Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 7 April 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

            In case you didn’t know, the redhead with the hair that hangs limply on one side informs us that the border problem was created during the last administration, and the new crew is just trying to clean up the mess.  Nobody laughed because they’re all on the same team.  The plan is, now that the President who loved America has been deposed by fraudulent methods, to blame everything on him and his policies while pursuing national destruction.  We need to make buddies with the Iranian terrorists who want to nuke Israel, no matter the cost.  They have honest complaints, and we must stand down while sanctions are dropped and they re-enter the community of nations. Please recognize the sarcasm.


            Ever heard of Sylvie Brunner?  No?  The mainstream news will likely make sure you never do.  She fell seventeen stories to her death in Tehran, and the whole thing is still a big mystery.   Try searching “Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner” and you can see for yourself that the only reports are on websites you never heard of, with the exception of Wikipedia and the Jerusalem Post.  Surely the Iranians will get to the bottom of it.  It seems that quite a few diplomats and foreigners are diving out of tall buildings in the Middle East.  Depression, you know.


            The U.S.A.’s southern border patrol is now tasked with the health and hygiene of tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors and “families” streaming into the United States.  It’s the greatest boon to cartel drug smugglers of all time.  The fees charged to the smuggled people may seem exorbitant, but it’s pocket change compared to the drug profits, which is the main business of the cartels.  Massive quantities of meth, heroine and fentanyl are streaming through unopposed, while the border patrol is having to play babysitter. Any other policy would be… oh, you already know.


            If you think you have any right to react to any of this calamity, brace yourself to be accused of racism!  You simply cannot oppose the destruction of this once free country, or you’re a racisssss!


Funny isn’t it?  The people lecturing us about race constantly are on the attack.  Those of us who want them out of our faces are a serious problem, and they’ll deal with us in due time. 


            Those twenty to thirty that shot each other in Chicago or any number of other “progressive” cities, last weekend, their lives don’t matter no matter what color they are.  Hundreds have died due to crimes that had to do with somebody standing on someone else’s corner, or some dispute related to a drug deal.  Never mind all that.  Spare your anger for the counterfeiter high on oxycontin.  Now that’s a huge TRAGEDY, and whitey must pay!  You can’t have missed it.  There must be at least fifty, and probably more, people who are calling the conviction of Eric Chauvin a “first step.”  All over media talking points are being repeated with dozens saying the same four words.  There is “more work to do.”  It’s like a broken record.


            It’s fueling the anti-police movement that’s taken hold in cities across the land.  In numerous cities they’ve been “defunded.”  They’re quitting their jobs because they’d likely be prosecuted and turned into a national pariah if they did them.  Criminals are being released on the philosophy that “society made them commit crimes.”  It’s not their fault, it’s everybody’s fault but the criminals.  That’s according to the philosophy the media and the politicians have adopted.  Police simply need to find a different career, because enforcing the law is just…  No need to say it again.


            We’re all dealing with the effects of inflation.  Compare today’s gas prices, food prices, lumber prices, steel prices, you name it.  Probably due to the nationwide panic the media and government agencies induced, everything imaginable is going up like crazy.  Who knows what is going to happen with house prices?  In Texas, they’re already up some 30% and we’re hearing that there’s a shortage.    Hyperinflation may well be just around the corner, and that may be the plan.


           Meanwhile the mask and “vaccine” mandates are shaping up to be big issues going forward.  You don’t “have” to buckle to the pressure.  You might lose your job, or be refused entry to a business, or get thrown off an airliner, assuming you made it past the TSA.  They were already barking loudly at long lines of people waiting their turn to be molested, but now the professional abusers have newfound authority to lord over the traveling public.  Remember the “friendly skies?”  That was a long time ago.


          The Pacific northwest is out of control, with antifa running amok.  Say something about BLM the social media doesn’t approve and you’ll be silenced by non-government yahoos.  Look how militarily aggressive China is getting!  That ought to be a major concern, but you best not say much about that either.  They’re our friends, you know. 


            On a happier note, did you notice Mr. and Mrs. Biden taking cozy photos with poor ole Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn?  Maskless, no less!  You telling me the Carters aren’t in the “high risk” pool?  But he has to wear a mask to walk around outdoors!  Vaccinated, no less.  You read it here, nothing makes a lick of sense, period.


          Why is everything happening this way?  Just maybe the Almighty is losing patience with a stubborn and stiff-necked population that has taken fantastic blessings for granted while capitulating to every “progressive” (with a lisp) demand.  It looks like very few are prepared to stand up to the encroaching socialism that is sweeping the formerly free nations of the world.  Those who dare are promptly ridiculed and rejected (if not prosecuted) by all the powers that exist.  But don’t worry too much.  Those boneheads are creating a disastrous future for themselves too.  Maybe they should be warned!  

Mark Armstrong