Greetings from Tyler,

The pope has been in Peru and Chile for a recent tour, he scolded an audience of nuns telling them that “gossip is terrorism,” to which they laughed out loud.  He’s been down there defending priests or Bishops who hid and covered for priests accused of, well, what those weirdos do.  Though he had massive receptions, as they are Catholic countries, many are perplexed or horrified that the pope seems to be running interference for child molesters.  And that’s no laughing matter.

But this is.  President Donald Trump stole the show at Davos at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.  It features the mega rich and the mega powerful from around the world.  Reports claim that one thousand private jets had flown in for what is ordinarily a strategy session on how to get western countries to accept more refugees, and of course their greatest hit, global warming.

President Trump’s mere presence appears to have changed the theme to peace, prosperity and the American way.  Media “experts” warned that he’d get a chilly reception, but (who’d have guessed) they blew it again.  Everybody wanted to hear what he had to say, and was clamoring to get close.  It was priceless when he said, “This is better than the Academy Awards!”  It was supposed to be about carbon taxes and “a day in the life of a refugee.”  Trump fixed that just by showing up.

Even Angela Merkel (during her public speech) expressed dismay as to how Europe and Germany had allowed their borders to be breached by millions of refugees.  “How could we have let this happen?” or words to that effect.  How indeed!  Now they’ve got a bigger mess on their hands than we do, and no idea how to solve it.  But our mess is out of control too, having just emerged from a brief government shutdown and facing the possibility of another.  Some proposed solutions are alarming, including the latest one from the White House.  But for some time we’ve witnessed how this President plays his ideological foes, to our great amusement.  It seems like he usually knows what he’s doing even when we don’t, so we’re holding our fire.

The drips and tidbits concerning high level corruption among the most powerful governmental agencies on earth have turned into a steady stream of damaging information, largely from their own communications.  But the big bombs have yet to explode, though the fuse burns short.  The mainstream media is in full panic.  You can tell by the fact that their hair is burning over things they reported months ago, yet they hyperventilate as if its BREAKING NEWS.  Seeing what they do and don’t report is good entertainment, but nothing to compare with what’s coming.

Wouldn’t it be something if the swamp actually got drained?  Maybe its too much to hope for, but we’re hopeful anyway.  With any luck, this year may be even better than the last!  Tremendous praise and thanks are in order, along with the hope that a nation that was teetering on the brink of permanent destruction will turn to God.   We’re wishing all of you a wonderful Sabbath!

Mark Armstrong


For those unfamiliar with the sign off, “wishing all of you a wonderful Sabbath!”. Some may be puzzled. Isn’t Sunday the Sabbath? Well – no. Here is a link to a booklet explaining the seventh day weekly Sabbath. It’s been around, the Sabbath that is,  since creation week.


Why “Keep Saturday for Sunday”?