will be covered in the upcoming edition of TCW.  Here are more statistics on the “boosts” of the Ten Commandments booklet, the Miracle of Pentecost booklet and the Abomination of Desolation in Spanish.  Over 1 million have been “reached” by our posts between Passover and Pentecost, and we had over 27,000 first time visitors to our website in the month of May.