Greetings from Tyler,

Aside from some suspicious unsolved murders, and the gang mayhem that’s spread across America, no shots have been fired.  But there is an ideological civil war in progress.  It’s ugly and it seems to have permeated nearly everything.  It has certainly tainted what passes for news.  Blessedly, we have a wide variety of informational sources.  If mainstream outlets still had a monopoly on the selection and distribution of information, we’d be even further down the path of authoritarian bans and mandates than we are.

Some are excited, and some are repulsed at the prospect of any actual progress toward making America great again.  All mainstream outlets call that slogan and the philosophy behind it racist, hateful, bigoted and many of the commentators pretty much lose all pretense of professionalism during any discussion.

But the realization is setting in.  It’s not a question of great again, but whether the United States can be saved from the transformation we’ve already undergone.  My immediate family and I went on a road trip this week for a few days of skiing.  Most everywhere we stopped along the way, every gas station, mini-market, truck stop, and restaurant brought the realization that we are already outnumbered by people who don’t even speak English.  It may not be true statistically, yet, but any calculation of future child-bearing proclivities would make it abundantly clear that regular Americans are on a glide path to third-world blight.  Call the observation racist or whatever, the reality cannot be more than one generation from now, if that.

We’re beginning to find out just how close we came to losing this country to corruption at the highest levels.  If the rigging of the most powerful agencies had succeeded, and their first woman president had been elected, none of the bombshells now exploding would ever have gone off.  James Comey would still head the F. B. I.  Loretta Lynch would still be the Attorney General.  The Justice Department and the IRS would still be targeting political opponents for harassment and prosecution.  And that would have been the end of this unique experiment, forever.

After much hand-wringing and grandstanding, Congress managed to pass a two-year budget that plunges the U. S. into another couple of trillion in debt.  Our government is still spending like a drunken sailor, with none of the reforms of waste and graft having been addressed.  It’s the reality of an adversarial situation in government where “compromise” with the vast bureaucracy and socialist juggernaut has become necessary in order to just fund the American military.  When it comes right down to it, even the radicals know there’d be nothing for them to steal, and nobody left for them to berate without the protection of the military, hate it as they do.

Funny, how what we knew to be true on its face ends up being confirmed a year or two after the fact.  You remember the shrink-wrapped pallets of currency Obama sent to Tehran as part of the “Iran deal?”  It’s been tracked down and documented that much of it was apportioned out to Hezbollah and to the terrorist movement that’s made Yemen more uninhabitable than it already was.  Iran has strengthened its hand in Iraq, in Syria, Lebanon, is financing the war in Yemen and threatening Saudi Arabia.  It could very well become an acknowledged nuclear power in the blink of an eye.

Everyone is heartened that North Korea has sent delegations, a few competitors and even Kim Jong-un’s sister to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.  At least it bodes well that we don’t expect a war for at least the next couple of weeks.  Maybe the confrontational posture toward the little fat boy wasn’t such a lunatic play after all.  But the longer term is far from certain.

There’s no denying, we’ve seen some evidence of miracles in our own lives and in the bigger picture in the very recent past.  God’s Hand has been apparent in developments no-one could have predicted or would have believed if anybody had.  His power is way beyond all of our concerns, and that’s where they need to be taken.  The odds were much worse than they are now, and we’ve been short on faith.  This Sabbath would be a great time to turn it all over to Him.  The bickering, the insults, the threats and dangers, all of it.  He’s way ahead of us, and His will be done.

Mark Armstrong


There is something more about the conditions that the Western world finds itself in than merely a random but inevitable decline into history. Week after week pretty much all the news worth paying attention to evidences the civilisational take-over of the West by a combination of Islamic migration (some say invasion) and the pursuit by a power elite of socialist policy designed to crush capitalism – the very system from which countless socialist billionaires have derived their wealth which they use against Western Capitalism. Throw into the mix a resurgent Russia and China, rogue States such as North Korea and Iran and no sane person could say the world was in anything but bad shape.

What if these conditions were broadly predicted, say, 2,000 years ago? What about 60 years ago? Here is a GTA TV program worth watching:

GTA TV Ep. #0411 “The Long Tradition of Prophetic Insight and Accuracy” – Garner Ted Armstrong