Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 28 May 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

Now that incalculable damage has been visited upon the entire western world and wannabe dictators have abused the citizens of the States they govern… Now that thousands of businesses have been forced to declare bankruptcy or simply close for good…  After people have been banned from social media platforms for having swallowed “conspiracy theories” and tried to alert others… might the truth finally be gaining some traction?

It’s starting to look like China is calling all the shots here in the United States.  Celebrities are making fools of themselves apologizing for saying anything with which the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) disagrees.  Like for instance, Taiwan is a country.  That could hurt your income big time, pal.  They don’t mind accusing Americans and the United States of every conceivable thought crime.  It’s in their financial interests.  Many, if not most of us, are NOT watching athletes taking a knee or raising their fists to signal racial something or other.  Their owners, managers and teammates could care less how it affects the American audience.

The sports franchises have figured out that the audience in China is much, much larger and the money to be made is out of this world.  They dare not say anything that might offend the masters of their financial future.  It used to be a crime to sell out your country for personal profit.  Now it’s business as usual.  The NBA and the NFL don’t mind abusing the American audience, claiming we’re all full of privilege, born racist or whatever may be the current mainstream “logic.”  In the long run, they don’t need us.  Who cares if they’re playing to empty stadiums. The communists don’t mind.

What about the virus?  Was it not created intentionally?  Why does the top bio-weapons expert in China work at the Wuhan lab?  Why are they studying bat diseases in the first place?  Why are we STILL subsidizing this with our tax dollars?  To add insult to injury, the diminutive M. D. has finally, inadvertently admitted he’s not so sure the virus sprang from nature!  He probably hated himself while walking out of the hearing where he was nailed down on that.  After several heated public exchanges with Rand Paul where he dodged around and then went on fake news programs to wonder what’s wrong with that guy, the genius has finally admitted that he’s not so sure the virus is “natural.”

Not only that. It was AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS funding weird, dangerous “experiments” in China.  That part isn’t, and never was, in dispute.  What’s the meaning of that?  What on earth!?!

So, the brilliant little doctor has gone from being the world’s foremost expert on how to avoid contracting this Chinese concoction to trying to convince us that he wasn’t responsible for funding it.  But he’s not given up lecturing us about masks and lockdowns.  No, no.  Some of these governors, you know who they are, are still keeping the charade alive based on his pronouncements, even though ALL of them have violated their own orders and been caught repeatedly.

Do we really love our entertainment so much that we can’t be bothered to notice when the communists in China commit a crime of the Corona virus magnitude?  If you believe in any of the information the mainstream forbids, you know of the business connections between the imposter’s son and Chinese officials.  Maybe you’re not crazy after all.  Whatever the next move is, assuming Western civilization survives this one, will be explained to the satisfaction of no one by the redhead (Biden’s dullard press secretary) and subservient media.

How long must we pretend that our worst enemies are “friendly?”  They may have instigated the destruction of our currency, all while shaking hands and backstabbing.  Speaking of the dilution of the dollar, the White House is releasing it’s budget today.  SIX TRILLION DOLLARS?  That pretty well blows past the two trillion that blew our minds and the profligate allocations since.  It’s as if every individual is becoming dependent on checks from the Treasury, and they’ll brainwash your kids for you too.  It’s part of the curriculum to inform the little tykes of their inherent racism while they’re learning to count.

We fervently hope that God hasn’t just given us over to the socialist, and likely fraudulent, destruction underway.  It’s starting to look that way, but be reminded that it’s looked that way before, and there just might be surprises ahead.  Say a prayer.

Mark Armstrong