Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 21 May 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

Isn’t it wonderful?  The mouth of mush has claimed that he and his minders have solved the violent exchange of firepower between Gaza and Israel.  Dig deeper and you will find out that General Sisi of Egypt is the one who brokered the deal.  Meanwhile the mainstream is mightily impressed, or expects us to be, that some demanding phone calls from the White House brought about a cessation of carnage.  The mainstream reports would lead one to conclude the Israelis were the instigators of the rocket, air raid and artillery exchange.  Wrong.

Who manufactured the new and improved missiles?  Iran.  Who smuggled them to the terrorists?  Iran. Who’s demanding conditions be met before the fraudulent administration be allowed to re-enter the disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal?  Same answer.

Now it is being suggested, everywhere but in the mainstream media, that China is working behind the scenes to undermine the Western way of life.  Has China funded the riots and B L M (alternatively known as burn, loot murder)?  One report claims that over $900,000 in one-dollar bills was intercepted at the Canadian border.  Can you guess where they were printed?  Is China waging a war against the U. S. internally, all the while playing the innocent victim of the same virus that has wrecked lives everywhere?  There just might be something to it, but the social media set will try to make sure you never find out.  The current leadership is in no position to cry foul, after having been enriched in dubious foreign dealings with our tormentors.  Will anything ever be adjudicated honestly?  Not while the “big guy” and his teleprompter screeds call the tune.

There seems to be some movement on the dubious election.  Not only is there an on-again, off-again audit underway in Arizona, a judge in Georgia, has ruled that one should take place there too.  Every legal manoeuvre has been undertaken to stop any forensic analysis of the 2020 presidential election, with national agencies even trying to intervene.  Apparently, there’s nothing for us to see and social media bosses are doing everything in their power to be certain that no unapproved information goes viral.

But what if?  What if these audits result in proof that the results were falsified?  Is there some controlling legal authority that could set things right?  That’s the 24,000 dollar question without an answer.

Trillions in “government money” are being mailed all over creation as if in a mad dash to kill the golden goose.  Whether there will be anything left to save, or anyone to save it is up in the air.  We can’t even keep up with all the astronomical sums that are being distributed.  Nearly every business doorway has a sign announcing they are hiring.  But they can’t find applicants!  Why should anybody ever go back to work while the government is paying everybody to stay home? They’re still chasing us around over the Covid scare.  Over a year after we thought “two weeks to flatten the curve” was harmless enough, a battle over masks and so-called vaccinations is raging.

We sure hope this medical miracle is harmless.  After all, people we know and love have taken the jab in the hopes of living a normal life.  But there are rumblings that some are not doing particularly well after having submitted.  The platform we use to distribute sermons has issued a “warning” based on some concerns that we’ve expressed.  Asking the wrong questions, or perish the though, expressing unapproved opinions can get you (or us) banished from polite discourse.  Or in this case, sermon distribution.

Everything under the sun has been claimed as “infrastructure.”  That somehow justifies untold sums, backed by thin air, flying in all directions.  We’re in a war all right, but maybe we’ve been slow to realize it.  Every lesson of recent history has been thrown out the window.  The media and the government will decide what you think, and straying into unapproved territory will be met with consequences.  We can hardly wait for these demonic forces to meet their Maker.  But we will.

Mark Armstrong