Mark Armstrong’s Weekly News Commentary – 20 August 2021

Greetings from Tyler,

The global humiliation is underway.  It was intended as one of those off the cuff, wild exaggerations for humor’s sake when this Update suggested we were headed for another escape from Saigon. It’s worse.  You can access whatever news you will, but it’s not good anywhere.  It’s a disaster we can’t and won’t imagine.  It’s off the charts.  Pride and honor are a big deal in Middle Eastern culture.  We’re fresh out.  One very worn out top official, (sometimes known as the big guy) who not a month ago adamantly assured the world this wouldn’t happen, couldn’t be reached for comment.  Until he gave a canned speech and explained the situation before darting away.  No questions.  The ever defensive mainstream press is starting to turn.  The events of recent days, and perhaps future days constitute a black eye the U. S. will wear for all eternity.  Those in charge have only excuses.

Some images stick with you, and you can no doubt remember some that were so disturbing you can never get them out of your head.  We’ve been treated to several of those this week, things we’d never seen before and couldn’t imagine actually happening.  One is the military cargo plane completely jammed with Afghans that had scrambled on board.  Where are the women and children?  They’re not anywhere to be seen.  We’d also never seen people climbing all over each other up ramps at a departure gate, or the hundreds trying to hitch a ride as the jet taxied to take off.  Turns out that flesh and bone are no match for the C-17’s hydraulics.

So the fall back position is “it’s Trump’s fault,” this situation was inherited.  That’s already the retort, even though the Donald is seething with anger at the way this has been handled.  It seems like ISIS got humiliated and wiped off the face of the earth during… Let’s see, which president was it?  The caliphate was dismantled, remember?  Now that the “adults” are back in charge the goat thumpers have made a comeback.  Who’d have guessed?

Glenn Beck has to be credited with this.  He opened his radio program on Wednesday proclaiming a great triumph for inclusion and diversity.  Never in recorded human history has a debacle of this magnitude been pulled off by such a diverse group of people.  From the agency heads to the intelligence apparatus and all down the line, the highest priority has been racial equality and multi-gender inclusion.  Even the generals have been preaching it.  They’d just finished gay pride month at  U. S. embassies around the world.  They were particularly PROUD that a rainbow flag was flying at the U. S. Embassy at the Vatican, as if they don’t have enough trouble in Rome.  But in Kabul the U. S. obviously wasn’t planning for what would come next.  Now thousands are marked for death.  Was that part of some deal?

It’s been pointed out that the big guy was on the phone congratulating Ft. Worth school board members for standing up against Governor Abbot’s ban on mask mandates as Afghanistan fell.  We’re over here deciding whether we want to re-inhale carbon dioxide while people who cooperated with the United States are hunted down and killed.  Mind you, the Taliban are the nicest of terrorists even when chanting death to America according to CNN.  You probably saw the scene of the Taliban press conference, delivered from within the presidential palace in Kabul.  There were about a dozen head wrapped geniuses with automatic weapons and the combined IQ of a third grader.  The organizers?  They were in Guantanamo Bay until they were traded along with 5 billion dollars, for traitor Bo Bergdahl.  You probably remember who did that.  Gay pride parade?  Anybody?

Now U. S. allies including those in NATO have important questions about the reliability of the United States.  It appears that things are not buttoned up in the way you’d expect of the American military or State Department, which is reportedly in charge of the “evacuation.” Promises have been broken.  The world is watching, realizing that the U. S. is inept under current leadership.  Whoever planned and carried out the withdrawal of the advisory forces still in Afghanistan needs their heads examined.  Whose idea was it to leave all manner of valuable equipment and munitions behind?  Word is that the volume of weaponry and vehicles now in the hands of the Taliban is “immense.”  When asked what was the plan to keep American weapons from falling into the hands of the Taliban, General Hank Taylor said in a nationally televised press conference that he had no answer to that question.   Let’s just say we’re impressed.

The answer is to give the Taliban a taste of U. S. military capabilities.  It’s not like we don’t have bases all over the Middle East, not counting the eleven that were turned over to the Taliban.  But alas, we have the big guy and he’s not even writing the script.  Biden is taking a beating that more properly belongs to Obama and crew.  Never in the annals of history has the American presidency come in for the kind of rebuke delivered on the floor of the House of Commons.  America’s institutions have been shamed, and deservedly so.  It turns out that the British Prime Minister was trying desperately to talk to the big guy, it was urgent.  The Brits have people in harm’s way, now that the whole of Afghanistan and an unbelievable cache of American weapons have been kindly handed to the terrorists.  It would be nice if we could coordinate.  Sorry, he can’t come to the phone.

If you’ve not seen the absolute disgust displayed toward the White House on the floor of Britain’s House of Commons, you might consider looking it up.   Anger arose over helplessness amid the chaos. The fact that allies can’t even communicate during an emergency with countless lives in the balance is “shameful,”  “dishonorable.”  The White House was castigated for taking unilateral (“catastrophic”) action, “throwing us (the British) and everybody else to the fire.”  This is not just some diplomatic faux pas, innocent lives are being snuffed out by these inbred bozos and nobody better intervene.  Meanwhile we continue to be battered with COVID news and the coming orders.  It’s like they’ve been learning from the Taliban, but they can’t just shoot us.   God sees it all.

Mark Armstrong